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My bra size is a 36DDD. I have never been unhappy...

My bra size is a 36DDD. I have never been unhappy with the size as much as the sagging. I went to a real referred plastic surgeon who was very professional and I felt knew exactly what I wanted. I had the breast lift on June 26, 2013. I had no problems and very little pain. However one week later I saw dark coloring under the bandages. My doctor did not see me on my one week check but the nurse assured me they were fine and there was no infection. Over the next couple weeks I noticed some discomfort and itching which I thought was normal. I went for my 3 week check up and under the bandages was puckered skin along the suture line with several small infected bumps. I was told the dissolvable sutures were not dissolving and it may be my body not cooperating with the stiches or I may have had an allergic reaction. Either way the doctor said this was one of the risks we discussed. He had to pull them out which was about the most painful thing I have had to go through. Over the past six months I have used coconut oil and all kinds of scar cream and it really hasn't helped much. I lost a lot of faith in my doctor and though I would go to another plastic surgeon in a year and see it there is any corrective surgeon I could have done on the scars. Though I hate the scars I have to admit I am very happy with the shape. My clothes fit better and I can actually go to a store and buy a bra that fits. And because of this I have ignored the scars. Tonight, six months after surgery I noticed a hard bump filled with pus right on the scar line where they had to dig out a stitch months earlier. I plan to call the doctor. I am leaving for a few months later this week so not sure I will be able to see the doctor before I go and to be honest I am not sure I would want any more procedures from him. My question to all of you is this: Has anyone else experienced scarring like this and does anyone know of a procedure that can be done to eliminate the scars. I don't mind a few lines, but what I have looks like a chemical burn. I am sick to think I spent this much money and am embarrassed to show my breasts to even my husband. I see a lot of other pictures where woman have similar scarring so I don't know if this is normal and will fade more as time goes on. Please give me your comments. Thank you...
And now they look great.
Her doctor has on Georgetown Texas.
My Daughter had the same thing to happen. You need to ask what was the name and the brand of stitches she used. And keep that for your Records. The doctor did fix it 1 year later.
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