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Hey Everyone. I wanna share my story about my MLP...

Hey Everyone.

I wanna share my story about my MLP experience.
I'm 25yo from Canada. I have Acne Scar with Active Acne. I just had MLP( micro laser peel) 4 hours ago. Well i can tell....I'm on FIRE as hell lol
Right after the treatment i was feeling burning as hell. I thought i couldn't handle this. Thank god my friend helped me to go home. I couldnt even thinking about anything else only my face...burning..burning...i felt like if i had a bomb in my face and trying to explode.woaw it was really painful and i was trying not to crying lol
Now i have extreme redness,swelling,pain. I know its common but i would never thought its gonna be that painful.
So now i have to wait for the result and i will upload some pictures for you guys to see my experience. It might help.

She was really nice with her helper. They are very nice and helpful. The clinic is clean like NEW and very sterill. I would recommend.

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Please post ur results.
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Post pics please. Love to see the after results
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I also had MLP - and in early March. I was supposed to have both MLP and Profractional together but the MLP (3 passes of 50 microns each) was all I could take. Painful! How are your results now? I saw good improvement with some large pores, but a lot of pores remain. Scars are only slightly improved but I have had lasering twice before (not nearly as painful) and each time I didn't see significant improvement until the end of 4 months. I guess that's how long my own collagen remodeling process takes. I'm doubtful, though, that the MLP will do much. I think I would have been better off doing just the Profractional. Anyway, please do update us on your progress when you have a chance. Many thanks for your post!
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Welcome, thanks for taking the time to share your review, sorry to hear you are in so much pain- it looks very painful - ouch!! 

What are you using to help with the pain?
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Yeah it was very painful....Well im using extra strong tylenol and put alots of Vaseline in my face. Thank god the pain is gone and the result is amazing. :):)
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Glad to hear the pain is gone, please keep us posted with updated pictures :)
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Do you know the depth of the peel? You've seen improvement in your scarring?
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I think it was 30-40 microns. I had alots of acne scar..some of them disappear so its kinda good:)
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Everybody say that the treatment must not treat active acne but i had some acne during the treatment and my face is changing...okay im still waiting the perfect result but it looks well. I will update some pics
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Wow, that's awesome. I've been advised to do a peel at 50 microns + profractional laser. I'm nervous. Are your scars indented? How long did it take to heal?
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I heard micro laser and profractional is the best together. Well it took more than 6days to heal...i still have redness but nobody can see properly...
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