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Hi. I had some pimple scarrings on my face and...

Hi. I had some pimple scarrings on my face and went to see a skin doctor hoping there is something which can be done to remove the scarrings. I expected some cream or what but the skin doctor recommended me a chemical peel which I totally had no idea about. So she performed a very low % peel as she said that my skin was too fine and she had to use a very low % peel. It's been my 2nd day after the peel and my face looks like that. I have attached some pics of how it looks now. Is this normal? Cos when I called up the skin
Centre and told the skin doctor, she said its fine and it will take 3days or so to start peeling and once it's peeled, my skin will be beautiful. So I am wondering if is it suppose to be like this? The skin doctor gave me a special cream to apply for 3 days on the skin, its a recovery cream whoch has to be applied for 3 days after the chemical peel and a another cream to apply for the rest of the days every night. Someone pls tell me if this is normal. My skin has a few very dark spots now at the affected scar areas and it's becoming very hard, as in tight. Someone pls tell me pls! It has just been 1 day after my peel.

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Now my skin has all peeled off. The dark brown...

Now my skin has all peeled off. The dark brown skin harden and dropped off. But however my skin is left bright pink after the scabs had fell off. Is this normal? The skin doctor performed a 20% glycholic acid peel. I called up the doctor and told her but she told me that maybe it's the chemical reaction to my skin and usually it's normal for the skin to be bright pink. However she told me to avoid the sun and wear sun block. She told me that it will take a week or more for the skin to go back to its natural colour. She then gave me a cream to apply for the pink skin. The cream will be shown in the picture which I have uploaded. I am just wondering if usually after that peel I did, will the skin usually be like that? As in bright pink? I am brown skinned and it's super hard to cover those pink spots on my face. I am super paranoid! Please advise me.


I know you mentioned it was a low % peel, but do you happen to know specifically what kind of peel was used?

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I just found out that its a 20% glycholic peel.

This is the cream for the pink skin which my skin...

This is the cream for the pink skin which my skin doctor gave me.


Anyone done enerpeel . My doc recommends it for the lines near my eyes . Feeling skeptical. Anyone done this peel and what is the result ?
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hey did u peel the scab or did it fall on its own??? keep your skin moist ..... and dont rub or scrub while cleansing or applying cream:P .....
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Yes it's normal. I did a darker deeper peel on myself and yours will heal. I drink lots of water keep peel washed and moist ..lthats the secret. I was also scared cause my family couldn't believe it would come out. Neosporine thru out the day..I've done five deep peels in one yr. my skin is great
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