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Facelift and Lower eyes, 53 yrs old Sydney -Australia

Like some that are unhappy with an area/part of...

Like some that are unhappy with an area/part of their body, too big, too lumpy, too flabby, too small etc, we go on a roller coaster ride of, will I, shall I, no I better not, yes I will, no I won't, I'm scared, no I'll be brave.
Well for me it's a FaceLift i'm having done, those saggy jowls arghhh I have finally booked my surgery in Sydney, I live in Brisbane so it means I will be staying in a hotel for about 12 nights.
I have been thinking about doing this for a couple of years now and in the last 12 months I have been doing loads of research. I was going to Thailand to have it done, then I was going to Mexico, then USA and even thought seriously, very seriously about Malaysia. I had made enquires and was so ready for Thailand it wasn't funny.
I saw a highly qualified Dr up here in Brisbane that was actually recommended to me by a lady that had had a FaceLift so was able to see the results which were excellent but still I kept searching.
My searching led me to Dr Warwick Nettle, I had to wait a full 6 months just to have a consultation with him but that gave me plenty of time to research him. I truly believe that I have chosen the right Dr and even though going oversea's or having the surgery here in my home state would of been cheaper for me I want exceptional results and I know I will get them with Dr Nettle.


Hello Sch53, I am so glad to hear about another Brisbane patient! I saw Dr Nettle today, and am scheduled for December 20 (face life, nose, neck). I will also have to stay in Sydney for 12 days or so. I am now going thru the yes, no, etc. Worried about scarring etc. The cost is rather more than I thought, bu that is not the real issue. I sort of wish it was just over with! I wish you well, and I hope that you will continue to post about your transformation.
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sch53 I can so relate to your review; the constant changing of our minds and I still might, but then again I will never feel good about my face either and jowls are just not an option!! All of us over a certain age, usually over 50 all have the same issues with our faces. We feel the same urgency as you. :)
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Sch, you are beautiful before your surgery. I am 2 months post and doing well. I'm 65 and wished I had the surgery earlier. Sydney is a beautiful city. My husband and I visited there many years ago. Stayed at a hotel where from our room we looked out at a bay. Around the corner, were many shopping stores...especially, a nice grocery store. Time will fly, and your surgery date will be here. This site has been extremely helpful. Keep us posted. Lilygirl24
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Less than 2 weeks to go

Feeling Nervous and Excited about my Face Lift!


Almost time for your surgery...it will be here before you know it! Keep us posted! Lilygirl
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