Not Worth the Risk, Really

I had my implants in 1995 - All in all has been a...

I had my implants in 1995 - All in all has been a good experience. But no one plastic surgeon in the world has the decency and the ethics to inform you that ALL -according to a number of researchs- implants will eventually rupture and will contaminate your body: silicone is not "inert" when it comes to the brain and the liver, and can produce a number of conditions that are irreversible.

I would really like to have them removed but Im frightened that my breasts will look horrible after that. When I got them I was 27, a bit immature and naive, now Im 41 and dont want to risk my precious health just for having a nice "pair of boobs". Very well documented research found that implants produce harmful effects on the body in the long term and should I had all the information by then, I would have never got them... Make your research before gettin implants, investigate about serious research and dont read just the web pages of plastic surgeons.

I am so sick and tired of reading statements from these so called educated doctors on the safety of breast implants. I had silicone gel implants put in under the muscle in 1988. I was told then that they are absolutely safe and would last my lifetime. I also returned to the doctor who did my implants in 2000 after the big scare regarding all the bad publicity about implants and the harm that they could do. My surgeon told me he would remove them at no cost but assured me that they were 100% safe even after 12yrs. and I had nothing to worry about so I decided to do nothing.

I had my annual (1 yr. late) mammogram about 2 weeks ago and was told that I needed an ultrasound due to the fact that both sides looked like they had ruptured. Yes, lying on the table I could see for myself that they had both ruptured and I was told that they had leaked through the capsule and into my lymph nodes. After going to see a surgeon regarding the removal, I was told several things that I was never told before regarding implants. I understand that after years of science, new materials, etc. that newer and better implants are available but wasn't this the same statement that was made back in 1988?

My health started to go down hill about 2-3 years ago. I thought it was just my age (53 then)and stress. I would have burning sensation in my breast, shortness in breath, flu like symptoms all the time, fatigued and within the last year my eyesight has really changed. I went to doctors, had blood work done, went to eye doctors and nothing was ever found. I even had mammograms. Everyone said I was fine and was told it was because I was just getting older. Well, I know my body was trying to tell me something.

I have researched several websites with testimonials from women who have had ruptured implants and they too have had the same symptoms. Thankfully, most of these women have regained their health after having them removed but unfortunately not all of them. I hope that after my surgery next month, that I too will be one of the lucky ones!

So, for all you Doctor's and women out there who say that implants are safe, don't need to be replaced every 10 years. aren't linked to any other disease, that silicone is safe once it breaks through the capsule...........DON'T KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!

Thousands of women including myself are living with and through this nightmare. I am not trying to capitalize on this or sue anyone but I am DISGUSTED that women aren't being given the complete truth about implants regardless if they are silicone or saline. We need to know the facts and the truth so women can make an educated decision on weither to have implants put in or weither to have them removed but stop telling us that there is nothing to worry about when our lifes are at stake!!!
Jessie if you had done your research and ask any PS there is no evidence that proves that implants cause autoimmune diseases and there is no evidence that PROVES that it doesn't! Therefore it is INCONCLUSIVE. Even my Allergan info booklet talks about this and I am sure Mentor does too. So where better to get this info than straight from the implant companies???
Oh and if you did your research you would see that most of these studies are funded by the implant companies. And even if implants are 100% safe it is still a foreign object in your body that your body can react to.
And YES you are right really do need to make sure your input is valid....which if the extent of your research is only looking up 2 websites and that is it than you need to realize you don't know what you are talking about.
I wished I would have read this posting before I had my surgery done but I didn't even know about this site at the time.
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