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I'm fit and exercise regularly. Was considering...

I'm fit and exercise regularly. Was considering lipo to remove some stubborn fat from my arms, but found out about Exilis and decided to give it a try. The doctor recommended a minimum of 6 sessions, and told me that it would take at least 3 sessions before results became evident

Pros: Non-invasive, little downtime, quick
Cons: PAIN, cost, several sessions needed

I'm writing about this to address the issue of discomfort which is actually much greater than what the doctor or brochures said (warm soothing massage... yeah right).

While there was no burn (I have some redness and swelling which should go away by the next day), when the applicator was being massaged against my skin, it felt like someone cruelly agitating a giant bruise (my entire underarm). The heat can become unbearable, although there is a break of a few seconds for respite. Those will seem like VERY long minutes although the actual treatment time of 15 mins per arm (5 mins first cycle fat reduction, 5 mins second cycle fat reduction, 5 mins third cycle skin tightening). The technician told me that if the pain became intolerable, I needed to let her know so that she would reduce the intensity.

I wanted to see how long I could go on my recommended setting, so I had a full session on that. Technician told me my pain tolerance level was very high because apparently, Exilis for the arms (thinner skin) actually feels more painful than for other parts of the body.

To be honest, am not overly keen on the next 5 sessions, but now that I know what to expect in terms of pain, will focus on results.

Results from 1st session: Doctor had told me not...

Results from 1st session: Doctor had told me not to expect visible results until 3rd session. Also - that I needed to drink a lot of water and continue with a healthful eating regime.

The swelling/redness from 1st session disappeared within a day. Skin definitely feels tighter and smoother at the underarm area and I do believe that there seems to be a teeny bit more definition than previously.. may also be due to the fact that I am continuing my yoga regime.

2nd session today.
This session was *much* more comfortable! Once the machine heated to 40 degrees (which takes a minute) and the pain started, I alerted the technician and she turned the power down slightly. This made a big difference to my comfort level and it was really more of a sensation like that of said "hot-stone massage". On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 was the most uncomfortable, the first session had a discomfort level of 9. Today's session was about 4.

There was little redness and no swelling at all after 2nd session. It may have been due to either the reduced power or that I took arnica before the session.

Am quite happy with the lack of pain now and looking forward to the rest of the sessions.

5/6 session today. Didn't update for Session 3...

5/6 session today.

Didn't update for Session 3 and 4 - session 3 was fine, just like session 2. Session 4 was quite terrible - had a different technician who was obviously less experienced. Even at a lower power, the pain was quite high. I wonder if it had anything to do my not taking arnica for the 4th session as well.

My arms - the skin is definitely much tighter and there's more definition especially where the lower part of the upper arm is. Less flabby. But the results so far are not as dramatic as I would like/want, but maybe that's where I need to manage expectations. My arms definitely look better than they did at the start, but the results are subtle. I am guessing if you want dramatic changes, liposuction might be a better option. I just didn't want invasive surgery or downtime.

I had today's session with my usual technician and it went well. Tolerable pain and actually got comfortable towards the end. It has to do with the way she uses the applicator (long spreading strokes with medium intensity) which made it much better than the previous session with the other person.

I took arnica yesterday and today, and my conclusion is that it does make a difference, especially in terms of redness/swelling/feeling of bruising post-session.

Session 6/6 today After the treatment, doctor...

Session 6/6 today

After the treatment, doctor did measurements - turns out I lost about 1.5cm off the circumference of each arm. I was kind of hoping for 1.5cm specifically from the bottom of the upper arms.

Minus: Subtle results
Plus: Skin tightening and definition

Would I repeat Exilis again? I really don't know. Not a fan of the heat - if you've ever wanted to know how long 5 minutes could feel, just have a session of Exilis on your arms ;)
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I Had Exilis on my neck and thigh area. I drank the amounts of water recommended, exercise often, and eat healthy foods. Six months out and I cannot tell any difference. It is expensive. I was told that I would see improvements over time, but now, six months out, I cannot see any improvement. I am disappointed that I spent the money.
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I am also having it done on my arms, the suggest 4 sessions and boy does it hurt!!! to day was the 3rd session depending how you position your arm helps wtih the pain too. I just would tell her hot and she would stop then start again. I do hope to see some results, I also work out everyday but hold fat on the tricep area, will keep you posted on the end result.
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@ scape - In spite of all the doctors and spa owners claiming there are NO side effects and claiming how safe it is, I am a patient who has actually done the Exilis procedure and I am having MANY side effects! By the evening of my first appointment, I was in severe pain. I had as much pain as I did after having surgery. My lower abdomen was so swollen, I looked as if I was six months pregnant. A few days later, I found a knot in my lower abdomen. It is currently 21 days after my treatment and my stomach is still swollen and I still look pregnant. The knot has increased in size. To my knowledge, Exilis is FDA approved for WRINKLES, but not for fat removal. It was only approved for wrinkles in late 2009. There is not enough research to truly KNOW all the side effects, in my opinion. I believe there will eventually be a lot of people who will come forward with many different side effects. Most spas and doctors who are making a large amount of MONEY with the Exilis will NOT advertise anything but GOOD results. They have a very biased opinion. I personally, would NEVER recommend Exilis. My health means way more to me than that!
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Any promising results??
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I just updated my review, thanks for the prompt :) There are results, but subtle. Will see how the results from the 5 and 6 session are.
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It's sort of like a massage, but can get hot here and there. I am so glad you said something.
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It shouldn't hurt at all...maybe a bit hot, and then you let the technician know. It actually can be relaxing... This doesnt sound good.
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Thanks 123KiKi! I had been worried that a lower power would mean a reduction in efficiency. I did alert the technician today and it turned out to be a much better session :)
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Hi Scape, thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. I haven't had Exiis myself, but I have heard that it can be painful in sensitive areas such as the arms. Hopefully you will start to see some good results for all the effort you're putting in! Please keep us updated on your progress.

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