My Vaser Liposuction for Arms - Singapore

I did my vaser liposuction for arms month ago....

I did my vaser liposuction for arms month ago. Till date I''ll lost 4cm on each arms. I hope the reduction doesn't end here as I still have that bulge on my arms. My body frame is small but my arms are way too big. My doc mentioned my result will be instant as its way too big:*(

Anyway, just wanna share some tips on my liposuction for arms:

1. Prepare big towels and long sleeve shirts few days before the surgery date. Before you go for your surgery, place the big towels over the place you ''ll rest such as your sofa, bed, and your cars' passenger seats.

2. Make sure the long sleeve shirt is at least 1-2 size bigger than your usual clothes. You need to wear it over your swollen arms and compressor.

3. Avoid hot drinks before surgery. You cant be operated with above normal temperature.

4. Take at least 1 week off work. Lipo on arms are generally more painful then other areas. Although I'm recovering very well with minimal bruises and swells, I find it hard typing on the 2nd and 3rd day caused it's really very uncomfortable to exert continuous force from your arms, even if it's pressing a key.

5. You might need to practise some style to get yourself up from your bed without using your hands. For the first few days, you might not be able to exert forces from your arms.... For me I bounced myself up from my butt and row myself

6. If you wanna save up some $$ and decide not to go for any lymphatic massage, buy a massager and use it daily. It clears my bruises almost instantly. I think it remove some lumps too. My arms not so stiff after the massage.

7. I would say the average pain level of the whole ordeal is abt 4/10. There's a lot of muscle sore and cramp feelings which isn't really pain. The only sharp pain was from the incisions. Which peak on the 3rd -5th day.

8. Aware there will be lose skins. I go for rf treatment after the surgery. Doc say the skin will slowly contract by itself.

9. Liposuction give us a second chance to own a new body. We need to embrace and maintain it by eating healthy and exercise. It's not the end of our slimming journey. In fact, it's a start! ?

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Wow your so very brave to do the liposuction . My friend once had vaser lipo in singapore and yes at first shes very afraid but then after the surgery shes very happy . She had done the vaser liposuction in singapore at Amaris B Clinic
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Hey babe, im from singapore too. Thanks for sharing all the tips above!!

i went for consultation on VASER yesterday and actually made an appointment one week from now! im so excited but worry that the soring n brusing will affect my work. ( i got to go work on the 3rd dayn i just dont know if ill be able to get up n work. any tips for that?

n did u get sedation or local anesthesia during the surgery? n will u feel pain on the first nite? n how long did u waited to change the bandage? n did u have any leakings?

Any photos of before n after?

Thanks and have a good day!

Hope to hear from you soon.
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Thanks Kristy for the warm reply!

Yes I''ll update soon:")
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Hi there, thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. What great tips! I'm glad everything has went well for you and you're startign to see some results, hopefully that will continue! Please do keep us updated on your progress.

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