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I have my first consult on Thursday and I am...

I have my first consult on Thursday and I am definitely wanting to go forward with the BA. I listed the procedure date and cost as what i desire/expect. Will update when I have confirmation on that.
I have read many reviews and conducted much research but am still very confused. My number one concern is my ability to be active post surgery (after the initial 6 week recovery). I am in to cross fit and weight training so i do a lot of pull ups, pushups, box jumps etc. I would like advice from other highly active women that have pursued BA or that are very informed on what is the best type/placement. I was thinking something along the lines of 300-350 cc saline submuscular. But now i am curious if i should go with silicone subgladular since i use my pectoral muscles so much. I am also in the military so my level of fitness is not optional. I do have allotted recovery time so that won't be an issue. I have breast fed 2 children so i basically have a musclular build with deflated 34B breast....
Any guidance/advice would be appreciated. I am expecting to learn much more at my consult but i know many of you have experience in this and i see the great support system that comes from this site.

Consult done

Had a great experience at consultation today. My PS confirmed everything i have researched. He agrees that 350cc submuscular is appropriate for me. I am still debating between the silicone and saline. Thoughts?? Can you really feel a big difference??
Surgery date is set for September 25th and any pre-op prep can happen over the phone apparently. Nice! Minimizes travel for me. I am definitely confident with my PS and he didn't seem rushed at all. Answered all my questions thoroughly and was very friendly.
Dr. Patrick Millar

I have experience with Dr. Millar regarding another procedure i pursued and have had good luck with him. He and his staff are highly professional and easy to talk to. He has an extreme wealth of knowledge and experience. I expect great things from our consult.

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I just read your story. I'm less than two weeks out so I can't help you yet on the post BA work outs but I had similar concerns pre op and did extensive research. My PS was very reassuring as well. I'm confident I'll be able to return to being just as active soon. I like weight training, resistance (TRX) and running. I started some yoga at day 5 and my range of motion and flexibility wasn't too bad. I'm planning on starting lower body this week. I can't even imagine doing a push up yet, ouch. My chest muscle is really weak right now. I think the key to all this BA stuff is being prepared and this site has really helped. Good luck to you. Look forward to seeing your results!
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Congrats on your decision!! I had 225 silicone subglandular and loved them as far as recovery and working out (I teach and practice yoga twice daily, so tons of push-ups -- no problems at all with overs) but then developed capsular contracture one year later, so I now have 350 unders with Strattice to prevent cap con. I am 2 months post surgery and I have to say it's different, but I wouldn't advise overs. I started back with lower body workouts and cardio at 2 weeks with these unders, and added some upper body around 5 weeks, but flexing the pecs for push-ups feels strange. I will get used to it I'm sure, but my new doc greatly cautions me against over using the pecs because it may take years, but you can still do damage. Some docs do not believe that at all, though, so it depends. And he's not telling me not to, just to be aware, so I'm going with that. I haven't gone back to rock climbing yet, but I hope to soon. Otherwise, you'll know what you can and can't do -- your body will tell you. You just have to figure out if it's worth modifying your workouts a bit (at least for a while). Again, I loved my overs, but I didn't realize how high the risk was for cap con (and if your tissue is thin like mine is from breastfeeding, rippling is guaranteed with overs even with silicone!!). I felt rippling with overs from the beginning. Regardless, it's worth it!!!
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Thanks so much for your reply!!! I took it very much into consideration when i had my consult with the PS today. I decided on 350cc (still debating on Silicone or saline) submuscular. He mentioned everything you said about the higher chance of capsular contracture with the subglandular. Did you do silicone or saline with your 350 unders? I have a date set of Sept 25th! So i should probably start taking pics etc and beef up my profile/review. Getting very excited but still a ways to wait. He said i will be able to resume physical training to any extent after 6 weeks and doesnt forsee any limitations on pushups even with the submuscular implant. That makes me very happy.
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Congrats!!! I had silicone for both BAs, for sure. I never considered saline for myself and both my docs highly recommended silicone anyway (they feel softer, look more natural, and with all the rippling I had with the overs, saline would have felt like a ziplock bag of water :). And yes to the push-ups!!! My new doc is just being overly cautious, but even he says he has patients who are mma fighters and also crossfit peeps, and they do ok with unders. I am back to forearm stands and handstands as of this week in yoga, (8 weeks post op) so I haven't lost any strength. It doesn't hurt at all anymore, even for deep backbends, it's just you can feel the pecs slide over the implant and it moves the boob toward your armpit -- just an odd feeling, no pain. Best of luck moving forward from here. Check out my profile for my pics and the whole story when you get a chance.
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As far as recovery... I am planning on 3 days in a motel with no kids... Buy after that I go back to single parenting a 3 and 6 year old as my husband is deployed... I work a desk job mon-fri so kids have alternate care from 8am-6pm... I just need to keep things alive from 6-830 bedtime... Is this crazy or doable??
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It's doable. Just make sure you take good care of yourself. Take it really easy, even with all of that going on, and plan to not pick up your three year old for several weeks (that's the hardest part, I bet). Your risk for a hematoma goes away after two weeks, but you will not be able to lift without pain or causing damage for at least 5 or 6 weeks.
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Ya, not picking up my 3 year old will definitely be the challenge! My plan is to give myself extra time for morning prep and dropping kids off so that I never feel rushed. That's usually when I think I need to pick her up is to hurry... Driving after 3 days is ok as long as I make sure I'm off any narcotic pain meds 24 hours prior to?
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Yep, after 3 days the major pain will subside, if there is any at all. It's just you need to prep everything now because you need to be careful using your hands and arms -- even soap dispensers use your pecs!!! Lol!! Lift things off the floor --no bending or you will see stars, and get things off of shelves because of no reaching. Buy a wedge pillow so you can sleep and get I and out of bed without using your arms. Otherwise, your baby can still come to you and sit in your lap and all instead of you lifting.
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