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Anxiously Awaiting TT for Birthday Present - Shreveport

I am a 32 year old mom of two healthy, beautiful...

I am a 32 year old mom of two healthy, beautiful kids (5 & 3). They did leave me with a less desirable tummy and stretch marks. I have lost all my baby weight plus a little extra. i have been wanting a tummy tuck for 2 years, but i also wanted to make sure that we weren't going to have anymore children. Three weeks ago my husband had a vasectomy and hopefully by Jan 1st, I will have a new belly and a bladder lift. I have a very physical job and lift boxes, but the PS and urologist i chose both said that I should be able to go back to work 6 weeks after surgery. My birthday is the end of December, so a TT is my Christmas/birthday/Valentines/Easter/Anniversay gift for the next 5 years :-) My husband is very supportive about me having this surgery. He is happy with my body but he knows I'm not and he wants me to be happy.

So, my journey will soon begin and I am sooo very excited! This web site has helped me alot. To read about all these ladies and the experiences (the pain, the beautiful bellies, the support) has helped me make my decision.

Hi all! It has been quite awhile since I have...

Hi all! It has been quite awhile since I have written, and alot has happened. I had to put off my TT due to my job and I wanted to lose more weight so I can get the best possible outcome. In Febuary, my mom passed away unexpectedly, and she was as excited for me to have this TT as I was, because she knew it would make me happy. I have lost 18 pounds since December and have about 10 more I REALLY want to lose. I am 5'3 and 143 lbs. Hopefully in May, I will be closer to my goal weight and go meet the PS again, put down my deposit and "roll on." I will post more as my weight loss continues and definetly when I pick the date. I hope that all of you have a great Easter!
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Hi Anglea! I am 14 days PO. So happy for you. I am more than 20 years older than you and I think how much happier I would have been if I could have had my TT after my children were born more than 26 years ago. Still glad that I have finally done it. The ladies here are sooooo helpful.
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Hi Angela.... when is your surgery scheduled? Congrats on the big decision. You have come to the right place. These women are amazing! I am scheduled for my TT and breast lift on Dec 28th and I am scared out of my mind. BUT I am equally as excited! Hope to see some pics soon... best of luck and please keep us posted.
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Hi Angela,  what a nice present to yourself.  You will be very glad you did it. 

Having a supportive hubby is also extremely helpful.  I couldn't have done it without mine!  He was my nurse 24/7 for the first week post op.  I think I wore the poor man out  though!   I was a bit like getting up with a new born five times a night.  He did that too when our son was a baby but it has been 18 years so he was out of practice. 

Will you be posting before and after pictures?  It is fun to see the changes as you heal.
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Thanks for sharing with US. :) I'm glad you get to do this for yourself. Please, please keep us updated on your tummy tuck journey. Can't wait to see how it turns out. Will you have lots of help with your kids while you're recovering?

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