Not Worth the Risk, Really

I had my implants in 1995 - All in all has been a...

I had my implants in 1995 - All in all has been a good experience. But no one plastic surgeon in the world has the decency and the ethics to inform you that ALL -according to a number of researchs- implants will eventually rupture and will contaminate your body: silicone is not "inert" when it comes to the brain and the liver, and can produce a number of conditions that are irreversible.

I would really like to have them removed but Im frightened that my breasts will look horrible after that. When I got them I was 27, a bit immature and naive, now Im 41 and dont want to risk my precious health just for having a nice "pair of boobs". Very well documented research found that implants produce harmful effects on the body in the long term and should I had all the information by then, I would have never got them... Make your research before gettin implants, investigate about serious research and dont read just the web pages of plastic surgeons.

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