That's for a breast Aug and a lollipop lift. I...

That's for a breast Aug and a lollipop lift. I have four kids and we're done having kids..I have always wanted big full boobs! Now its about to happen. I will post before and after...after my surgery. Super geeked!!!!

I forgot..I'm 33, 5'8 about 200lbs =(...

I forgot..I'm 33, 5'8 about 200lbs =( I'm a 40 small droopy C..I'm going 625-650cc under the muscle saline.

I decided to add some before pics..because I want...

I decided to add some before pics..because I want to go bigger than 625..maybe 650-675

Its getting closer! I'm so excited!!! I would...

Its getting closer! I'm so excited!!! I would really like to see some pics of 600+cc's . This site has been so helpful to me!

Omg!!!! My boobies are done!!! Im sore but not in...

Omg!!!! My boobies are done!!! Im sore but not in pain. I ended up with 650 Mp under the muscle. This is day one for me! Boy am I sore! But im so happy..I will try to post pics

Still very sore...hope I feel better tomorrow..I...

Still very sore...hope I feel better tomorrow..I voted worth it...dint Knw y it says not worth it

Still sore the bleeding around my nipples hss...

Still sore the bleeding around my nipples hss stopped. I hear gurgling in my left boob. I cant believe how good they look! When u take tht hot shower for the ,1st time it feels like HEAVEN!

Theres this wonderful girl on youtube her channel...

Theres this wonderful girl on youtube her channel is hithereimbrittney.her videos helped me so much she goes from day of to 8months her videos are WONDERFUL!!

I'm not two wis yet but they look great! I'm still...

I'm not two wis yet but they look great! I'm still sore though. This strap is uncomfortable. I have my 3rd post op Friday. I really love my Boobs!

I asked question n put the wrong seems...

I asked question n put the wrong seems as if il saying I'm getting my implants overfilled to. 650 on 3-28-12..instead of I had it done nipples are SUPER SENSITIVE now

Im almost a month on the 28th n Im still msomewhst...

Im almost a month on the 28th n Im still msomewhst sore around my nipples. my boobs are soft but heavy! 650 didnt seem so big but i can feel the weight.
Yuba City Plastic Surgeon

Very good MD, I wanted 650cc Dr.G didnt seem to thrilled to do tht amout..he stated they might not sit up right..which I can respect him for tht concern. Dr. G is a very laid back and BLUNT doctor. Check in was quick and painless front desk rep was so nice. But I would recommend Dr.Gallego.. I ened up with 650cc's just wht I wanted!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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Hello yellow~ WOW girl you look so very voluptuous, especially in the purple blouse! I know what you mean about implants feeling "heavy". Mine are only 304 cc's  feel like bowling balls sometimes. Glad I did not go bigger!!! Hope you learn to love yours eventually. take care :)
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I want to go bigger =( ladies talk to me! I posted a pic. I Dnt like my R boob. I want 800cc' y'all think thts to big? I want more cleavage. I just want bigger boobs...again
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looking good yellow. your boobs look like they belong to u know what i mean. very natural
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Wow yellow your boobies look great, They look very natural. They never Really sat up high so u didnt have to wait for them to DROP which is good cause i hate playing the waiting game...LOL how r u feeling?do u feel back to normal?
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@name yes they never were really high just swollen honestly they are in the same spot. @commando1 thanks!!! I'm having some small issues with healing around my nipples like 2 or 3 pinhole size areas from stitches.
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Hi yellow 29! You look amazing! Hope all is going well. Thanks for sharing!
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Hey yellow29 How u Doin? How ur Boobies doing have They dropped some
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I'm regaining sensation in my right nipple but my left still feels numb. Did u just start having feeling? Does ur right
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Boob still seem bigger? My right actually feels higher at this point. But i know in time it'll DROP and b ok. I can't wait to go to victoria secret and shop for I'm going to wait a couple weeks before i do that tho. Don't wanna b scarred when they tell me WHAT size I
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Lol..mine are through the nipple right boob seems bigger...I went to victorias secret..they said im a 42 E...I Knw I should have waited..I upload through my kindle...
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ok soooo i finally got it and was able to post clear pix up ;) and without going thru all that
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you know what i tried to put the strap on yesterday but not sure if i might have put in on to tight because left breast felt started feeling very swollen and it just felt like it started burning from the bottom, don't know if that makes sense but yea that's how it so i took it of and now i feel like my left boob is swollen and kinda looks a little more swollen then my right. yea i got the incision around the nipple, it really looks great. i cant see the incisions at all. ughh and one more thing how do u post ur pix mine look so blurry, i take them with my phone,crop them send them to my email and save them to my computer and theeeen download them on wow that sounds like a lot but yea that's what i do. am i doing it right??
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Yes!.i..didnt.Knw the implants where placed through the nipple. I think u chose the perfect size. They fit you well. Are you wearing the strap yet? I.find it uncomfortable. Oh yea thanks!
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thank you. you look greeeat!!!! im loving them so far cant wait for them to drop into place. glad i decided to go with 540cc's instead of smaller. still on pain meds but its only been 4days so i guess im good. does it sting because of the incisions from the lift?
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I have started n be ready for them to very sore after...I'm back at work n when I sweat they STING! I STILL GET tired. Wht your experiencing is normal..but massage is great to start I do it everyday everytime I think of it! Are u loving your look? You look good from the pica you posted.
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hi yellow29. i was wondering how you were doing and if you started massaging your boobs yet. its day 4 for me and im not that sore or in any pain. my doctor said to start massing them right away but when i start massaging that's when they start feeling sore and kind of a burning sensation within, so i was wondering how where feeling right about now since you had yours a few days before mine. i know everybody's different but i guess i want to have an idea of what to expect by next week. very
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hi so i finally posted a couple of pix up. i will update more clearer once later.don't know why they look so blurry..
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Lol! Thanks I really hope when settle they still look huge! Lol!
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Giiiirl I wish I could rock them as big as you lol! They look fabulous!
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I have alot of pressure and the pain i feel its like a burning streching pain when I get up from lying down or something like that. And it also feels like I just gave birth and im about to breastfeed..LOL No pain on my back just pressure it feels like I did a few pushups..LOL im getting my bandages removed tomorrrow kinda Scary i hope they dont feel to heavy.. yes it Does feel great to have BOOBS cant wait until they actually feel and look like there a part of me...
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I was just laying on my back with no bra because im obsessed with washing my bra. And I really felt them the weight of them.
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I didn't get the pain pump..I didn't have a lot of breast pain but my back pain was bad. Yes maybe for a while I still get pooped now. My Boobs feel heavy when I take my bra off to wash it. Did u feel actual pain? I felt pressure n soreness. I'm so haapy for you! I knw I wanted mine for years. Feels great to have Boobs!
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i know what you thanx for all your feedback and post its been alot of help reassures me that what im going thru isnt i didn't have any drainage tubes put in and Ive had some drainage, still pretty sore well i can only feel it when i go from lying down to standing. thank god for pain pump and my boobs dont look as big as i thought they were gonna look, i started with a 36 c (saggy,droopy c) maybe its because of all the bandage and compression gauze i have on. well i guess ill see tomorrow. im so excited!!! did u feel more pressure once your bandages came of? it feels like something is pulling on my right side when i move or go to standup,im wondering if its the wire from the pump. how long did you feel tired and groggy? i feel like i did yesterday, i thought i would feel better today.. thanx again and glad u like ur boobies and are doing good ;)
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and im actually going for a more natural look meaning that i want them fuller and rounder on the bottom and not to full on top, from what i see from the top now is that they dont look full or round on top so im very happy so far about i will try to post pix up to tomorrow
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I had no drainage ...but I bled a lil around my nipples.aYeS my throat. Was very sore! The area of my lift is sore. And my is day 8 for me n they are taking these clear dressings off today..I also been sneaking and started. The massage..I just really want them to look right so far they do they still look huge but I had a lot of breast tissue. To. Start with..I wanted big fake looking boons =) excuse my grammar. My kindle. Has a mind of its own..I didn't have. Drains in either
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