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Hi there everyone, Just had my arms done...

Hi there everyone,

Just had my arms done today. Couldnt sleep well last night. My mind was filled with lots of questions - will it be painful? will i be able to carry stuff and more..Will i be able to go to work on Day 3 after the surgery. (i have no choice!) My family are not here with me as they're in another country that is very far from me and my boyfriend is out of town for work). he mixed feelings i had has been bugging me since the day i booked my appointment for VASER.

So this mornin i arrived just in time despite the heavy rain and heavy traffic. The reception staff went through all the medications that i need to take after the procedure. Payment was made too before we proceed to the consultation room.

Different angles of my arms was being photographed and painkiller was taken before my doctor came in and made some 'picasso drawings' on my fatty arms.

Then i was being lead to the surgery hall where all the big equipments, not forgetting the big table were ull b lying on, are in front of eyes. I was nervous and keep telling the nurse to put me to sleep. (my pain threshold is very low)

Before i got up to the surgery table, the nurse applied iodine all over my arms area, front n back. The nurses are very nice and understanding, i was so cold (coz i was asked to strip naked n given a disposable bra and panty to wear), they covered me with blankets underneath the surgery paper (green in colour)

THEN the painful part came in, the doctor tryin to find my find my veins on d back of my hands. According to him, my veins are sunken in and difficult to find. So, i had to take d pain of d needles goin into my skin for the second time. Dont worry ppl, it wasnt as painful as i expected. I'd give it a 4/10.

Before i knew it, i was already in la-la land, feeling nothin at all. Doctor choose to give me sedation so that i will be sleeping during the whole procedure. The moment i got up i find myself in another room with dimmed lights, nurses was monitoring my condition from time to time. ( one of my toe was actually clipped n that wire is connection to a machine, Think its like a pulse detection kinda thing.)

I went back to sleep again as i still feel drowsy. After two hours of rest, i was waken up by d nurse and was informed that my friend has arrived to pick me up. (Prior the surgery, the staff will ask for contact number of the person who will be responsible to send me home.) U may wonder why, it is because after VASER, u will feel drowsy and it is very dangerous to drive, and take d public transport by ur own.

U might be wondering how was i feeling when i woke up? i DID NOT feel any pain at all except for a little soreness here n there especially the incisions area. I'd give it 3/10. Perhaps the anaesthesia havent worn off yet i thought. But hey, look at me..it has been 5 hours after i woke up and im typing away telling u guys bout my experience at home. ( i read some review that they cant even type properly for few days after VASER..which was kinda scary).

Anyway, I just took my medications after my light dinner which was instructed by the nurse earlier. ( painkillers, reduce swelling and bruises supplements), and now im waiting for the medication to kick in, as it is supposed to cause drowsiness.

So yeah...thats my experience on d 1st day. Hopefully ill be fine tmrw so i can update u guys on my progress!

Cheers! =D



Day 2

So, i went to the doc to change my dressing. Nurse was very gentle, took of my compression clothing n cleaned my wound. That was the first time i see my arms n im so happy with it! it looks just what i wanted. Nurse told me that doc did a very good job..'suckin' out as much fat as he could. I asked her if this is the end result of my arms n she said up till now it is still swelling n it can be smaller when all the brusing n swelling subsides. Woohooo! so happy to hear that frm her! As for the bruises, my arms are mostly covered with blue n black bruises...mostly on the outer part of d arms and some beside my breast. im kinda worry bout the bruise beside my breast though...coz its the darkest amongst the bruises..n worry that it will cause lumps and all..Doctors, experienced ppl out there, please advice.

Anyway, after the clinic, i feel more comfortable as i can place my arms down more easy now. (before was a bit difficult when two big paddings are plastered underneath my armpits..more for 1st day drainage i guess). The pain is still bearable, the only uncomfortable part is when my arms are in contact with other things, i will feel sore. N lifting up my arms is a bit difficult at that time. Nevertheless, i can still carry my handbag and eat by myself without needing much help from my boyfriend. (but im still giving him credits for treating me like a princess despite my mood swings throughout the day. It;s TRUE..ull get annoyed/agitated easily. so please ask ur partner/family/friends to be prepared days after ur surgery) =D

So where was i again? d doc told me that most patients can go about their normal routines on day 2. n true enough..i managed to do lots of things yday, I was so worried that ill b bedridden whole day and all and couldnt go to work on day 3.

At night, i find myself keep gettin up tryin to find comfortable positions to sleep on. (i usually sleep on my sides) Now i have to sleep facing up. There's one point i got up n tried sleepin facing down, with both of my arms stretched wide apart, which is more comfy. The only thing that worried me was my boyfriend accidentally touchin my arms. (in the mornin he complaints that he couldnt sleep well as his mind keep tellin himself not to hug me whole nite..LOL)

Day 3 - Woke up early and felt my arms are getting more swell than yday. But movements are more easy now as soreness subsides. Bruising are still visible and i start feeling itchy sensation here and there. As my arms couldnt reach certain areas like my back because of the soreness, i found a plastic fork as a scratching tool and its like a GODSEND..it feels so AHHHHHHH~~ if u know what i mean.

Im now goin back to get some nap after my breakfast and medication as im goin to work in the evening later. So wish me luck on my first day of work after VASER.

Cheers!! =D
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Hi Kirsty..Thanks for the welcome note! =) will try my best to do updates here. =)

Hi Drdmwolf, regarding the sedation, yes, my doc did asked whts my preference..as he can do local anesthetic on me too..but knowing myself, i would rather sleep during the procedure (just imagine by the sight of blood, ill feel dizzy. haha)

N thanks for the rings tip doc..though i dont really feel any swelling from my lower arm till my fingers..i would take ur advice...=)

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Sounds like you had an OK experience.
I tend not to do arms with sedation as I don't find it necessary. But each patient has their own pain threshold.
Try an have some MLD which will
help with the swelling reduction. Don't put any rings on!!
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