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I had silicone buttock injection and I want to...

I had silicone buttock injection and I want to have it removed. I have what appears to be grandulomas on my thighs and I feel an uncomortable sensation in my legs especially my left leg. I was very young and still am, and I do not want to live with this forever. How would you advise me to proceed with this issue? Please let me know. Thank you

Updated on Aug 21, 2009
I feel it improve the roundness of my buttock and made it look very natural. I was young and dumb to say the least and wanted to have a more voluptuous body.

Is there non-surgical treatment options for treating granulomas? What are the risk of granulomas?


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I havent gotten any injections done but I just want to share my mothers story for those of you who are debating between getting these injections or not. First and foremost, ladies, you are all so brave for coming on here and sharing your stories. I just recently found out my mother did this to herself 10 years ago. She has kept this secret for 10 years without telling anyone except my aunt who did jt with her at the same time. At first she didn't have any symptoms and her buttocks actually looked normal. 5 years later, her nightmare (as she calls it herself) began. She began to experience horrible leg pains, butt pains, and bumps on her buttocks due to the poison she had injected. She dealt with the pains and bruises and bumps for 5 more years by doing plasma treatments which alleviated some of her pain but not all. About a week ago she finally had to go into surgery, which is when she told me about what she had done incase something went wrong, I felt my heart shatter at that moment. A piece of skin on her buttocks became completely deformed and scarred. The surgeon says the skin was completely dead and the best thing to do is remove it. I felt numb, and angry that she would do something so crazy to herself since she was always and always will be perfect to me. Now I am slowly understanding and researching but the more I read, the more scared I am for my mom. These injections are poison ladies. I congratulate any and all of you that are brave enough to go through surgery to at least get some of the product removed. For those of you who aren't sure or are scared, you aren't alone. I feel as if people are not educated enough about what these injections can truly do. I personally plan to tell my moms story whenever I can to encourage anyone who is planning on having this done, to think twice. Everybody makes mistakes, how you handle things after is what really counts! Keep strong ladies.
whats the appropriate amount to undergo each time for but & hip injections with silicone.
And can you get both procedures done at the same time. Also did silicone make your butt hard. I know that question was kind of personal but I need answers from someone that had this procedure done. I about to get shots soon and need answer. The person administering them uses hydrogel and silicone. Which ever one is preferable. Im kinda of scared because like you said earlier you have to know the person and there work.
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It looked great in the beginning and I mean it still does, but I am uncomfortable with it - I realize what a stupid decision it was and I just want a new start. I dont want to have medical complications if I can avoid them.

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