22 Years Old, Asian, No Nose Bridge – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I did my fillers because I have no nose...

I did my fillers because I have no nose bridge
procedure is fast and there is no pain.
gt my nose instantly however the volume didnt last long.
today it is stilll there but the volume is lost.
I will touch up my nose but probably gona touch up with Teosyal.

I would recommend those who dare not to go under knife to try this :)
I'm one of the patient in skin art. Dr Rachel is really professional, no bruising at all! I did it on my cheek , before injection, doctor will straight away inform me how many filler I need without any hard selling or forcing. =)
Thank you for sharing your story and photos! I definitely see the difference. Did you have much bruising? Please let us know how the Teosyal goes.
nope no bruising. going for teosyal later. will keep u updated ;)
dr rachel chew

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