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Facelift and Lower eyes, 53 yrs old Sydney -Australia

Like some that are unhappy with an area/part of...

Like some that are unhappy with an area/part of their body, too big, too lumpy, too flabby, too small etc, we go on a roller coaster ride of, will I, shall I, no I better not, yes I will, no I won't, I'm scared, no I'll be brave.
Well for me it's a FaceLift i'm having done, those saggy jowls arghhh I have finally booked my surgery in Sydney, I live in Brisbane so it means I will be staying in a hotel for about 12 nights.
I have been thinking about doing this for a couple of years now and in the last 12 months I have been doing loads of research. I was going to Thailand to have it done, then I was going to Mexico, then USA and even thought seriously, very seriously about Malaysia. I had made enquires and was so ready for Thailand it wasn't funny.
I saw a highly qualified Dr up here in Brisbane that was actually recommended to me by a lady that had had a FaceLift so was able to see the results which were excellent but still I kept searching.
My searching led me to Dr Warwick Nettle, I had to wait a full 6 months just to have a consultation with him but that gave me plenty of time to research him. I truly believe that I have chosen the right Dr and even though going oversea's or having the surgery here in my home state would of been cheaper for me I want exceptional results and I know I will get them with Dr Nettle.
Are you scheduled for your procedure next week? Here I am talking about my experience but you are less than a week away from your own. You will have a remarkable outcome … facelifts are far less complicated and less risky than a Thigh Lift. You're adorable already, but the outcome will be really refreshing. You actually look very much like one of my sisters - not my nurse sister, but another sister of mine who lives in British Columbia. Thank you again for helping me get through my PO body blues. :) Keep us posted on your progress.
So excited for you...I too am in the same boat thinking of going for a face lift with rhinoplasty as an add on in Thailand or USA but definitely hoping to find a good doctor closer to home in NSW. Can't wait to see your pictures after your op on the 28th Oct which I am sure will be really good.
Hello Sch53, I am so glad to hear about another Brisbane patient! I saw Dr Nettle today, and am scheduled for December 20 (face life, nose, neck). I will also have to stay in Sydney for 12 days or so. I am now going thru the yes, no, etc. Worried about scarring etc. The cost is rather more than I thought, bu that is not the real issue. I sort of wish it was just over with! I wish you well, and I hope that you will continue to post about your transformation.

Less than 2 weeks to go

Feeling Nervous and Excited about my Face Lift!
You must be excited! Do you have any photos of your face before the jowls happened?
Almost time for your surgery...it will be here before you know it! Keep us posted! Lilygirl
Sydney Plastic Surgeon

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