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I have my first consult on Thursday and I am...

I have my first consult on Thursday and I am definitely wanting to go forward with the BA. I listed the procedure date and cost as what i desire/expect. Will update when I have confirmation on that.
I have read many reviews and conducted much research but am still very confused. My number one concern is my ability to be active post surgery (after the initial 6 week recovery). I am in to cross fit and weight training so i do a lot of pull ups, pushups, box jumps etc. I would like advice from other highly active women that have pursued BA or that are very informed on what is the best type/placement. I was thinking something along the lines of 300-350 cc saline submuscular. But now i am curious if i should go with silicone subgladular since i use my pectoral muscles so much. I am also in the military so my level of fitness is not optional. I do have allotted recovery time so that won't be an issue. I have breast fed 2 children so i basically have a musclular build with deflated 34B breast....
Any guidance/advice would be appreciated. I am expecting to learn much more at my consult but i know many of you have experience in this and i see the great support system that comes from this site.
Congrats on your decision!! I had 225 silicone subglandular and loved them as far as recovery and working out (I teach and practice yoga twice daily, so tons of push-ups -- no problems at all with overs) but then developed capsular contracture one year later, so I now have 350 unders with Strattice to prevent cap con. I am 2 months post surgery and I have to say it's different, but I wouldn't advise overs. I started back with lower body workouts and cardio at 2 weeks with these unders, and added some upper body around 5 weeks, but flexing the pecs for push-ups feels strange. I will get used to it I'm sure, but my new doc greatly cautions me against over using the pecs because it may take years, but you can still do damage. Some docs do not believe that at all, though, so it depends. And he's not telling me not to, just to be aware, so I'm going with that. I haven't gone back to rock climbing yet, but I hope to soon. Otherwise, you'll know what you can and can't do -- your body will tell you. You just have to figure out if it's worth modifying your workouts a bit (at least for a while). Again, I loved my overs, but I didn't realize how high the risk was for cap con (and if your tissue is thin like mine is from breastfeeding, rippling is guaranteed with overs even with silicone!!). I felt rippling with overs from the beginning. Regardless, it's worth it!!!
Thanks so much for your reply!!! I took it very much into consideration when i had my consult with the PS today. I decided on 350cc (still debating on Silicone or saline) submuscular. He mentioned everything you said about the higher chance of capsular contracture with the subglandular. Did you do silicone or saline with your 350 unders? I have a date set of Sept 25th! So i should probably start taking pics etc and beef up my profile/review. Getting very excited but still a ways to wait. He said i will be able to resume physical training to any extent after 6 weeks and doesnt forsee any limitations on pushups even with the submuscular implant. That makes me very happy.

Consult done

Had a great experience at consultation today. My PS confirmed everything i have researched. He agrees that 350cc submuscular is appropriate for me. I am still debating between the silicone and saline. Thoughts?? Can you really feel a big difference??
Surgery date is set for September 25th and any pre-op prep can happen over the phone apparently. Nice! Minimizes travel for me. I am definitely confident with my PS and he didn't seem rushed at all. Answered all my questions thoroughly and was very friendly.
I just read your story. I'm less than two weeks out so I can't help you yet on the post BA work outs but I had similar concerns pre op and did extensive research. My PS was very reassuring as well. I'm confident I'll be able to return to being just as active soon. I like weight training, resistance (TRX) and running. I started some yoga at day 5 and my range of motion and flexibility wasn't too bad. I'm planning on starting lower body this week. I can't even imagine doing a push up yet, ouch. My chest muscle is really weak right now. I think the key to all this BA stuff is being prepared and this site has really helped. Good luck to you. Look forward to seeing your results!
Congrats!!! I had silicone for both BAs, for sure. I never considered saline for myself and both my docs highly recommended silicone anyway (they feel softer, look more natural, and with all the rippling I had with the overs, saline would have felt like a ziplock bag of water :). And yes to the push-ups!!! My new doc is just being overly cautious, but even he says he has patients who are mma fighters and also crossfit peeps, and they do ok with unders. I am back to forearm stands and handstands as of this week in yoga, (8 weeks post op) so I haven't lost any strength. It doesn't hurt at all anymore, even for deep backbends, it's just you can feel the pecs slide over the implant and it moves the boob toward your armpit -- just an odd feeling, no pain. Best of luck moving forward from here. Check out my profile for my pics and the whole story when you get a chance.
As far as recovery... I am planning on 3 days in a motel with no kids... Buy after that I go back to single parenting a 3 and 6 year old as my husband is deployed... I work a desk job mon-fri so kids have alternate care from 8am-6pm... I just need to keep things alive from 6-830 bedtime... Is this crazy or doable??

5 days til b-day!!

Well I haven't really posted much on here but literally spend hours each day reading reviews. I am scheduled for 8am Thursday morning! I believe I have everything ready to go. Childcare lined up motel reserved, post op comfort items purchased. My biggest concern is rate of recovery. I plan to go back to single parenting on Sunday afternoon an back to work on Monday.. (Desk job). I plan to only take narcotic meds the first day and 1 day post op and try to control pain with ibuprofen after that... I will also need to drive Sunday... The plan is to go from small b to full C. Silicone sub muscular sub mammary incision.
Good luck!
Good luck with your surgery!! What profile are you getting? I am 1 month post op with 350cc hp silicone dual plane (sub muscular)
I just noticed all the above comments. Thanks so much for the words of encouragement it sure is helpful especially since I feel somewhat alone with this. My husband is the only one that knows I'm doing this but he is currently deployed.

Made it!

Made it! Wow. What a day ill update tomorrow and post some pics once I'm able to take my bandage off (noon tomorrow). I got high profile and is supposed to be 350-375 cc. They feel rock hard and tight. I'll be so glad to get the wrap off!

pics in bandages

24 hours later

It's been 24 hours since my surgery was over... Getting back the motel I was concerned right away because I was so out of it for a few hours and could barely move. Plainly the sedation hadn't worn off. I did not have general anesthesia, I had the sedation. Not a fan... But I guess it was ok. After a couple hours I felt great and watched Thursday night football last night. I take one hydro condone every 5 hours and 600mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours. My pain is very minimal. I will take a hydro condone at bedtime tonight but then will go to strictly ibuprofen. I am soooo relieved that recovery is much easier than I anticipated! I just took my wraps off and took a bath all by my self. I was able to shave, wash my hair and everything! I think the key is to not go heavy on narcotics. I'm pretty much only using them to help me sleep And to not be too active. I feel like I could go for a run right now ( with a very supportive bra of course. Haha) as far as sleeping.. It reminds me if being 9 months pregnant. It is just hard to move really so get comfy and plan on staying in a position for a while. My dr has no strictions on how I lay. I slept half the night on my back and half on my side. I'll post picks with my phone. They are definitely high and swollen it I think they will settle nicely and the incision is perfectly in the crease!! Yay!!!

pics of before and 1 day post op

Here are my pics of 1 day post op. Feeling great! Can't wait to go shopping!
I wish I was able to use ibuprofen! It works so much better for me than Tylenol. My PS said Tylenol only, because Ibuprofen increases the risk of bleeding. Happy healing!
Hi ExIBTC, absolutely same advise I got from my PS, no ibuprofen or aspirin at all. I wasn't allowed to take any anti inflamatoriies, ibuprofen or aspirin for two weeks leading up to surgery either.
Scary! I hate it when my dr gives conflicting advice! Makes me so nervous!!! There seems to be a lot of conflicting post op instructions. Like my dr says I can lay any way I want and a lot of women are supposed to stay at an incline. My dr has me wearing no bra at all for a week and some are in surgical bras for a month. Why do you think there is such variation??

Feeling great!

I'm exactly 48 hours post op and feel amazing. Still hanging at motel and bored out of my mind. I haven't had a narc since before bed last night and had 600mg ibuprofen at 0430 but nothing since then. Going to take some regular Tylenol soon and just alternate tylenol and ibuprofen from here on out. My recovery is going great and staying light on the heavy meds I think has helped a lot. I drove to walmart this morning to get some water Gatorade And of course had to try on some bras... Breasts are hard as rocks and oddly shaped so it was kind of pointless but I did buy a couple of the really soft cheap stretchy ones that I know will fit and are super comfy. I'll post a couple day 2 pics with my phone. I actually think I see a little change already. I can see how "patience" definitely becomes a challenge!

Day 2 pics

When does the swelling go down??!!

Okay, so I'm back home and back to regular life. I got the kids in bed and going back to work and normal routine in the morning. I feel great! Seriously! Aside from my boobs feeling like watermelons from the swelling I have no pain or discomfort at all! It is taking a lot to keep me off the treadmill and I am constantly reminding myself to slow down and relax. I'm used to being such a mover and a shaker!! This evening I fell victim to the closet and LOVED it!!! Tried so many things on and felt so good to not have to have a huge padded bra on!! Pics to follow....
Congrats! They look great!! Glad you're doing so well.
Wow, you look awesome! It's great that your recovery is going so smooth, I'm already quite nervous about mine as I'm still pre (scheduled for October 7...) I'm also worried about the long time without exercise -- I'm excited to follow you and see how this is working out for you!
I was really nervous about that too but I am finding alternate stuff to do. I am following a flexibility plan that I found on pinterest. Flexibility is something I usually neglect so slowing down and focusing on that this first 2 weeks is awesome and I am walking a lot also. I don't burn a ton of calories cause I cant let my heart rate go up but it is activity/exercise none the less. Post op is flying by! I think focusing on a really clean diet and flexibility training and walking and gradually easing into things will make time go fast and our bodies wont be as set back as we'd think... Also, I notice that drinking A LOT of water pre op and post op can make a ton of difference with recovery. Good luck and feel free to ask any questions at any time!!!

Almost a week already!!

I can't believe a week ago I was packing up to go check into my motel! Post op definitely goes much quicker than I anticipated. I have been feeling so good. They are still noticeably new to me but I do have moments where I seriously forget that they aren't my natural ones! Speaking of that! I got the kids to bed last night, took the dog out, etc, carrying about my normal routine, brewed some tea and got in the tub. YA GOT IN THE TUB!! I was soaking for about a minute and then about freaked out!!!! Got out like a bolt of lightning and towel off my incision tape. Then blow dried it. I have been really carful about not letting the shower spray directly on it and everything and then I mindlessly submerge it!!! I am hoping and praying that it didn't cause damage or introduce too much bacteria. I just finished my course of antibiotics which I believe is used to inhibit the start of an infection. I have my post op tomorrow and tape will be taken off and sutures will be removed but ive kind of been panicking ever since. I have absolutely no signs of infection (swelling, redness, pain, drainage) so hoping im good to go. (someone can go ahead and chime in to put my mind at ease... ;)...)
Anyway, I haven't noticed a lot of dropping but when I go to my post op apt tomorrow I am supposed to get introduced to the dreaded breast strap and also start doing massages so that will help.
I'll take some pics tonight to post. I should do some comparing to earlier days anyway.
wow, this is an awesome idea to focus on flexibility! and actually kind of a good opportunity, too ;) can you send me the link to the plan you're following? and btw, I wouldn't fret about the bathing thing, I'm sure it's gonna be alright. from what I read on here, some people are less careful than you and it works out alright. and since you're having your post op tomorrow anyway I'd say don't worry.
Hi!!! Below are a couple of the links I have been using. They have different stretches and yoga poses. It has felt so good to do them!! And such low impact that I know it isn't causing any issues for my recovery. Thanks for putting my mind at ease. I think I got calmed down about the incision site issue. I can't wait til my apt tomorrow! http://www.ehow.com/how_8207930_do-split-four-weeks.html http://www.fitsugar.com/How-Long-Should-I-Hold-Stretch-25933624 http://www.fitsugar.com/Relaxing-Restorative-Yoga-Sequence-26866767?crlt.pid=camp.9Cd3pDiMsY4f

8 days post op

I had my one week post op appt yesterday!!! Things look great. I DO NOT need to wear the dreaded strap as things seem to be settling well on their own. I'm so glad for this as from what i've heard, the strap isn't very pleasant!
The dr showed me the massage techniques that i need to start doing 3 times a day. I don't see this as being any sort of issue as i am way on top of doing anything that will help them soften up!
I feel really good and have been sleeping really good. They still feel a bit tight but seem to be getting better and better.
I don't notice a whole lot of change with appearance. I'll post a couple pics from my phone in a bit. I need to take another side shot as they look quite small from the front. Pictures are quite deceiving. I think they are much bigger in person.
I have no boob greed at all. I think they are perfect size and if anything a little on the "too big" side but really i think they are perfect. I haven't tried on bras at all yet and am enjoying being braless and not eager to even get back in the bra world. The time will come though.
I was thinking i had stitches that needed to be removed but apparently not. At my appt dr said my tape should come off on its own some time in the next week and incisions should be good to go... I'm nervous to see what is under the tape. Incision area feels more tender than it has and im hoping that is just a normal process. I mentioned to dr that i submerged in bath water a couple days ago and he didn't seem concerned about infection at all and i don't see any redness or drainage around the tape area at all.
I hope everyone is doing well. Week 1 is over! Yay!! It is driving me crazy not doing my hard core workouts but i am doing a lot of walking and stretching so that is very good!
Congrats!! They look perfect!


sweet! thanks so much for sharing!! I'm glad to hear everything worked out alright with the incisions and the appointment confirmed that there was nothing to worry about. And btw, your boobs are looking great!!

Day 11

Not much new to report. Will post updated pictures in a bit. I definitely notice more tenderness since starting the massages. I supposed from manipulating the muscle and tissues. I actually a significant amount of pain in the night for the first time ever. Hoping its all a normal part of the process. Took some ibuprofen and feel fine now. Will continue on with massages. I definitely think they are dropping a bit and the incision sites look great and perfectly in the crease! Yay!!
I have learned that if you look in the mirror long enough you will find a flaw (one dropping faster than the other, asymmetry, etc.) so I make sure to not just sit and stare and look for flaws. I'll be at the 2 week mark before i know it and continue to let the healing/recovery process work. I continue to walk as much as possible and also implement stretching but i can definitely be more diligent than i am. I definitely can't wait for the 6 week mark when i'm all systems go!!! Cannot wait to do full fledged workouts again. My chest still feels pretty tight but definitely softer than last week. I know what everyone means about needing to be patient. Luckily i have a lot going on this month to keep me preoccupied and busy.
Let me know if you have any recovery questions. Mine has gone quite smooth and no signs of hematoma or infection so that is good. Almost out of the woods with those risks so just waiting for them to soften as they should and pray for no CC.
Hi I think you look great! Congrats. I just had mine done on 10/1. I got saline over the muscle 310 on my left and 410 on my right ( due to asymmetry) . Quick question because before I lived in the gym. 6 days a week and kickboxing every Tuesday and Thursday. I was wondering when did u start walking? I have been up and out and have my 1st post op tomorrow but I'm feeling a little down and really want to get on a treadmill or something. Exercise always helps me! I am so bloated and haven't had a bowel movement yet. Feeling 9 months pregnant. At work and can't even snap my pants together ugh!! Sorry for the long tmi post lol. Was just wondering when u started walking again? Any advice would be great, thank u!
I actually had surgery on Thursday and went on a half mile walk on Saturday. Was back to work and gym on Monday with 1 mile (slow). My recovery has seemed really easy tho. As long as it doesn't raise your ht rate or blood pressure, my undertstanding is that its fine as long as u feel good. My Dr is on board with staying active but no raising blood pressure and no upper body work. I didn't have the constipation issue but i think its cause I didn't stay on the hard core pain pills after day 2. I hear that over the muscle implants should have better recovery time than under so lucky you!

pics from day 11

Hi! They look great! I'm scheduled for 10/20 & worried about size. Yours look perfect! Do you know what your rib cage measurements were? Im same height and weight but wide rib cage so the large size I liked suits my body per nurse but I'm a bit worried!
I'll have to measure and see. Mine seem plenty big for me that's for sure. I'm definitely not having any boob greed. I wear a 34 band if that helps as far as width. I'll check tho when I find a tape and get back to u.
Thank you so much!! I stopped the pain pills 3 days post op. I am having a great recovery so far. I was so happy that it was as painless as it was. I just feel tightness and pressure. Feel my nipples burning randomly but if I massage them it goes away. I tend to get constipated even with out the meds but exercise usually helps. I seen your post and was like yes!! I think I might go to the gym tonight and get on the treadmill and take it super easy. I feel like I need to do something lol! But thanks a million and cheers and high fives to out new additions ;)

Time is Flying!!!

Wow! Time really gets away from you after the surgery is done. I took some pics on the 2 week mark i will post after this and i think i will have my hubby take the 3 week pics for me to post cause it does seem really difficult to take pics myself to show how they actually look.
Everything has been going pretty well. I notice this whole last week i have had quite a bit more discomfort like they are very sensitive. I have been doing more cardio and i think i use my pec muscles much more than i realize which contributes to the discomfort. I see it all as part of the process.
They are definitely getting more and more soft and as far as i see they are "dropping" nicely. The incisions also look very clean and nicely in the breast fold. I will take pics of that to post too.
I continue to do massages daily. I am very careful about my workouts but seriously cannot wait til the 6 week mark as i feel like a total load for not doing the workouts that im used to but i guess im doing something... I also havent made the best dietary choices so i just need to get back on track all together. pics to follow...

pics from 2 weeks post op

Pictures at 19 dpo

Wow! Your scars are healing beautifully. And you look great!!!
Your scars look amazing for 19 days post op! Holy crap I'm jealous!!! Did you have external stitches? My doctor used internal stitches and steri strips and my bra has been really irritating them since I move a lot at work (I'm a nurse- 12 hour shifts)
Mine were internal too and dr put about a 1x4 inch strip of tape on the outside of it. I was really nervous about how the scars would heal too. My tape came off (with my help) on day 9. They seem to just get better and better. I haven't used anything on them. I'm so glad they are right in the crease. Are your strips coming off at all?i think your surgery was before mine. They seemed to heal even better once the tap came off.


Ok, so, I hit the three week mark yesterday. As far as how i feel, every day gets better and better and breasts are getting more and more soft. I read so many reviews on here. I couldn't believe all the people that had boob greed and all the people that saw their breasts dropping at different rates (right vs left)... None of that made sense to me!... UNTIL THIS MORNING! I was getting out of the shower and my left side was notably lower than my right! Holy buckets! Now i see why people panic. They look so different (right vs left) and this literally happened over night!!! (trust me, i check myself out a lot!) I'm not going to panic cause i know its part of the process, thanks to the women that put reviews on here!!! ANOTHER THING... with the left one officially "dropped" it looks so much smaller now... Almost looks like it did before implants! Especially next to the right one that is still high and round.... Again, i'm not going to panic cause i know its a process and it didn't get smaller, it is just sitting different now. I wish i would have taken a pic but i was in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the morning. I will try to remember to take a pic this afternoon and post it... I am eager for the R to drop and match the left but im not going to stress it (for now).... They are feeling more and more like mine. I was really nervous that i would always "feel" them... You really don't!!! And i'm the type of person that has to wear my socks inside out cause the seem bothers me. I will also get some updated incision pics. Time just keeps going by. Still eager to hit 6 weeks to get back to weight lifting!!!
Thank u soooo much for your updates! If u look at what I post I'm in the same boat as u! Lol. One day I feel like they look small and other days I'm like they are perfect. One moment one looks higher then the next they look the same. It drives me batty!! But u r looking good. And once again thank u for your updates!!
They look great! And you're so lucky your scars are sooo unnoticeable! :)
Seriously! I am sooo jealous
Sioux Falls Plastic Surgeon

I have experience with Dr. Millar regarding another procedure i pursued and have had good luck with him. He and his staff are highly professional and easy to talk to. He has an extreme wealth of knowledge and experience. I expect great things from our consult.

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