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Hey Everyone. I wanna share my story about my MLP...

Hey Everyone.

I wanna share my story about my MLP experience.
I'm 25yo from Canada. I have Acne Scar with Active Acne. I just had MLP( micro laser peel) 4 hours ago. Well i can tell....I'm on FIRE as hell lol
Right after the treatment i was feeling burning as hell. I thought i couldn't handle this. Thank god my friend helped me to go home. I couldnt even thinking about anything else only my face...burning..burning...i felt like if i had a bomb in my face and trying to explode.woaw it was really painful and i was trying not to crying lol
Now i have extreme redness,swelling,pain. I know its common but i would never thought its gonna be that painful.
So now i have to wait for the result and i will upload some pictures for you guys to see my experience. It might help.


Please post ur results.
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Post pics please. Love to see the after results
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I also had MLP - and in early March. I was supposed to have both MLP and Profractional together but the MLP (3 passes of 50 microns each) was all I could take. Painful! How are your results now? I saw good improvement with some large pores, but a lot of pores remain. Scars are only slightly improved but I have had lasering twice before (not nearly as painful) and each time I didn't see significant improvement until the end of 4 months. I guess that's how long my own collagen remodeling process takes. I'm doubtful, though, that the MLP will do much. I think I would have been better off doing just the Profractional. Anyway, please do update us on your progress when you have a chance. Many thanks for your post!
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She was really nice with her helper. They are very nice and helpful. The clinic is clean like NEW and very sterill. I would recommend.

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