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So far so good, I'm 11 days post op permalip 4mm...

So far so good, I'm 11 days post op permalip 4mm implant in upper lip only.
I was soooooooo swollen not just around my mouth, but around my cheeks, nose and jaw, I looked like I had jowls, I've seen pictures on here that do no justice to how swollen I was, I couldn't talk properly for a week,or open my mouth, brush my teeth, eat properly, at day 10 I started to have more movement and at day 11 I'm almost back to normal, can smile, eat,laugh,talk,although things do feel a little restricted. I think once I start the exercises things will be good. At Day 6 I popped a suture in the corner of my lip which has left a small hole and ball of tissue inside the corner of my mouth that hopefully resolves as I continue to heal.
My sutures have dissolved now, so I will start the lip stretching with the okay of my surgeon in a couple of days.
The swelling has resolved with symmetry. I bruised a lot, but I'm a bruiser. The fullness is quite subtle, I hope it doesn't go down to much more. It does feel hard from the inside when I touch it.
I will update with more info as I go.

2 weeks post op

Loving the look. Will start stretching exercises today. Slight bruising still, easy to cover with make up. Can't pucker, can't make duck face, but other than that can make all my usual expressions. Implant is symmetrical at this point. 4mm size is nice and looks natural but if it gets smaller, would consider 5mm.

5 weeks post op

I'm fairly happy with the results, the 4mm implant in upper lip only, has provided more augmentation than I expected, it hasn't gone unnoticed, I like the look, other than it still looking a little unnatural and ducky, not sure if its because my mouth movements are still abit stiff but people seem to see that something is a little off, also looks unnatural when I'm eating. The ball of tissue where my suture popped has completely healed, seems the implant has maintained its symmetry.
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I'm 5 days in and I am incredibly bruised and swollen!Glad to know there's someone else!
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Hey tennesseegreeneyes totally normal, at 5 days I was wearing a scarf around the entire bottom half of my face if I dared to leave my place and venture into public. In about a week that should be much improved and then onto the next phase of healing lol. I think its a good 2 months until everything is back to normal, right now I'm in the stiff when talking animation phase of healing, I can tell that people can see that somethings a little off. I hope that gets better in the next few weeks, everyones different though.
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Your lips look Gorgeous I hoped the 4mm worked for you well. I had my upper lip implant three days ago so I have awhile to go before I see the final result, but so far it looks good. I am concerned that when the swelling goes away that there will only be a subtle difference and might want the 5mm if it is too. If you can post more pics that would be Great and helpful as well. :) Kate
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Hi KateFd, I haven't posted any pictures for privacy reasons, but thanks! Lol. Anyway just a little over 3 weeks post op and pretty happy with 4mm given that its only in my top lip, I think 5mm would be to much, but only time will tell. Some of my mouth movements are still a little restricted, hopefully with time it gets better, like I look quite strange when I eat, and making kiss face or puckering is not happening yet, also if I try to rub my lips together as one does after I put lipgloss on, well I can't. Glad your happy with yours and you look like you healed nicely and quickly!
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Hi plasticdoll, I am glad you are happy with the results this far. I wasn't sure whether to go with the 5mm or 4 but you know I do think the 5 is going to look fake for me, but once the swelling is completely gone I will know forsure. Sometimes when I am talking I notice that I am still have a little bit of trouble, I guess it's from the swelling, and I can't drink through a straw yet so I understand what you mean by restrictions. I think you still have a good bit of swelling, it sounds like to me, and that the nomal will return soon. I hope it does for you. :) I do wish I could see pics but I do understand, I am not sure if it was wise for me to post any pics. Do you think if I get my lower lip done that it's going to over power the upper lip? I am just getting opinions as I go. Thanks!! Kate
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Hi KateFd, I think if you get the bottom one done it would be good, but I would wait, because its a couple of months until all the swelling is gone to judge the final result of the top, the good thing about doing the bottom is it would lengthen it, at the moment my top seems longer than my bottom if that makes sense, it looks like that may be the case for you too? But you look like you have healed really well so far. If you do the bottom maybe you could do the larger size in both, apparently once the tunnel is there its easier to replace with the larger size. Depends what you want, its still early so I'd give it some time if I were you :)
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I think you're right on it. Yes. My bottom lip is already much bigger then my top so I was thinking 4 on the bottom and 5 on the top. I am definately giving it more time to see but I was already going to get the lower one in October. Thanks for your thoughts. :)
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Thanks for starting your story! It sounds like you are on the mend. Would you consider posting photos (even of just your lips)? Pictures are super helpful for others considering lip implants.

I truly hope you love your results once you are all healed. Please keep us posted. :)
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