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1 year post op... How time flies!!!

Hi Ladies.. I have been on this site for the past...

Hi Ladies.. I have been on this site for the past month trying to decide if this surgery is what I really want. I do believe it is, but so scared! I am a 37 year old, Mom of 3 great kiddos, ages 16, 15, 11. I have had 3 C-sections along with a Hysterectomy (done through same incision) I'm 5'3" and weigh 126lbs. My kiddos played havoc on my body! Especially my tummy. I have a friend who has just about talked me out of the surgery, saying it's too risky. Blood clots, not waking up.. Partly why I'm so scared.

My husband of 18 years is Awesome, and so very supportive! I think he thinks he will reek some benefits from the surgery (and also because he just wants me to be happy) I have been very self conscience of my body for so many years.

My consultation is Thursday, Feb 28th and hoping I can get in sooner then later to have the TT done. I drive myself crazy with the "what ifs".. I love reading all of your stories, has really helped! I'm actually going to post a picture of myself before. Can't believe I'm going to because for the past 11 years I've tried so hard to hide it! And it just disgusts me to look at! But I know I'm not alone, and for some weird reason, that helps!

TT has been on my mind everyday since I decided to...

TT has been on my mind everyday since I decided to have one.. Concerned about my level of Iron, does anyone know if that plays in as a factor for surgery?!!

BTW, just wanted to say I love this website.. Has...

BTW, just wanted to say I love this website.. Has really helped me calm some of my worst fears.. Very educational and informative! Thanks to all you wonderful ladies for sharing your stories! :)

Belly Button, where art thou' ??? :) Hope to find...

Belly Button, where art thou' ??? :) Hope to find it soon!

What is wrong with me? I'm losing sleep already...

What is wrong with me? I'm losing sleep already and i'm only 3 days out from my consultation! Geez! I've gotten my self so scared of the possibility of death that it's playing over and over in my mind.. Is it worth the risk? Is it worth the risk? Losing sleep already is just ridiculous and annoying! I'm not worried at all about recovery, it's if I make it to recovery! I'm a healthy woman, no medical issues ever.. You would think that would ease my mind but one thought of my kids not having their mom about drives me over the edge! Wish I could fast forward a year, and say that's the best thing I ever did for myself!

Okay, this is too funny! My husband will REAP, not...

Okay, this is too funny! My husband will REAP, not REEK! See how flustered I am! LOL

Okay ladies, I may have fell off my rocker! :) I...

Okay ladies, I may have fell off my rocker! :) I went shopping today.. Bought a bikini ( first time EVER I might add)... Bought some comfy bottoms and tops and new underwear and bras.. Why is that crazy? Because I haven't even gone to my consultation yet! LOL... I go this Thursday, 2 more days, YEA! And I'm this determined that it IS going to happen! Haven't worried at all today about the fears of surgery! Just so excited to get the ball going!

Can't believe I am posting these kind of pictures!...

Can't believe I am posting these kind of pictures! Tried so hard for sooo long to hide every inch of my mid-section AND thighs and rear.. Here I'm exposing everything..! Wowzers!

Went to my consultation, and let me tell you what,...

Went to my consultation, and let me tell you what, not only was it a good experience but I have my TT in just 6 DAYS! Hundred things going through my mind right now. Go for a pre-op tomorrow.. My Dr was awesome along with the nurse, answered all of mine and my husbands questions. Totally recommend bringing a spouse/ friend with to any appts. Nice to have someone with you who is on the same page and is positive! Oh boy girls, this is happening! WHOOHOO!

Huge shout out to my sister! THANK YOU for being...

Huge shout out to my sister! THANK YOU for being so supportive and cool to talk with about my upcoming surgery! You need people to be supportive, because obviously not everyone is going to agree with the choices we make and when there are downers we absorb that negative energy like crazy ( atleast I do)... So Sis, I love you and thanks! I'd like to think I am an awesome mom/wife and smother them with love and do everything for them! I just really want to do this for me! So for all of you doubters, time to love yourself and do something amazing aka TT! :)

What a great day.. Went to my pre-op today.. Just...

What a great day.. Went to my pre-op today.. Just went to a local clinic, checked my blood pressure, thumped on my tummy a couple times and asked a bunch of health questions.. She said I was very healthy and at a perfect healthy weight for the TT.. She calmed some of my fears about the risks, and I have to be honest I am so excited to get this done! Did some extra grocery shopping today for the family.. Not really sure what else I need. Just gonna go with the flow! :)

Ugh, what is wrong with me! I've been up at 4 am...

Ugh, what is wrong with me! I've been up at 4 am every morning not to mention the restless night sleep! It's so weird because I'm so excited yet so so nervous!! Wish Wednesday would just get here already!!

Hearts been racing, my appetite gone, upset...

Hearts been racing, my appetite gone, upset stomach.... Lost 3 lbs since Friday.. Not exactly the new weight loss program I wanted.. I keep telling myself, I survived 3 c-sections and a hysterectomy from hell, I CAN DO THIS! But a little voice in my head keeps saying are you sure?!? When I can push the fears back, I'm glad I'm getting it done this time of year. My son just got done with Basketball, and my daughter doesn't start SoftBall until April.. Important I don't miss any of her games.. 3 more days, I CAN DO THIS!

The cost of my TT is $12,125.. I will stay in the...

The cost of my TT is $12,125.. I will stay in the hospital for 2 nights which i'm very thankful for. They said it is possible ( but unlikely) for me to stay just one night and then I would be refunded $1300. The surgery will take 3 hours (maybe a little less, which would get a little bit more cheaper).. They will put these compression thingys on my legs to prevent blood clots, happy to hear this. I've read alot of concerns about constipation, something I haven't even given thought to because after having c-sections and my hyster I had no difficulties.. My husband ( who is awesome ) is going to set up everything for me in the t.v room.. Few steps from the bathroom, and remote in hand at all times.. Here comes That 70's Show to keep me occupied.. Other then those plans, I really am just going to wing this recovery at home.. Not alot of planning here.. No lists or such.. Maybe because I've had 4 surgeries before?!? March 6th can't come soon enough!

2 days and the " fun " begins! Nerves have really...

2 days and the " fun " begins! Nerves have really settled down alot. Helps with a very supportive husband who tells me every hour I'll be fine! :) My girls (who are 16, 15) and son who is 11 started asking questions this morning.. Just talking about it and trying to convince them that I'm going to do just fine helped my own crazy brain to settle down! Very important for me to explain to my girls that this is not something being done in vain.. It's not that I feel like I have to be perfect because society has made women feel that if you are not a certain image, size you are not beautiful.. But because of my 3 beautiful babies, my body has been damaged way beyond exercise or healthy eating.. My girls are wonderful and so awesome.. They get it and were open talking with me about it. My son, hears what I'm getting done and says "ewww, don't want to hear anymore! But Mom, 2 weeks is a looong time"... My husband and I said atleast for 2 weeks they are going to need to help out a little bit more around the house while I recover. They're good kids, no worries there. :) 2 days, I'm mentally prepared to do this! Prayed alot... I'm ready

Last night was one of the worst nights of sleep...

Last night was one of the worst nights of sleep I've had in years! My stomach is twisted, tangled and knotted tight as ever! I have lost 4 lbs since last week Thursday.. So I have to ask myself, why? Why am I doing this when I'm so worked up about it? And the answer I keep coming back to is I want to feel good about myself again! I'm tired of hiding, and pulling down my shirt or sucking it in when I wear certain clothes.. I'm doing it for ME! Because I deserve it!

It took my husband about an hour this morning to get the butterflies out of my tummy! I really don't think I would be able to go through this if I didn't have his loving support! He said to me " What happened a couple weeks ago when you were so excited and happy? How did it turn so negative?".. It made me think, this should be exciting! This is what I've wanted for so long! Crazy how my tummy hurt a little less and I started to remember why I am doing this! And I can feel that excitement slowly creeping back!

I know exactly what some of you beautiful ladies are going through right now! Those of you who are at your witts end and freaking out about your upcoming surgery.. I pray I can come back on in a couple days and give you that positive energy you will need to make the most out of this amazing journey we have set out for ourselves! Hugs to you all....

10:00 today I will begin this journey to the flat...

10:00 today I will begin this journey to the flat side.. Weirdly, oddly, crazy enough I'm calm! What's up with that? Last 6 days have been horrible. I woke up at 4 am, watched some That 70's Show, and realized where are the butterflies? Where's the twisted gutt? I feel really good! Probably truth be told, I'm exhausted! All this worrying and stressing over the surgery has just got be tuckered out! But anyhoo, gotta give my 3 wonderful children a big hug & kiss and hit the road!

I did it! YEA! Got into surgery an hour and half....

I did it! YEA! Got into surgery an hour and half. I thought the wait would be horrrible but surprisingly I was very calm. Surgery was 2 hours and 4 minutes. Waking up was hard, just wanted sleep. I was in recovery room for 2 1/2 hours. Felt bad because my husband was in the waiting room most of the time, made a long day for him! My tummy did hurt pretty bad after I woke up, but they did what they could to get the pain under control. And I feel really good right now. The nurse just came and took out the cathedar. I imagine that's when I'm going to start feeling some pain, having to get up and go twinkle..Have not seen my tummy yet, Dr will be in this morn then hopefully I can sneak a peek! Eyes are getting heavy, better sign off for now! I DID IT!

Doing really well.. Only have one issue and that...

Doing really well.. Only have one issue and that is I have not been able to go pee. She came in and put the cathedar in just to drain my bladder. Was alot in there.. If I can't go soon, then they will have to put it in and leave it until my bladder wakes up. They think it might be the morphine I was on.. Switched pain meds.. Off to the bathroom, crossing my fingers!

Today marks the 2nd day from having my TT Surgery....

Today marks the 2nd day from having my TT Surgery. Just went for a wa
lk with the nurse. Felt good to get out of bed. They had to put the cathedar back in yesterday. Will find out today if I have to wear one home. Sure hope not, what a hassle! My bladder just needs to get with it! So frustrated and upset about that. Had same problems when I had my hysterectomy..

Haven't ate much since Wednesday. They brought me jello, i had maybe a tablesoon of it, chicken broth I drank maybe 1/4 c. Last night was grilled cheese & tomato soup, again took a little bite and that's it! I stll think Taco Bell is the answer! My daughter said she'll sneak some in for me! :) i have no appetite, so I know I won't be interested it! Just praying my bladder will take off on its own so i can go home! Absolutely no regrets having the TT, if this is the worse that is going to happen, i'll take it!

Have a wonderful day all my TT friends!

Well here we go with some Pics..Very tight and...

Well here we go with some Pics..Very tight and sore.. Like to give the best advice ever after having a TT, DO NOT LAUGH! My husband and kiddos were watching Funniest Home Videos, I started to laugh and it hurt so bad I began crying literally...

I've been peeing which I am so relieved! Didn't eat anything at the hospital, so I'm finally eating some dried fruit loops.. Tastes good ! Gas is starting to rumble in my tummy.. I know I should get up and walk to start getting that to move out. I suggest drinking while sitting in an almost upright position. I've choked 2 times now, not fun!! Feel like something is caught in my throat but nurse said it was from the tube down my throat during surgery...

I know it's only been 2 days, but it's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be! Do it again in a heartbeat!! :)

First night home last night. Slept much better...

First night home last night. Slept much better being home. Husband and kids have been wonderful! 3 days out and i already feel guilty they have to do all the chores around the house and i'm just laying here.. I guess after caring for them the past 18 years it's just hard not doing anything... But also know i gotta take it easy! I'm hoping to get some pics of me standing up.. I'll see if I can accomplish that today. Pain I would rate at about 4-5.. Take it easy all my TT buddies! :) praying for you all!

Fluffing aka passing gas! :) I've had pains...

Fluffing aka passing gas! :) I've had pains running up and down my stomach making me feel very uncomfortable. Thankfully I was in the tv room by myself, caz i just let it go! Oofta, feel so much better. On any given day, I would never pass gas by anyone, but this was called for! Earlier I was in the bathroom, was able to release some and I walk out of the bathroom and here's all 3 of my kids laughing at me! They heard it all! They thought it was funny caz they've never heard me fart before. But when you are in this kind of pain, you gotta do what ya gotta do.. It really helps with some tummy pain. Thankfully it doesn't last too long! I've been up alot today, I think tomorrow I'm going to have to rest a little more.... Hoping everyone else is dealing with their pain and discomfort the best way they can! :) Good night TT friends

Today marks the 4th day since surgery and I feel...

Today marks the 4th day since surgery and I feel great! I can get in and out of my recliner by myself which is quite an accomplishment considering the struggle I had when I got home.. My husband and kids are wonderful! Waiting on me hand and foot! Couldn't imagine doing this without them.

I think I am finally successful for releasing most of the gas in my tummy. I feel a little moving around in there but nothing compared to yesterday. I really think that was causing most of my pain. No BM yet, and not to concerned yet. I might have the hubby pick up some MOM or stool softeners today. I know there will not be alot of pushing, tummy would get very upset with me!

I don't know if I mentioned this earlier or not but I rate this tummy tuck the same I would for my c-sections. For me it's very much the same recovery. Only difference is I don't have a baby I want to hold and care for!

I'm just so pleased right now with everything. I know that can change in a flash, but holding onto these feelings as long as possible! Thinking of you all who are getting ready to have one or have already! Prayers to you all!

Finally!!! Yea! Never been so happy to have a...

Finally!!! Yea! Never been so happy to have a bowel movement! I feel like now I can really get some where with my healing and recovery when my bowels start to work! One less thing to worry about. I used MOM, probably drank too much because my bowels are saying " what in the world did you do to me?" still lots of rumbling. I can say for sure it's not safe anymore to pass gas, but I feel so much better!

On another note, I am still taking my pain meds. I want to stop but I can go a couple hours with no pain and not sure I want to give that up yet. I have one drain tube that is really pulling which gives that burning sensation. I've had some yellowish discharge I can see through the tube, I keep freaking out it's an infection but my husband said the nurse had said that would be normal. Another excellent reason to have someone with you to hear all the after care instructions because I don't remember much. When my pain med is kicked in I give my pain level a 2-3..

Well it's 4 in the morning, going to try to settle down and get some more shut eye... May all my TT buddies have their own volcano erruption today! :)

Amazing what a good night sleep will do for you! 6...

Amazing what a good night sleep will do for you! 6 days out and feel really good. I took a nice hot sponge bath last night and felt so good, but did realize was maybe too much at one time. I got a little shaky, but considering my big butt has been in the recliner for 4 days straight, understandable! I'm just about out of pain pills, my Dr. did give me a refill. I called the hospital not knowing if maybe I should wean myself off of them, but the nurse said if he gave me a refill, she'd keep taking them! I have my check up appt. Thursday so I'll see what he says then.

My back is quite sore. I figure it's either being in the recliner 24/7 or the walking hunched over. Very tolerable, just a new achy feeling I've never had before.

I'm still soooo happy I did this! I would do it again and again and again! Try not to lose sleep fretting and worrying about the surgery. It does sound like it is going to be so painful and such a horrible recovery but it's not! Everyone might have different issues, like me for example with my bladder.. But look, I'm already 6 days out and haven't had any issues with that in days! Everything works itself out. The hardest part for me thus far is not taking care of my family! Not use to them catering to me every minute of every day! I'm thinking I better start enjoying this down time because very soon I am going to be back being the housekeeper, cook, taxi, etc.. :)

Life is Good!

I'm really not sure what happened.. Sitting in my...

I'm really not sure what happened.. Sitting in my recliner last night and got this really weird feeling. I would describe it as what I felt like right before they put me under ( or when they told me I would start to feel tired ).. Tingly, numb feeling up and down my legs, arms, in my tummy, head.. Thank God my husband was right by me because I freaked out! Of course, thinking the worst.. Blood clot came to mind instantly! Husband started asking questions and I think we came to the conclusion that I've been popping all these pills and just not getting enough nutrition! I had my Cephaelexin ( for infection ) , my Hydrocodone ( for pain ) , Dulcolax ( stool softener ) and my Wellbutrin ( for my hormones ).. No wonder I had light headed feelings. Hubby slept right next to me on the couch and I love him so much! I didn't sleep at all but woke up this morning feeling great again! Oh, have to confess I did eat a Debbie Snack ( chocolate easter cake ) Yummy! Thinking all that sugar didn't help either!

Sooo after swearing a couple times AWW FIDDLESTICKS, I'm back to my old self and ready to tackle this recovery with a smile! Realize we are all going to have some up and downs.. Some more severe, some just pain in the butt set backs, but we all have one goal, too look and feel great about ourselves! Gotta look at the big picture! Happy Wednesday!

I Have never lied on this site, to try to give...

I Have never lied on this site, to try to give future TT'ers comfort and will not start now... Went to my first post op appt, and had one drain removed. This was one of the most escrutiating ( sp? ) pain I have felt. ( very comparable to when I had stints removed from my uteruers after my hysterectomy from hell ).. But anyhoo, I asked my Dr if it was going to hurt, he said some patients it don't bother them a bit, others it's sensitive.. I'm SENSITIVE! Oofta! Wow! Cowabunga! Found out after he pulled it out it, the tube ran all the way up between my breasts. Thank God I didn't know that before hand! True, after about 5 minutes it stopped hurting but dang that was tough! What's still upsetting is I have one more that will come out next week! He did say, that one is not as long and should not hurt as much. I'm preparing myself for the worse! Overall, I'm doing great and he said once all healed I'm going to be so pleased! Have to take it easy for one more week, which every passing day is getting tougher. Really wanna lay in bed and cuddle with my husband, miss that!

After my appt., somehow had enough energy to go to KFC for lunch. Appetite isn't much yet but was nice to go with the hubby. People kinda look at you funny because you walk kinda stooped over and take your time sitting. All I could keep thinking is these people probably think I have a bad case of hemorroids! :)

Would I still have a TT after 1 week, YOU BETCHA!

Chilaxing in my recliner with my hubby and 15 yr...

Chilaxing in my recliner with my hubby and 15 yr old daughter ( yes, playing hooky, needed time with mom.. Love you Mandie girl).. Watching Ridiculousness.. First thought you probably have is why are you watching that dumb show? Can't fight for the remote right now so I'm kinda at there mercy! So there's this guy that feels a diaper full of chocolate pudding and torments his buddy with it.. Long story short this guy gets this other poor guys hand in it ( which btw is convinced it's baby poop) and freaks out! My husband is cracking up, and you know how laughter is sometimes contagious I start to laugh! OUCH! So complete crazy here.. You got my husband trying to stop laughing, my daughter yelling at her dad to stop, me crying and laughing at the same time.. You try to not think about the funny thing you just seen, which makes you laugh more... I'M OKAY :) I'm thinking some of you are like " seriously, what's that have to do with TT?" Well it's my friendly advice for the day, don't watch dumb shows that will make you laugh because it will HURT still after 9 days po! Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I have exciting plans, yep.. Me and my recliner! :)

Oh why me? You make a joke about Hemorrhoids, and...

Oh why me? You make a joke about Hemorrhoids, and WHAMMO get them a couple days later?! Well I'm really not going to joke about my boobs getting better! :)

They are actually hurting more then my tummy, and a much more piercing, sharp pain.. I'm so confused why I got them. I never strained to go to the bathroom?! Never knew you could get them from having the squirts ( thanks to MOM ) .. This is the most open I've been with my husband concerning " bodily functions " and not sure if I like it.. First...farting,constipation/squirts and now the big H... So sorry to my hubby! He says maybe they aren't hemorrhoids, then what the heck could it be? I've only had them once before and that was when I was pregnant with my son. Day before my c-section I had to go in and spread the butt cheeks and have them cut.. Yes, I can say OUCH! Sooo, wonderful hubby will be hitting the store today for something to cure my ailment! I need relief, and soon!

Tried sleeping in bed last night, epic fail! :( I started out really good but went south real fast.. Tried propping with some pillows but just could not take that pull off the side of my tummy.. So me and the recliner are buddies a little bit longer! If I have to sleep with him much longer, I better name him! :)

Going to try to move around the house more today, that's if my hemorrhoids will allow me to! 10 days out today... No regrets! :)

CORRECTION: Boobs Bigger.. ( not better )... :)

CORRECTION: Boobs Bigger.. ( not better )... :)

I don't know what to do ladies. I have taken 2...

I don't know what to do ladies. I have taken 2 very hot baths, stuck an ice cube between the cheeks twice, used Preperation H.. And no relief.. I hurt so much right now that I don't even notice my TT discomfort! ANY advice on how to deal with the Hemorrhoid pain, please give it to me! I'm pretty much in tears :(::::

The last 5 days have been absolute living hell!...

The last 5 days have been absolute living hell! Crazy enough, it had nothing to do with my TT.. I thought I had Hrroids, so have been treating myself for it.. Everything you can buy, I bought! Was not getting better so finally made a Dr's appt. After a horrific exam, turns out I have a Fisher... Most painful experience I have EVER endured! As of right now I have relief. But so afraid it's going to come back any moment! If it does, and does not improve within 1 week, I have to have surgery! The Dr I seen was the most arrogant, insensitive, worst bedside manners ever! Told me I was being a baby because I was crying! I can't believe my husband did not punch his lights out!

Now, as far as my TT.. Today is 13 days out and am doing great! Tummy looks really good, and hardly any soreness. I'm hoping to get new pics after my drain comes out Thursday.. Standing up pretty much straight. Just ready to take a long hot bath instead of these sponge baths.. Told my kids when I get all better we are going to go do something fun! They deserve it! It's been hard on them seeing mom aka "me" like this lately.. I'm not going to name my recliner, I decided I want to roast marshmallows on our next campfire, and the recliner is going to play a big part in the fire! :)

Wow, what a week it's been.. I feel so much better...

Wow, what a week it's been.. I feel so much better today.. Helps when you get the correct medicine for your ailment! I haven't even been able to enjoy anything about my TT, lost all excitement with the healing/progress.. But after getting my rear pain under control, thinking more about my tummy! I think I have the cleanest bum in the upper midwest! Take 4-5 sitz baths a day! LOL..

Overall, at 2 weeks out I would do it all over in a heartbeat! ( would have asked me a couple days ago, NOO)... but as far as the TT, it has not been hard at all.. Sore, tender, sure... But so tolerable! Feel bad for those who have had difficult recoveries.. Hopeful finally drain out tomorrow and really let the recovery take off! Want to get back to "life"... :)

Got my last drain pulled.. YEA! Didn't hurt a bit....

Got my last drain pulled.. YEA! Didn't hurt a bit.. Full bath in 24 hours, can it get any better then that? :) My husband and oldest daughter ( yes, she played hooky too, needed time with mom or probably vice versa )... came with me and after appt. hit Wal-mart for some shopping; Wal-mart where you can walk/act anyway you want and no one looks at you funny! :) I felt like I belonged! Hehe

So I wear the CG for another week for sure, gave me the okay to drive ( hope I remember ) I've had my own personal chauffeur aka: hubby, for 2 weeks.. He has been at my beck and call for 2 weeks and I love it and him for doing it! :) I am a stay at home mom, but help out a friend part time.. Hoping to get back to that in a few days! Overall feeling GrEaT!

Now on to the toosh issue.. I think I got er' under control, finally! I never want to experience any type of pain like that again! Good news, I have like 4 different prescriptions and every ointment from the store.. I'm PREPARED! :)

Have a wonderful day my RS Buddies! Smile, life does get better and easier!

I will be the first to admit, I've had some rough...

I will be the first to admit, I've had some rough few days.. I FINALLY can say I'm feeling much much better! Fissures are not to be messed with or taken lightly! I think I've finally nabbed them in the butt ( punt intended :) ) and got a hold of the pain. My tummy is looking awesome, and wish I were up to take pics this morning because I had hardly any swelling and so very happy! True, I am spending another weekend with my recliner... But thankful I can take as much time as I need to heal and get better! Have a great night!

Today = GREAT DAY!!

Today = GREAT DAY!!

So decided today was the day I need to get my butt...

So decided today was the day I need to get my butt out of the recliner and move.. I feel like my recovery has been some what delayed or slowed down because of the pain in my arse! So I actually got the kids up at 6:30 am for school ( let hubby sleep, right there should deserve some kind of brownie points ) and haven't stopped moving since! BAD, WRONG, DUMB!! He just came in and said ( can't believe he said this ) " You look like a 90 year old woman, now get your ass in the recliner!"... HaHa.. And me being tough and all replies.. " but I don't wanna!" well darn it, I'm in the recliner! I know he's right.. I do tend to do too much too soon.. I wanted to go to work today, but he wouldn't allow me too. And my kids thought I was crazy! I know in 3-6 months I'll look back and think, why didn't I take advantage of this time! I'm some what of a clean freak, and my kids are doing good, but you know they are kids... And so that drives me crazy, I wanna do everything NOW!

On a much brighter note, R.I.P Fissure.. Never thought that day would come! Took my 134th bath this morn, and was a bad girl. Started taking off my tape over my incision ( was told to leave it alone unless it comes off itself.. Who can do that? ) I think it looks awesome! I was really shocked how faded and flat it was! Now I don't need to pick anymore, that's all I needed to know!

Everyone, have a Terrific Day!

3 weeks PO, and worked yesterday.. I have an...

3 weeks PO, and worked yesterday.. I have an awesome job! I work for my best friends brother making toys.. I'm in a chair all day but just the drive and the reaching and the sitting really has me paying for it today! You don't realize how you use your stomach muscles until they are sore.. I washed my CG this morn.. I'm wearing a Spanx and it's almost too tight... But don't want to go without anything..Didn't sleep the greatest last night.. I'm out of sleeping pills :( I'm hoping exhaustion catches up soon and I'll sleep for 2 days straight! I'll be sure to wear a depends! :)

It's my birthday tomorrow, 29 AGAIN! My daughter has informed me, that ain't working anymore.. She's 16... "Do the math Mom!".. LOL.. Sweet girl! It's going to be a big weekend with birthday, church, Easter.. Not sure how I'm going to pull it off without giving it away that I had surgery... It's not that I'm ashamed that I had it, just don't want it to be the topic of conversation!

Oh my, just realized I AM OLD! Watching Gunsmoke! Oofta! Hey, who can resist a cowboy?!

So, 3 weeks PO and my hips are killing me.. When I...

So, 3 weeks PO and my hips are killing me.. When I walk it's like someone is taking a butter knife and jabbin me.. Does anyone know what could cause this? Swelling moving down, too much recliner time? I haven't been on my feet much, maybe lost some muscle?

Much brighter note, slept all night in bed! YiPpEe! And then my friend sent me a text at 6am, and the hubby kicked me out of bed! LOL... Guess he wasn't done sleeping.. :) I don't care, was thrilled with sleeping in bed!

Happy Easter! God is Good!

Well I tried! Was with extended family for Easter...

Well I tried! Was with extended family for Easter and I tried so hard to walk straight, sit normal.. Was doing so good! Then my sister-n-law blurts out " how are you feeling after your surgery? " UGH! No, not the end of the world, but there is always that one person you just don't want to know caz' their attitude stinks!

I will be post op 1 month very soon, where did the time go? I am still very sore and have finally experienced " swell hell " I've heard so much about.. Not fun, but trying to spend most of my days with my feet up. I discovered I have to get better and SOON because my husband is a horrible driver, and I don't know how much more me and the kiddos can take! But I love him dearly! He has done so much for me! He's a very loving caretaker!

Life is good!

Sleep never felt so good!

Sleep never felt so good!

It's amazing what a goodnights rest will do for...

It's amazing what a goodnights rest will do for you! I am taking Advil PM just to help settle me down at night time. I can sleep on my side now too! I'm so feisty I fight for the covers! Husband doesn't stand a chance! :) I swear I am having hot flashes though.. One minute I'm cold, next swetting.

I've been putting a heating pad on my tummy a couple times a day to help with swelling. Don't know if it's working but feel like I'm doing something. I'm more swollen on my right side which is kinda weird.. I go to my PO appt today, gonna see if he has suggestions for keeping the swelling down.

For being 4 weeks out, I didn't really know what to expect before I had my TT.. I think I'm doing really well. Can walk straight ( until I sit down for a long period of time, then it's like I have to restretch all the muscles ).. I'm back to driving, Thank the good Lord above.. My husband is scary! He's a farmer, and if you know anything about farmers, they like to looky loo as they drive! Always curious what the other local farmers are up to...Not a good combination...

Today is going to be a beautiful day outside! Fresh air here I come! Happy Tuesday! :)

Ditch the heating pad my friends! My PS told me it...

Ditch the heating pad my friends! My PS told me it makes the swelling worse... He even suggested that I do not use ice.. He wanted to poke me with a needle to see if it was fluid ( he did say if the swelling is fluid, my tummy would be wavy when you push on it ).. Well it was solid, so I told him there was no way I was letting him poke me with a needle.. He looked at me odd, then laughed! I must have came off pretty fierce! :) I've been through enough pain, let's not find more ways to make me whine! Overall, doing pretty good! I won a bet with my husband that I wouldn't have to wear the CG anymore after today! I get a free back rub! YEAH!! Now the question is, can the man stay awake and stay focused?!?! Have a wonderful evening ladies!

UGH! I really do feel like I swallowed a whole...

UGH! I really do feel like I swallowed a whole watermelon! I'm so swollen! It's so weird when I lay on my back my tummy moves around.. The feeling reminds me of when I was pregnant and my babies would be doing a little dance in there! My PS told me to lay flat as much as possible because then the fluid and swelling will go down ( has something to do with your heart, I was to busy celebrating in my head the bet I won against my husband, so was kinda listening, kinda not ) I feel really good otherwise. I'm pretty tired at night, which maybe is a blessing because I'm exhausted and helps me zonk out! Like right now as I type...... Goodnight, sleep tight! Don't let the bed bugs bite! :))

No swelling today because I'm being a bum... Wish...

No swelling today because I'm being a bum... Wish I could do that all the time, well not really.. But maybe for a little bit longer! :)

PO - 4 weeks, 3 days... Now there is probably one...

PO - 4 weeks, 3 days...
Now there is probably one slight problem with swimming the canal, not the greatest swimmer unless the doggy paddle will get me to land? :) But seriously, I feel GREAT! What a few good days will do for you! I worked 4 hrs yesterday, and then went shopping. Thought I would be flat on my back with my legs propped up for sure! But I felt great! It's all in moderation! Listen to your body! My body told me to SHOP! So shop I did.. I'm sure my husband is thinking " Uh oh, time to hide the debit card... She's baaaaccckk!"

PO 5 weeks ( tomorrow ) I can be such a baby when...

PO 5 weeks ( tomorrow )
I can be such a baby when it comes to certain things and I don't think I was overly babyish with my TT, but now being weeks out realized I really needed my husband and kids to take care of me! They got me this and that, was constantly asking me if I needed anything, was I okay.. But now, I'm a big girl and can do all of it on my own! I feel exceptionally AWESOME! Husband still warns me that I'm doing too much.. I think it makes him feel like he wears the "pants" in our household.. :) I kinda took over the pant wearing and joke that he can wear capris and the kids get the shorts.. Never a dull moment in our house..

Happy to report I am out of my CG! Last few days have been great and don't know what or how it happened but my swelling is very minimal! I have been much more active but still find time to put my feet up during the day. I tried wearing my CG to bed last night, we have a cat who likes to pounce when you least expect it.. I only kept it on for about 5 minutes, found it was uncomfortable.. My stomach is still sensitive to my clothing or touch. Like it is still numb, but getting use to the feeling of my yoga pants touching it. No jeans yet, but then I never was a big fan of jeans.. I have a big butt and small waist so I always have that extra fabric puffed out on my lower back. Now maybe I can find different jeans that rest more on my hips?!

I was going to post pics today, but kids have no school! Winter Storm Warning in APRIL! CrAzY! Decided not to traumatize my kids at such a young age! That should qualify me for some type of Mom of the Year Award, right?!

Life is good
Love is good
GOD is good!

Yes you read right, crocheting my cat a blanket....

Yes you read right, crocheting my cat a blanket. He lays on the top of my couch and thought he needed a blanket to lay on. Husband wants me to take it easy, well this is about as easy as it gets! We had lots of ice and last night got 9" of snow on top of it so he won't let me go outside, afraid I might slip and hurt my tummy.. I am not old, I'm only 38!!! But as I sit here and crochet away I'm starting to think OMGosh, I AM OLD!

On the " younger " side, my TT is healing great. I can kind of see in my belly button now. I haven't touched it much because it felt too weird but I had toast this a.m and a crumb fell in there.. Oops.. So I panicked and had to dig it out. BB feels much better. Figure if I can dig something out it must be shrinking! And yes, I got it out! :)

Hope you all are getting Sunshine! If you would like ice/snow I am a very sharing person! :D

This would be sooo awesome! Cover up the stretch...

This would be sooo awesome! Cover up the stretch marks.. Gonna have to look into this... Anyone wanna get one with me!! :)

So I've had quite a few ladies ask about my...

So I've had quite a few ladies ask about my Tattoo, if it's my tummy and how I did it.. It is my tummy, I used one of my 5 week photos. I used a picture editing tool called PicMonkey online. There is not a better one out there if you ask me! So, I just started creating. I knew in my mind what I wanted and started adding the twigs, flowers and butterflies.. I would like to include Cherry Blossoms, I have some on my back and they are beautiful flowers.. So it will probably change a little.. Sounds like I have a year to wait! It will be my 1 year PO gift to myself! :)

I know we are our own worst critics.. Someone can...

I know we are our own worst critics.. Someone can look at my BB and think it looks awesome while I look at it and say " Say What?!".. I will say I'm not totally hating it, I just got it and should be fair to it and give it time to fully heal. Besides I have not seen my BB for 16 years.. And I would take this one any day over my icky tummy.. Maybe I just feel like I need to whine about this so mentally I will think everything else is going great! Because I know no surgery is 100% easy going! I had alot of muscles spasms last night that kept waking me up. My stomach is very sore this am and I'm blaming it all on my daughter! She's not here to defend herself so I can get away with it! She took her drivers permit yesterday, PASSED :) and then we went shopping for her B-day.. Did alot of walking, in and out of vehicle.. So wonder if over doing it got my tummy talking to me, saying you need to back off some lady! Overall, I really love my new body.. Alien BB or not I'm so happy and fortunate! Oh, for all you sunshine hogs, it's snowing here AGAIN! :( I just wanna cry!

This is a place to vent, right? I know it has...

This is a place to vent, right? I know it has nothing to do with TT's ( although I could make it relate ) But I've whined alot lately about this crappy MN weather, and just wanted to share my misery! Please blow hot air my way!

Looking back at my own personal TT postings, I...

Looking back at my own personal TT postings, I realized I sure did have it easy compared to others. For that, I am very Thankful! Also, Thankful for all of my new found friendships here on RS. It will be 7 weeks on Wednesday and wanted to share some don'ts with you all who just had or are going to be having a TT.. (This is all leading up to 7 weeks)

*Don't overdo the MOM.. Your BM will come, and trying to force it by drinking too much of that milky nasty tasting concoction may result in rear problems.

*Don't hold the gas in. Trust me, it might not be lady like, but you will feel sooo much better getting all the air out of your tummy!

*Don't do too much too soon. You may feel good at the moment, but you will pay for it later. Extra soreness, swelling. And I felt some guilt because that meant I put more neediness on my hubby and kids.

*Don't watch funny movies/shows. It really does hurt to laugh. I laughed so hard I began to cry because it hurt so bad.. Really ruined the mood with the family. What started out as funny, ended with Mom crying. Not something your kids wanna see.

*Don't Mop/Sweep or pick up laundry baskets. At one point I felt like I could have pulled some muscles inside.

*Don't wear tight clothing. My tummy is so sensitive and if I wore tight shirts or pants, even undies it put so much pressure on my tummy that it was very uncomfortable. (but CG's were tight, and could handle that, weird I know) I feel like I'm a "homey" because I wear really lose pants that they hang a little.

*Don't use heat/ice for swelling. This is completely going by what my PS said to me. (I know every Dr is different). But I did find when I stopped using the heating pad, I felt better.

*Don't move to Minnesota. It's snowing AGAIN! :(

8 1/2 weeks... Now that MN is finally getting a...

8 1/2 weeks...
Now that MN is finally getting a taste of sunshine, I am outside and moving way too much! But who can sit inside and just look out the window, and who can sit outside and just look at all that needs to be done? I am sore all the time, no relief until I go to bed and then the muscle spasms are still waking me up a couple times during the night. I am driving my husband nuts because he wants me sitting on my arse, but there is too much to be done. With all that snow and ice, our farm looks like we had a small tornado hit our trees. Lots of branches/sticks to be picked up. I like beautifying our yard, so its hard for me not to do anything. I just don't complain about the soreness anymore...

Some changes I've noticed in my tummy are.. I had one tiny spot in my incision that had a white ( we'll call it a clump, dry scab? ) spot that would not go away. Got the tweezers and discovered it was about an inch of stitch. Very weird, but glad I got it out. Otherwise I am so pleased with how it healed, very thin and flat. He didn't do the greatest job getting it even, but don't bother me anymore. Earlier in my healing my incision had a ripple ( pleating? ) effect around my incision. I was told that it would go away, and WALLA! It has flattened out! I'm not focusing on what I don't like anymore.. My body is changing like I change my underwear, which is often by the way! :) What I focus on today is gone tomorrow.. Took me long enough to figure that one out! My hubby says he is cutting me off on whoopie.. He thinks he is hurting me.. LOL, he won't last a week!! I will say it probably contributes to the soreness, but not enough to stop.. Other then that little bit of personal information, I think I am doing great! Life is Good!

9 1/2 weeks PO and really don't have much to share...

9 1/2 weeks PO and really don't have much to share. Swelling, which is old news on here. Not horrible, just annoying. Incision is completely healed.. BB still swollen but I don't even give it a second thought anymore... Tummy still has weird, numb feeling.. I'm so lost because I have nothing to complain about anymore..! I'm thinking soon I will be retiring my review, but would first like to Thank those that gave me such encouraging words and support! It's been an awesome experience! And glad I could share it with you rockin cool ladies! :) God is Good all the time!!!

11 weeks PO, and doing MAGNIFICENT! I think I am...

11 weeks PO, and doing MAGNIFICENT! I think I am one of the fortunate few who have not had to deal with a lot of swelling and discomfort. Now that MN has finally got a taste of sunshine, hence comes the "farmers" tan.. I have been outside doing yard work, ball games, chasing! I feel the discomfort more then I see it. I weighed myself this a.m and am back to my pre-weight plus a pound.. One would think I'd be bummed and I kind of am; as I sit here eating a chocolate chip cookie! Duh, I'll never learn! :) I thought I would post a couple new pics. Not much has changed since the last time so I'm starting to think that perhaps these are my final results. I'm very happy so I will take them!

5 1/2 Months PO.. Updated Pics..

Wow, where does the time go? I am 5 1/2 months PO and doing wonderful! I read back through some of my old posts this morning and realized I went through a lot of emotions! Oofta! I'm pretty much back to my normal every day activities. I do still get sore. For example, my 2 large dogs were playing and ran into my legs, and about took me out. That night and following day my stomach felt like I pulled every muscle possible! Oh the Belly Button.. Where do I start?! I dislike it in a horrible way! I did make an appt. to see my Dr to discuss a revision. I chickened out on the day of my appt. I have been through 5 major surgeries (3 c-sections, 1 hysterectomy and TT).. Just the thought of going under a knife AGAIN, the pain and the hassle I decided to learn to love it! Not only that, he would not make it clear if I had to pay additional money to fix it! May take me time, but Love I will! My husband thinks it's goofy looking but does not bother him in the least. He says I need to learn to just love myself! So that's what I'm going to work on! I did follow Dr's orders and my tummy did not see sunshine once... Maybe next year if I am brave to show it! I've gained 10 lbs since my TT, and I'm okay with that! I know how to lose it when the time comes.. Summer is always hard, we eat out a lot with the kiddos.. And camping we always seem to take a lot of junk food/easy food with... Over all, LIFE IS GOOD! :)

My before pics

1 year post-op.. How time flies!!

First want to say, wish I wouldn't have felt like I needed to delete all my pics but the"wrong" person seen them and didn't want to deal with the drama!

One year!! So hard to believe! I am still very sore and do not have much feeling back yet. I really disliked my BB so wen't in last week to get the procedure done to try to fix it.. I ended up being allergic to the stitches so that's why it got so red and swollen. I'm still not pleased with the results but hope with healing time it will improve because I AM DONE! No more surgeries for this lady! God IS and will always be Good!!
Dr. Miller

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4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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Good to hear from you stranger. Sorry to hear that you had to get a revision on your bb, but hopefully you will like it better. Hope you are doing good. Take care girl.
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Yes, it's been a long time! Life is very busy! So awesome to come on and see some of my favorites get the real friend badge! Very cool! Hope you are doing great as well!
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Glad to hear from you girl. Glad you'rd doing good. I go back to the Dr next week. He said at my last visit that a have a small fat picket that we are going to discuss. He said it may need a little bit of Lipo. I say, do it!! Didn't go through all this to have a fat pocket above my scar. I'm sure your bb is not that bad, but I don't blame you for not revising it. But, you always have that option.
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Is it a round knot, what's it like, I have one to above my Insicion of my tummy tuck, just had lipo done 4 weeks ago all over and there and it's still there
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Frustrating isn't it Joyce!?! I'm just going to leave mine alone! Hope you are doing well! :)
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Hi Sweetie! Now, don't go and get creeped out on me or anything but whenever I watch College Softball, I always think of you! :) Sounds like you have an awesome Dr.... Man, I don't know what happened to mine! Between the way off incision line and this BB from Mars, I think he's gone goofy in the head! Oh well, it is what it is! Gives me something to joke about I guess. :) Hope you are enjoying your summer! Let us know how the lipo goes. Would be interested in knowing how much pain is involved in that! Great hearing from you! :)
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I have about 4 off those hard knots in my incision line. Dr assures me they will eventually go away. The fat pocket is above my incision. Looks like a little ledge if fat in the middle and on my left side.
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It doesn't creep me out. College Football Season is starting and that s big news here in Alabama. lol. War Eagle!!!
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Gorgeous!!! So glad you're doing so well! I'm so happy for you!
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LAAAACCCCCEEEEEYYYYYY!!!! I am SO happy to hear from you!! Yay!! You gained 10 pounds? Where did you put it? You look beautiful and gorgeous as always! Sounds like your summer has been fun with camping and family stuff. Can you believe we are 6 months out?? Who would of thought. Time absolutely flies by. I am happy with my results and have no complaints. Still have numbness and if I eat too much feel tight, but that helps keep me from eating too much. Loved reading your update. And you still make me laugh! Take care, drop a line if you have the time! (how are all those kitties?)
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Trooper my friend, so great to hear from you! So pleased to hear all is going well for you! Summer was great, now busy bees chasing here and there with all the sports. I lied, I gained 11 lbs! Unfortunately, it's all in the rear/thighs. I guess I have no say in which direction it should go! A little to the north would have been greatly appreciated! :) I have numbness also. Although, my husband can tickle me now and get a reaction! Before, it was like whatever! haha Oh, the farm cats! Don't get me started or else you won't have supper on the table for the hubby! All I'll say is, we sure do raise them healthy! :) Hope the rest of your summer is awesome! Heat index over 100 today! Oofta!
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Lacey you look great!!!
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Lookin great! So jealous of your waist and flat tummy, but I've been struggling with my food. It will get there! Loving doing my exercises and seeing a difference though! You look fantastic!
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Hi Dragonfly. I should take some updated pics.. Gonna be 6 months soon! Time sure has flown by! I've gained 10 pounds since the surgery, but have enjoyed every bite! :) Are you enjoying your summer?
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Hey Lacey, did you have a great summer?
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I am having a great summer! Probably shopping too much! LOL! Loving that I can buy things right off the rack and not worry about my apron! Though now I have to worry about my boobs! Terrible problem to have! LOL!
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Hi Sara.. My summer was great! Love having the kids home everyday. They started school last week already. Upper 90's all this coming week, go figure once school starts! How are you doing? I should take some pics today! Not too much has changed except maybe bigger thighs and butt! :)
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Nice to put a face to a body sometimes, you are beautiful! I think we all deserve shopping! I have alot of yoga type pants.. Jeans still are hard to find with the big ole' butt! But I dress more for comfort, not cuteness! :)
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I loved summers with the kids but did look forward to school starting. Now they are all grown but my son and his wife have moved in for a short time(I hope). DH and I are going to Panama City next Saturday for a week. Then it will be back to looking for a job. Tummy wise doing great been going to the gym trying to tone the rest of me up .
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You look great, thanks for sharing your story!
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Thank you Mama Q!
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Wow you look amazing glad u are doing great gbu
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Thank you!
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You look amazing! If for sure take those as my final results. Glad you are doing so well. We are wrapping up our baseball season this week. My son's team will play in the v championship game. They've really done awesome this year. Take care and be good.
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Congrats to your son's team Sweetie! Awesome! My daughter's Softball team is undefeated for the 3rd year.. Very proud of her team also! Something to be said about their program when they can go to much bigger schools, and beat them! :) Happy Summer to you!
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