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Recently Developed Melasma - Day 1 - Singapore

I just turned 40. Single. Childless. I have...

I just turned 40. Single. Childless.

I have recently developed melasma on my right cheek. I suspect that it could be due to the oral contraceptive pills that I started a year ago.

After some research, I have decided to go for Cosmelan. Even though it is costly, but the reviews from here and friends made up my mind.

Visited the doc this evening at 7pm. Did the usual and was instructed to leave the mask on for at least 8hrs or longer if I wanted. It was painless, maybe a bit go tingling sensation after an hour.

Just removed C1 mask after 8 hours. Decided not to leave it on longer.

Face appears red especially around cheeks area as doc applied thicker coat on it.

Skin feels tight and dry.

Since its 4am, decided to wait till tomorrow to apply C2.

Will update again in another 12 hours.

Apologize for not updating earlier. Am not very...

Apologize for not updating earlier. Am not very satisfied with the result. I was just told by another friend that Cosmelan should be followed with laser treatment for best results.

It has been over a month since I had the Cosmelan done.

I keep having rashes and redness on my cheeks since day 3. Had to stop Cos 2 a few days to wait out the rashes.

Will update again if there's any sign of improvement.
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Hi blessed one... I'm sorry that ur treatment didnt work.. I had cosmalen a week ago. I still have redness and my skin looks burnt! there is peeling but not as much az day 3-5. I still can't go out in public aa I look deformed! did this happen to u? when do u get back to normal? thank u
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Hi Raya, i started going out from Day 4 with flaky skin.. Skin looked red for a few weeks. I have reduced the frequency of C2 as I think my skin doesn't like it as it causes patches of rashes on one cheek. Maybe you would like to reduce C2 usage for now?
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Hi blessed one.. I'm using the c2 once at night since day 4. Now my skin looks like its burnt, dark/purpulish and red. Its day 7 now.
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It took about 5 days for peeling and redness with me. it continued for few weeks, but not too bad. I think you may need to decrease C2. My MD told me to use it one a week from the get-go, not 3 times a day. It would be too much drying. Good luck!
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Yes Raya, you should reduce C2 to once a day or alternate day. Use your discretion to increase or reduce the usage. Have you gone back to your doc for a review yet?
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Yes I did yesterday and was told that everything is normal. Waiting air the results *fingers crossed*
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My Dr told me to use the c2 once at night only and strictly emphasised that I should not discontinue using it... I'm better now and hoping that by the end of the week I'll get my face back..
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I am glad that they told you to reduce the C2 to once a day. I just had my 2nd follow up. I am happy to say that cosmelan works for me and it made a huge improvement. I was told to use C2 for another 2 weeks than I should stop for few weeks(drug holiday). I am kind of scared tha if I stop, it will come back, but I should follow MD's instructions. Did your MD tell you to do that?
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How are you doing, blessed one? Would love to hear an update from you either way. :)

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I had it done since 23rd of August. I went back for follow up after two weeks. I supposed to have the C1 touch up. but due to my face still a bit red. MD is holding it off for now. As far as melasma, it is lighter, few shades, but not completely gone. I actually don't expect it will be all gone. will update after the touch up. Melasma better, yes, but completely gone, no.
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I just made an appointment to go back for review. I should have done it earlier. I will request for a touch up on the melasma area. Will update on the result in another few weeks.
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Hi Blessed One

Do you feel dry when using the C2? my skin is fleaky and dry. but the MD told me to continue using it and also not to use the Vitpak cream. He told me to use C2 for another 3 weeks, then have to take a medicine holiday because it has hydroquionin in it. Well, cetain areas of my melasma are better than the others on my face. But, overall still not ideal for me. :(. you saw your MD yet and have the touch up? hope you have better news.
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Hi Toman, yes dry, itchy, sensitive and flaky. I slap on Factor K and moisturising sunblock religiously. Visited Doc two days ago. He touched up with C1 and IPL on a spot. That spot is red and itching now. Will update on the progress in another couple of weeks.
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I AM getting it done this Thursday the 23rd. Did it work for u? I will be spending a thousand us dollars too.

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It didn't work on my melasma, apparently I have to be more patient. We'll see.. in another couple of months.

Currently, the entire face is paler and cheeks area is rosy. I do not wear much makeup and just hope that the melasma will fade eventually.
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How's yours? Hope it works for you?
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I hope the treatment works well for you. Please keep us updated.

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