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I'm a 46 yrs.old male, living in Saudi Arabia. I'm...

I'm a 46 yrs.old male, living in Saudi Arabia. I'm a severe case of crowding, both upper and lower jaw. Treatment will take 55 aligners. I am presently on the 17-th. Up to now, no surprises, teeth movement as expected.

Inconveniences - as expected, tolerable pain and discomfort during the first 48 h of a new aligner, increased attention and time allocated to hygiene, very slight lisp - almost unnoticeable.

I am basically posting this just to show that even severe cases can be treated with Invisalign...well, it's been working as expected during the first third of the treatment - later we'll see. I would like to have some feedback about Acceledent, if anyone tried it...
I will post the simulations, and maybe even some pics.

Wow, 55 trays sound like a lot, but I suppose that is to be expected when there are a lot of changes to be made. I'm glad to hear things have been going pretty smooth for you. Are you pleased with the way the simulated end results look?

Yeah, 55, maybe the longest set of initial trays I've heard about ;-)...anyway, the simulated end result is not 100% what I want...but let's have the bulk of the work done and when time comes I'll talk to the doctor about the alternatives...I wonder, what is the amount of refinements included in the price...also having in mind that I paid quite a lot...

I would encourage you to ask your doctor about whether the refinements are included in the price or not. It seems they usually are, but perhaps things are different since your case had so many trays.

Here is a Q&A where the doctors do mention the costs of refinements:

After Doing Full Invisalign Treatment, What Does It Mean to Need a "Refinement"?


So I'm in the middle of trays 20/55, everything...

So I'm in the middle of trays 20/55, everything goes smooth, nothing unpleasant, actually I'm amazed how accurate the simulations have been. I guess oral health is a big factor, mine is quite OK...
My ortho is usually giving me 5 sets of trays at a time, no hassles.
I'm going to post some more pics.
Yes, 55 trays does seem a lot - I thought I had a lot with 43, plus I would expect some refinements on top of that! I am up to #14 and I have been using Acceledent since the beginning. My orthodontist feels it is working effectively, though it is very expensive; I hope it has good resale value! I have been very happy with my progress to date, though because I now have a growing gap in the front I feel a lot more comfortable with my trays in than with them out! I will eventually get an implant to fill that gap but I have a lot more aligners to go first.
Great to hear Acceledent is working effectively !! So, do you change your trays faster than every 2 weeks?
Yes, I have been changing every 7-10 days depending how well the trays are fitting. I don't know if I will be able to stay at that rate, I will be guided by my ortho on that. She is happy with my progress so far having been very sceptical about the device at the outset. I have read that some Acceledent users have found the device useful for alleviating the discomfort of new trays but I can't say I've noticed any difference, not that I've had a great deal of discomfort at any stage. I do feel my trays fit more snuggly at the end of the 20 minute cycle, so I figure they must be working more efficiently. I don't find it intrudes on my daily activity at all as I can still do housework, read the paper, watch TV, check emails etc while I'm using it. I have seen a couple of online articles by practitioners suggesting that the same result can be achieved by the use of an electric toothbrush, but I haven't yet found any journal articles or clinical trials to support this idea. I have found that the electric toothbrush and water jet flosser have improved my overall oral health so perhaps that is the foundation for that recommendation.

Trays 29 - All as expected

Word of Caution

If your molars/premolars have to move significantly, there is a possibility your bite will be thrown off. This is what happened to me, now none of my molars touch their corresponding opposites, my bite is stopped by the premolars. So I basically can't chew properly and I can't grind the food. I suspect this gave me some stomach issues although I can't be sure. Talk to your doctor ! I had to significantly change my diet - on the softer side - due to this.

Added Projected end Result - Lateral View Pic

I've just passed the halfway mark and I'm very satisfied...Yeah I have 55 trays on the basic set !! The refinements will likely be extra...although if the simulation is accurate I won't bother...unless the bite still bothers me...

Reached 33/55

There is continuous improvement. My bite(actually my chewing) is still waaaay off, I'm increasingly impatient, but the Clincheck says there's still lots of movement to come, so nothing to do for the time being. I feel things are under control and the appearance is steadily improving.

Adding the simulation of trays 33/55 according to Clincheck, for comparison...

Hi!  Are you nearing the end of treatment now?  And did you ever decide to use AcceleDent?

Sorry to hear you are getting impatient. I can understand why that would be. 33 trays is a long way to go, but really in the scheme of 55 trays its just a little over halfway. I'll be hoping your bite starts to feel better for you!

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