Slightly Disappointed Breast Augmentation

I had breast augmentation 3weeks ago. I am...

I had breast augmentation 3weeks ago. I am 5'5" 125lbs. My PS placed 500cc high profile smooth implants under the muscle. They are still way to high and my nipples are lower than middle. I hope they fall into place! I like the size but not the placement!

It has been almost a year since my augmentation...

It has been almost a year since my augmentation and I am very happy I did it. It has motivated me to loose weight and get in shape to show off my new shape! I am not as big as I wanted to be but I am alot bigger than I use to be!

Sioux Falls Plastic Surgeon

He tried to make me the size I wanted and is willing to listen to my concerns.

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Sounds like things are coming along nicely. The next milestone is 3 months, then the one after that is 6 months. I know that it's no fun waiting, but hang in there! Maybe it's because you got high profiles instead of moderate profiles that they seem on the high side. I'm sure you've studied them at length (frontal view in the mirror, side view in the mirror), but it might be worth having a friend take some pics of you while you're relaxed and not expecting the pics to be taken. You know, catch you off-guard. Then have your friend show you the pics and see what you think then. Your 3-month mark should be around the third week of May; wait until then and see what you think then. I take it that they don't feel overly firm otherwise?
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I think they are shaping up! Or I am just getting use to them. I feel alot more comfortable with them now!
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I am also in Sioux Falls I am having my breasts done next week, it you don't me asking which PS did you use?
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slightlydisappointed, glad things are shaping up (no pun intended)! If you think they're nice now, wait till 3 months post-op (June). Just in time for summer!
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{edited}. He was very nice & I felt he did everything he could for me! He wanted them to look natural and not too big! I think he gave me what I wanted. There are not guarantees with plastic surgery. It is all how your body reacts to what ever you have done. Good luck and I hope everything turns out beautiful for you. I am happy or happier now with the way my breast are turning out!

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Got my implants two weeks ago, i love them but wish i'd gone slightly bigger. I had 425cc smooth round silicone high profile implants put in. Love the high profile. If they are too high you can get them to strap them but over time they will settle down anyway I was told.
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I am happy for you and hope my will grow on me! I was unsure of the high profile at first. My PS didn't want a band on them he said they will fall on their own! I hope this happens sooon!
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Did you PS give you a bando to wear over the upper part of your breasts? that helps the breasts to come down alot. I had tubular breasts and i had no bottom fold, even though he made a lower pocket for the placement i could tell with the bando my breasts came down alot!...
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It has been 6 weeks now and they are still high. My PS said he did not recommend a band on them that they will fall by themselves. He said this could take a year. My PS did lower one of my folds to even them out but I could not tell that one was higher than the other one before. Both are still high. Alot of the swelling had gone down.;)
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What you're describing is typical. I'm sure immediately post-op they felt like they were right up under your chin. Three weeks post-op should be a vast improvement over 3 days post-op, but there will be a dramatic improvement again by 6 weeks post-op. And you'll continue to notice improvements (gradually less and less noticeable over time) until about 3-6 months post-op. It sounds like you're almost at the 6 week mark now; do they seem quite a bit better and closer to your expectations now than they did back on March 11?
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The swelling has gone down alot but they both are alittle high yet. Not that you can notice in clothes. They are not rounding at the bottom. It seems like they are all top heavy and not settling in to the folds. Maybe my folds are not big enough to hold 500cc?! Thanks for the positive reply. They are looking better! ;)
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I just got implants on 2-19-10 and I love them! I got a 339cc in the right and a 397cc in the left. I went from a 36A to a 36c. Kind of wish I went a little bigger, for the price I had for them.
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Did you go under the muscle? And did they need to drop at all? Thanks for the input.
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I have not had the surgery done yet, but I've been doing my research and emailing local surgeons, etc. Everything I read tells me to give your body 3-6 months to achieve the final permanent look. This part I am NOT looking forward to. I'm not a patient person. :)
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This is what my doctor says too. I just hope I didn't go to big for my breast to hold. Even when nursing my three children I was never bigger than a B cup! Thank you for the encouragement. I will keep posting my updates and good luck with your procedure!=)
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