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Facelift and Lower eyes, 53 yrs old Sydney -Australia

Like some that are unhappy with an area/part of...

Like some that are unhappy with an area/part of their body, too big, too lumpy, too flabby, too small etc, we go on a roller coaster ride of, will I, shall I, no I better not, yes I will, no I won't, I'm scared, no I'll be brave.
Well for me it's a FaceLift i'm having done, those saggy jowls arghhh I have finally booked my surgery in Sydney, I live in Brisbane so it means I will be staying in a hotel for about 12 nights.
I have been thinking about doing this for a couple of years now and in the last 12 months I have been doing loads of research. I was going to Thailand to have it done, then I was going to Mexico, then USA and even thought seriously, very seriously about Malaysia. I had made enquires and was so ready for Thailand it wasn't funny.
I saw a highly qualified Dr up here in Brisbane that was actually recommended to me by a lady that had had a FaceLift so was able to see the results which were excellent but still I kept searching.
My searching led me to Dr Warwick Nettle, I had to wait a full 6 months just to have a consultation with him but that gave me plenty of time to research him. I truly believe that I have chosen the right Dr and even though going oversea's or having the surgery here in my home state would of been cheaper for me I want exceptional results and I know I will get them with Dr Nettle.

Less than 2 weeks to go

Feeling Nervous and Excited about my Face Lift!

Today's the day

I'm up early and have to be at the hospital at 6.45am.
Went to see Dr Nettle and talked through the whole process about today. He was very informative and easy to speak with. I then met with his Nurse and we went through all the medications, the do's and don'ts and so on. My husband is with me so I'm feeling happy I have the support.

First morning

Well this is how I looked the very first morning in the hospital and must say I was feeling a little sorry for myself, I was feeling like my head was a really heavy and my neck felt so tight.
Dr Nettle came into see me and said the whole thing went like clock work and I would be feeling a lot better by the afternoon and he was right.

Back at the hotel Day2

the staff at Bondi Private hospital were so lovely to me, they really couldn't do enough
My husband picked me up and we went back to the hotel were I will be for the next 2 weeks.
The thing I really dislike is the drains in my neck, it actually hurts but panadine is helping with the pain and also taking other medications

Day 3

We we're able to go for a drive today so I was covered in a hat and scarf an went to a really quite coffee shop. It was nice to get out.
The drains are driving me mad I really hate them it just makes the sides of my head were they go in ache, but hooray they are coming out tomorrow (friday)
One little thing for me is its sort of difficult to eat as you really can't open your mouth the wide and have to squash things down on the fork so you can get it in your mouth.

Day 5/ 2 Nov 2014

Feeling pretty good, I wouldn't say great but a lot better than I have. One thing for sure, and I have read all the ladies comments about the swelling and just sort of brushed over it, Why I don't know, but i did.
I think the swelling is the worst for me personally, it sort of feels like you've been "flogged up" through the ringer, puffy, sore, tight, face feels hard etc.
But I'm truly not complaining... Dr Nettle rang me yesterday (sat) morning to check in with me, what a lovely thing to do, its such a simple little thing but makes you feel cared for.
I have been putting my ice packs on my eyes intermitently and that soothes and Im wearing a little head/chin wrap which I don't mind either.
Sleeping is on and off at night as I tend to nap during the day.

Day 7

Well I have just come back from having the most wonderful and helpful massage on my neck and shoulders. Dr Nettle's fee includes 3 wonderful massages with Evonne.My neck has been so stiff and sore and she really gave me some relief.
Sleeping is ok, kind of on and off but really don't want to take any more of the medications I was prescribed.
I feel like I have a really fat hard CAT FACE, I saw the Dr on Monday and he gave me some simple massage movements to do on my face which I think helps.
I also got the staples out on Monday but still have some stitches in so they will be out by Friday.
All in all feeling happy and just letting things happen without concerning myself there are lumpy bumpy bits.

14 Days Post 12/11/14

Well we have been home from Sydney for about 4 days now and its so nice to be home.
I'm feeling pretty good, but still have a huge amount of swelling and quite a hard face in some parts of my cheeks. Each morning I do notice little subtleties that are softening up.
I'm taking each day as it comes and not stressing about a thing. I have complete confidence in the end result. I really do!
My ears are looking great on the outside re scarring but the back of my ears it feels a little crusty along the scar line so trying to keep that clean every morning and night time.
Still sleeping sort of elevated to try and help the swelling decrease.
Will be flying down to Sydney again to see Dr Nettle on the 17th Dec

16 Days post 14th Nov 14

Going pretty well, although very numb around my ears, sort of massaging them a little to try and get a bit of blood flowing. Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing! Still a few little bumps and bruises but really not concerned about that.
Behind my ears and along the scar line I still have little scabby bits so really keeping that clean.
The swelling is annoying to say the least and I'm keeping well away from salt and dairy. I'm still sleeping slightly elevated also.
A slow road for some.

3 weeks post op 19 Nov 2014

My face feels a lot softer around my cheeks albeit still a little hard so that gives me loads of encouragement. Both sides of my face near my ears are smooth and quite hard, sort of a weird feeling, almost like its marble. Ears are looking really good and the crusty scabs behind them are nearly gone. Im still feeling really swollen, and can't wait until the cheek bone area is back to normal. I guess the heat in Brisbane doesn't help much.
I'm trying very hard to stay away from salt and think thats helping and Im still sleeping with 2 pillows propped up, anything to help the swelling go down. I have one little bruise under my eye thats just wants to hang around but sunglasses hide it.
Im feeling really happy about things and have looked back on other reviews and know we are all in the same boat experiencing the same sort of things
Sydney Plastic Surgeon

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