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I'm 29 and suffer from mild acne. Mainly a very...

I'm 29 and suffer from mild acne. Mainly a very congested forehead & temples (under the skin pimples) and some cystic around my jaw line. I really thought this was the solution. Paid for 6 treatments, now on number five and can honestly say my skin is the same as when I began if not a tiny bit worst. My therapists were fantastic and I had such confidence in them. Unfortunately looks like Isolez isn't for me. At my wits end with my skin. As doctors don't feel it's bad enough to prescribe anti biotics (I'd prefer not to take anyway) yet my skin is bad enough for people to pass comment. Any advice on what to do next?


Have decided to try Benzoyl Peroxide since my last post. Used a VERY small amount of the 10% cream on problem areas after hydrating my skin. Hard to tell if it's having an effect yet. However my skin definitely felt less inflamed & less oily today.
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That's good to hear, let us know how it goes.

Hi there, thanks for sharing your story, sorry to hear you didn't achieve the results you were looking for with the Isolez laser. There are so many treatments for acne and scarring, I am certain there is something out there that is right for you.

Here is some information to give you an idea of how many different options you do have:

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One tip I have is diet diet diet, when it comes to acne diet is a big part of the cause, so I would suggest you do some research into that. I suffered with adult cystic acne for years and when I cleaned up my diet my skin cleared and I have not had any major breakouts, and most importantly no reoccurring cystic acne.

Hope you find the treatment that works best for you!



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