Vaser Liposuction on Arms & Back

I'm 30 yrs old & am a mother of 1 child...

I'm 30 yrs old & am a mother of 1 child.

I've had 2 smart lipo done on my arms & back 6 yrs ago which left me with uneven and dimpled arms. My 1st Dr was terrible, after the 1st smart lipo which left me with multiple obvious scars (it was supposed to be hidden) my 3rd mth reviewed showed no results. I was very upset & he gave me a free correction lipo. Bruising & swelling was horrible both times & the 2nd lipo left me with fat deposits on my elbows & uneven results. I was so traumatized I decided to live with the results and always wore clothing to cover up.

Finally after the birth of my son, I managed to lose most of my post baby weight & had very good skin recovery (no stretched marks). But my arms bug me to no end thus I started researching on the best surgeon. I found my Dr after reading forums & meeting up with 3 different surgeon on my blotched lipo. I was most comfortable & confident of Dr P.

Today I'm post op 2nd day & I feel great. Arms aching but I could take care of my son, bath him, feed him & we even managed to go to the playground.

I haf 6 incisions and can already see results. The bruising when compared to my past smart lipo experience is so different. I hardly had any bruising and swelling is minimal.

Post op 1st day was the worst for me, when my husband removed the bandages for me I nearly fainted. The damn plasters were so strong! Wearing the compression sleeves up ti date is still a bother, I need my husband's help if not I think I might just faint while wearing the garment. I felt light headed & had to take pain killers every 4 hours. The pain was uncomfortable & nauseating.

My husband has confirmed that I haf zero bruises on my back and swelling is minimal, this after while changing the dressing I haf no more draining & my husband said the incisions has closed & started healing. I do not smoke, eats a non carbo diet with lots of vegetables & exercise regularly. I believe my healing so well may be due to my lifestyle.

I have booked for my tummy & flanks Vaser lipo on 7th Oct, hope it will go well!

I will upload photos soon.

3rd day post op and I am back to work already....

3rd day post op and I am back to work already. Compression garment was slightly uncomfortable and arms feel like I had a good excercise thru the weekends. I have a 8-5 office work so I am taking it easy. Incisions are healing really well though husband said the left elbow incision is leaking alittle, will take note and change dressing later in the afternoon. I am no longer putting on any dressing actually, just a small plaster for post op incisions which I got from the pharmacy.

I have just confirmed my 7th Oct tummy & flanks vaser lipo, looking forward to it. Will be removing my stitches on the 30th Sept'11 not much issues there.

My arm already looks slimmer and nobody in my office noticed any difference yet as I am wearing long sleeves but swelling is pretty minimal and the fats infront of my armpit is GONE! God I hated that 2 pieces of fats so much! And now it is flat baby!

Ladies, please research and get the best doctor you can find I had 2 bad lipo before my 3rd one and I can already see a huge difference with Dr P. He is great!

Btw my skin & incisions feel slightly itchy and Dr...

Btw my skin & incisions feel slightly itchy and Dr confirmed that its a good thing as the wounds are already healing thus the itch so itch is good :D

6th day post op I have bruises but very light...

6th day post op

I have bruises but very light ones. Swelling still persistent and feeling arms feel itchy. The compression sleeves are irritating but without them, my arms sag. I am wearing my compression garments religiously, only removing them for my nightly & early morning showers. I have been applying arnica gel from my doctor and do not see much difference. Just apply for the sake of doing it. I will be seeing my doctor this Fri to remove the stitches. The incisions on my elbows are already healed, I cant even find my left elbow's incision now.

It took me 4 months to see the results of my first arm lipo and I am pretty sure I will be seeing results at abt 3 mths for this vaser lipo. My back looks great! I was checking out my back on the full mirror today with my bra on and I dun haf the tiny bra fats brimming out anymore!

1 week post op I stopped taking pain killers...

1 week post op

I stopped taking pain killers today. Swelling is still persistent and the bruises started darkening last night. Generally feel fine and still working. I am having my 1st post op appointment tomorrow to remove the stitches and will confirm my flanks & tummy vaser lipo for 7th Oct!
Name not provided

Dr P showed me lots of his patient cases similar to mine & was the only surgeon who pointed out the blotched lipo locations correctly. He also checked my skin condition & knew what he had to do to correct my blotched lipo. My results post op 2 days is already fabulous, the pocket of fats are already flat & I had minimal bruising. I love my doctor! :D

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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Does anyone know the doctor? There are so many women suffering from bad arm lipo. It helps the doctor to share too. Thank.
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Do you mind to email me at ***@hotmail to advise on who is the doctor? Appreciate it a lot as I really hate my arms too! But really have to get a good doctor to do it otherwise money & time wasted. Sharing is caring.. Thanks in advance!
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Hi can I have the details of your doctor too?
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Hi can i get your doctor's contact???
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Can i have e contact of your doc?? Thks!:)
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Hi PQueen,

Would appreciate if you could email me the name of your doctor? Have been reading alot of reviews but still unsure which one to go to. Urs sounds like a good doc.. Thanks in advance.

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Is this Vaser Hidef Lipo? where did u do it in Singapore, me from Singapore
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Hi PQueen,

How are you doing so far and are you still happy with the results? I also had vaser lipo to my upper arms, bra-rolls and flanks and am 2days post-op. The doctor sucked-out 5liters of fat from those areas.

Hope you are doing well.

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Can I have the doc name and contact? very interested in doing too~~
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Hi, do u mind sharing who you went to? I'm desperate to get rid of my fat arms and your doctor sounds real good!

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Hi PQueen, sounds like you have good results already.

I am so scared of my skin hanging after the lipo. I have not worn any sleeveless tops in 16years due to my big upper arms. But now I cant wait to have my procedure done on the 8th of December. I had vaser lipo of my thighs and bum done by the same doctor with absolutely great results and have great trust in him to do a great job again. I will post my before pics before my procedure.

Can you perhaps post some before pics for comparison. You look absolutely fantastic with bruising and swelling already and your back looks great, no bruising at all.
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Hi Mojo,

The first 2 days post op was the most painful period for me. Felt nausea & light headed from the pain & had to rest in bed. The 3rd day post op, I went back to work. I had heavy leaking on the 1st night of op, very light leaking on 2nd & 3rd day post op. I wore the Compression sleeves 24/7 as I saw my sagging arms 1st day post op so I kept the compression sleeve on all the time, taking it off only during bath time. Expect serious swelling on 1 week which slowly subsides following end of 2nd week (which is me now) bruising is still prominent on my right arm but both arms are really slim now & compression sleeve feels loose already. Please note that this is my 3rd arm lipo so I might not haf as much fat cells as compare to a 1st timer lipo patient. I think the compression sleeve is the best thing in the world post op, my healing is much better this time round, I never had compression sleeves for my 1st 2 lipo & skin sagged & was very lumpy. Current status of my arms are great, skin is firmly attached to the muscle with very little lumps.
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Hi Queen,

Thanks for your response. How was it pain wise and swelling in the 1st week post op? Were you given a compression garment for your arms etc. How is your skin retraction afterwards, is there any hanging skin at your arms? Can you perhaps post some before pics for comparison, pretty please.
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Hi Mojo,

It's my 2nd week now swelling has gone down & my arms are really slim but this is already my 3rd lipo so doctor did comment that there will be a significant result as compared to my first 2 liposuction. If this is your 1st lipo, you will need to ask yr doctor to show you his patient's results & ask him how confident he is with your fat reduction after lipo. My arms are rock hard & slightly lumpy now but it will go away in a few months time.
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Hi Queen,

Congrats with your surgery and lots of healing vibes from me.
I am about to have my upper arms, flanks and bra-rolls done and would like to know how your recovery was/is? Can you already see a difference in shape?
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Welcome to RealSelf and thanks for posting your story. Just saw your latest update; it's good to hear you're back at work already! The compression garment is possibly the worst part of the recovery process, so hang in there! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your results.

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