I have never expected that I would be getting...

I have never expected that I would be getting breast implants. I was always told that I had pretty breast. My breast were always my most favorite thing on my body. Well, after I had my baby, I lost alot of volume in the upper pole of my breast. It has made my confidence level go down to 0. What once use to be the best body part on my body, is now the one part of me that makes me self conscious.

My new post op baby breast never bothered my husband. He was always happy with my appearance. But I am unhappy with them, so I decided that I was going to go for a consult.

I went in for a consult. Everyone there was very nice. The cordinator came in and talked to me about prices and let me try on sizers and we discussed incisions. Afterwards, I met with the Dr. and he took measurements of my breast and discussed my wishes of what I would like. He was very kind. He asked me what sizes I was comfortable with during the sizing and I thought I was most comfortable with 350cc's. He asked me if I would consider 400cc's and I told him that I thought the 400cc's looked too big on me. (I don't know if I was just not use to having large breast or what not, but I felt like the 400cc's made me feel like Dolly Parton. lol )

Anyways, he said, "what about 375cc's, in the middle? Would you consider that?" And I agreed bc after all, he is the doctor. He knows more based on my measurements I'm assuming. I decided to go with 375cc's of Mentor Memory Gel implants and my incision will be under the breast fold.

My surgery is set to take place in two weeks. I am excited, but at the same time, nervous. I have never had a surgery before.I don't know how much pain I am going to experiance (even though they told me that they do a rapid recovery technique that should have me back moving around by the next day) but they also sent me Rx's in the mail, so that being said, pain has to be involved. I hope its not too bad bc I am a baby. I cried when my breast dried up from breast feeding. I am dreading the pain from the surgery... Other than that, I don't really know what to expect (as far as my results go)

Even though I thought he explained himself clearly, I still kind of feel nervous bc I don't know how they are going to look afterwards. I pretty much have gathered that your appearence depends on both the Dr.s experience and the shape/amount of your breast. I'm not worried about the Dr. part bc I done alot of research before choosing this Dr. and I know that he is highly trained and one of the best, but I just can't help but wonder what the outcome is going to look like.

I guess that since the surgery is getting closer and closer, it has me questioning myself. Asking myself if I made the right decision on size, is it going to be too small, should I have went bigger, am I going to have high profile or moderate implants ( i am going to give them a call about that) Is it going to give me enough cleavage? Ect.....I hope all turns out ok.

April 2, 2012 - 11 days til my surgery. I am...

April 2, 2012 - 11 days til my surgery. I am starting to get worried. I am wondering how long the pain is going to last for. My husband is only going to be with me for a week before he will have to go back to work. I hope I am ok when he is gone, being that we have a one year old. I hope I can care for him by myself by then. And I'm starting to freak out by looking at all of the post op photos after surgery. The swelling looks so high. How long does that last for? I'm just worried because when I dried up from breast feeding. I thought it was the worst pain I have ever experienced..I just have all of these questions. Hoping that I am prepared. My dr. says that he does a rapid recovery thing that makes most patients be able to get back to normal activity by the next day, but I'm having my doubts about that because of all of the prescriptions for meds I got in the mail from the dr. office. One for sleep, pain, swelling, and constipation....hmmm, will have to see for myself I guess..

April 3rd - 10 days til surgery Still kind of...

April 3rd - 10 days til surgery
Still kind of freaking myself out. I really need to stay off of the internet! I am concerning myself with the way the middle of my chest looks pre op, wondering if it will mess things up post of. My dr. told me that one of my breast was hanging a little lower than the other, and that it won't be a problem because he will just lower the implant on that breast a little to even them out. My Dr. seemed really excited to work on me. Kept saying that the size, shape, nipple position on me was perfect and when I pointed out the flaw in the middle of my chest he said that he is suprised that I even noticed that. I can't wait to just get the surgery over with. My thoughts are killing me...

April 4, 2012 9 days until surgery If you all can...

April 4, 2012 9 days until surgery
If you all can best describe the pain, how would you describe it? Last night I dreamed that I had the surgery and when I moved around, my chest muscles felt like I had done a really really extreme workout. I hope that is how it feels or no worse..

April 6, 2012 Exactly one week until surgery!...

April 6, 2012 Exactly one week until surgery!
Well, the nurse called me yesterday and eased my mind on somethings. She told me a bit more about after the surgery and the procedures. She said that they will rap me up in surgical tape afterwards when I had asked her if they were going to be putting me in a bra. She said that I can wear sports bras that doesnt have cup shells or underwires and said that they sell cheap ones at wal-mart. She also told me that I should start watching eachtime I use my petorial muscles so that I can get use to the movements I make that use the muscles the most to better prepare me for what not to do after surgery. No pushing, pulling, and heavy lifting. We discussed a little about size, which it kind of worried me if I chose the right size, but it should be enough for me. Alot of people say that they regretted not getting bigger than they got, but I have to avoid the dream world of it. I want to stay who I am for modesty. I don't like alot of attention on myself. But other than all of that, the nurse was really nice. I am glad that she called me. She took alot of the jitters out of me, but I am sure they will return as soon as the surgery is knocking on my door...

April 9, 2012..4 days until the surgery!...

April 9, 2012..4 days until the surgery! wow!
Been up since 3:30am. I'm starting to think about the surgery more and more each day that goes by. I'm very excited but scared at the same time. Like I said before this is my first surgery. I'm getting even more nervous as the days pass by. I should be expecting a phone call from a nurse or the Dr. if he is able to call me. I don't live that close to my PS so hopefully he can call me and maybe talk to me a little bit more about my size. I think I worry too much and the stuff online don't really make things easier. I think I am just over analysing everything like I always do :) Its really hard to tell what you are going to end up as far as size when trying to compare yourself to others pictures because everyone is shaped diferently. Hopefully someone gives me a call soon and makes me feel better about this. I feel sorry for them for having me call them all the time with questions. I hope Im not the only one lol

April 9, 2012 still four days til surgery. Read...

April 9, 2012 still four days til surgery.
Read my comment from today to see what I am talking about. Sorry I screwed my update up. I don't feel like retyping it. But I will post a picture later to let ya'll see what I would like.

April 11, 2012...2 more days! I'm starting to get...

April 11, 2012...2 more days!
I'm starting to get excited! I can't wait. Tomorrow is my birthday and we will be staying the night in Shreveport for my birthday and then in the morning I'm assuming (won't be finding out the time of surgery until the day before) I will have my surgery! I have to arrive 45 minutes before my set surgery time and I will meet with my PS again and that is when he will draw on me and go over any last minute things. I spoke to the Patient Coordinator yesterday and she really put my mind at ease about the size. She also told me that I will be getting the Mentor Moderate profile. I knew it was Mentor but didn't know the profile that I was getting. I told her that I like the high profile and she explained to me that the width of my breast and profile is why he picked moderate and if I was to go with high profile implants it would look like a couple of oranges on my chest because of how my skin, profile ect is. I told her that what ever the dr. chooses, I trust him. He is the professional after all...Anyways, we also went back over the size. I told her that I just wanted to make sure that I was going big enough and choosing the right size because the Dr. suggested me have 400cc and we ended up settling on 375cc. She asked me what sizer I felt comfortable with and I told her 350cc. She said then that is why he suggested 400cc because once placed behind the muscle, it does take away from the size a bit and they usually add no more than 50cc's to make it look the same size as the sizer that I liked. I asked her if I should go with the 400cc like he mentioned before then and she said that she thinks that I should stay where I am because he didn't write any notes about how he would have liked me to go a bigger and explained that that usually indicates that he is happy with the size we agreed on. So I went ahead and stayed where I was. I may mention it to him directly the day of surgery just to make sure that is completely correct, but I am sure his Patient Coordinator knows what she is talking about. She is really nice and has answered all my questions so far. And other than that, I'd also like to ask him what he thinks the ending result of the center of my chest would look like. Kind of have some concerns about that since I can't see much of the lines right there. Just want to get an ok that everything is going to come out as best as proportional as he can make it with my before boobies. :) Which at this point all I can go is forward now. No turning back, so I hope everything will be ok...

Already got the sports bra's and meds filled....

Already got the sports bra's and meds filled. Going to finish laundry and dishes and any last minute house chores tonight. I'm going to set up a table by my bed with my meds, creams ect. Going to bring a trashcan with me just in case I get sick in the car and some pillows for the long bumpy ride home. Comfy clothes..check. Anything else I should know ladies? Trying to get things better prepared so that it will be alot easier on me when I get home.

April 12, 2012 - The day before the surgery. Well...

April 12, 2012 - The day before the surgery.
Well tomorrow is the day. We will be going stay the night in Shreveport tonight so that we can spend a little time together for my birthday without the kids and we will be not too far from the PS office. I hadn't got a call from the nurse yet, but I got a confirmation text in that said my surgery is set for 8:30am. I'm so nervous. Last night my husband told me, "i can't believe I am letting someone cut on you" I hope all goes well. I got to thinking if something happened to me, started thinking about my little boy. I wouldn't know what to do without them. But i know that I am in good hands. :) Can not wait til tomorrow. I hope everything goes well. I will update you all tomorrow if I can. Wish me luck..

April 13, 2012 Post Operation Day First off want...

April 13, 2012 Post Operation Day
First off want to tell you all that I am doing really good. I feel great! I'm not experiencing any pain at all. Its more of a heavy feeling in the middle of my chest and if any pain, my back was hurting a little on the ride home, but the nurse said that it was probably from the compression of the surgical tape. She said that I can remove the tape on Sunday and if I see that I am getting any blisters before then from it, that I can remove it and wear my sports bra. The surgery went great. Everything was on time. The nurses and anes. tech was awesome. They made me feel so comfortable. I don't even remember passing out. I pretty much passed out and woke up in the recovery room, that is how fast things went. When I woke up, I felt so good, I sat up and even was able to help the nurse put my clothes back on. I can lift my arms up easily. I was told to do my rapid recovery technique as much as I want to and that it will make me feel better and recover faster. At first I wasn't convinced with that technique wondering if it was going to work as good as they said it would, but from a scale to 1 to 10, the rapid recovery is great! I don't think without it, I would be feeling this good. I have been taking my meds today too though, but I remember when I was drying up from my milk, I experienced worse pain than this and I was taking meds. Did not expect it to feel this good. Anyways, my cleavage looks really awesome! I hope that it atleast looks this good after the swelling goes down or when it is in final position in a bra. I will be really pleased! Any feedback ya'll want to add about that? I can't really tell how big they are going to be because of the compression of the tape and swelling. Dr said that I should look close to normal a four to five weeks to now because of my shape of breast and he thinks that I will see fast result because of that too. I can not wait to see them Sunday. Even though he said that they will look regtangler looking and crazy at first, I don't care, I want to see them. lol I kind of pulled back my tape and looked down and I can tell that my nipples is kind of pointing to the side from swelling. They are looking a little angry right now so far. :) Also, have been able to move around a lot today. Just having been lifting or doing nothing to straining. My husband is being really helpful with our little boy. I am so greatfull to have him. All in all, when I first arrived, I was really nervous to the point where I was shaking, then when I went back, I got really excited, then I got a little nervous again when they brought me back to the operating room and I had to tell my husband goodbye. But It is totally worth it all so far!

Will post some pics soon of what I got so far.

Will post some pics soon of what I got so far.

April 14, 2012 one day post op This morning I...

April 14, 2012 one day post op
This morning I woke up a little more sore than I was yesterday but not too bad. The nurse called and checked on me today. She said that my Dr said its ok for me to sleep on my stomach because it'll help stretch the muscles. Tried it last night but getting from that position was a challenge. One more day and ill get to see them :-)

April 15, 2012 PO day 3 (sorry I messed up,...

April 15, 2012 PO day 3 (sorry I messed up, yesterday should be 2 days post op)
I woke up excited this morning. I was allowed to take off my bandages today and all I can say was OMG! They are looking awesome! They still need a lot of dropping and still kind of looking regtangle in the side view. But from the front, they are amazing. i can't wait to see the final result. I will post some pics later.

April 15, 2012 3 days post op I feel a little bad...

April 15, 2012 3 days post op
I feel a little bad today. Feeling really bloated. I took laxetive yesterday so i know that I am not constipated. Still pretty swollen up top. Been hearing the bubbling noises too. Started the displacement excercises this morning. Left boobies is hurting a little on side of insistion. Insisions look good though. It's kind of like a burning sensation. This bloated feeling is bothering me the most. Hope everything.that is happening is normal..

April 16, 2012 four days post op Well last night...

April 16, 2012 four days post op
Well last night I was able to sleep on my stomach again. That was nice :-) my Dr says to try and sleep on my belly because it helps stretch out the chest muscles. I talked to the nurse today. Everything that is going on with me is normal. The little pain on the side of my breast actually feels a little worse today. The nurse said that is just my nerves healing. The soreness is going away though. Now its just a waiting game for the swelling and settling of the.implants to take place...

April 17, 2012 Five days post op This may be a...

April 17, 2012 Five days post op
This may be a little dirty, but I have to say...I had sex this morning and it was amazing! My new boobies give me so much confidence that I have been missing for way too long. Before I got them, I remember when we were together, I would look at them and it would turn me off. I was missing the fullness I use to have. This morning was great! I never thought I would love myself again :) Definally gives the sex life a boost!

April 24, 2012 one week and five days post...

April 24, 2012 one week and five days post op
Well tomorrow is my post op check up. I still have my stitches and surgical bandages covering the insistions. I am hoping that maybe he will remove them tomorrow or atleast take the tape off so that I can see how the healing is going in that area. I believe they dissolve though. I had a few moments of feeling like I popped my stitches, but I think all is ok. I believe I may have just felt myself straining too hard in that area. Its hard to take things easy when you have a child to take care of on your own. I think things will feel alot better once the stitches is out and my skin won't feel like it is tearing everytime I do something too rough. Other than that, I feel fine. Its kind of weird at first to get use to these things. I am a stomach sleeper and at first it felt like I was sleeping on top of rubber balls :) But that is slowly going away. I'm starting to feel again and I have feeling in both nipples already which is really good....Well I will let all of you know how tomorrow goes and I'll try and most some pics of me at two weeks.

April 27, 2012 (2 weeks and one day since my...

April 27, 2012 (2 weeks and one day since my surgery)
I went to my post op appt wednesday and my dr removed my stitches. So yay! no more stitches. Starting to feel better already. The insistions look really good. I took some more pics, just need time to upload them. He gave me the ok to start wearing underwire bra's. I went to Wal-Mart to do a quick bra buying session and I am thinking that I am wearing either a 36-38 D bra. He asked me to wear an underwear to keep the girls in place and to help store the quility of them so that they would last a long time because after all, one day they will drop just like normal breast bc we can't stop gravity..Hope they stay looking good for a long time. Put my bra on and I love it! Looks really good. I'm liking the way I feel my bra's out now. It use to be so empty up top. Not it is filled again :) I been using antibiotic ointment on my scars along with mederma. He asked for me to come back one month from now. He hadn't took after pics of me yet. I'm assuming that they are still dropping. I think that one of my breast is dropping before the other though bc I notice that I have less cleavage on one than the other, but its not noticable.

May 19, 2012 (One month and a week post op and...

May 19, 2012 (One month and a week post op and maybe a few days :)

Well I just uploaded some update pics. Tell me what ya'll think. Do you think I dropped yet? I can see that alot of the swelling went away. Don't know if that means that I dropped yet. Everything is going good so far other than these little pains that I get on my left breast when I am lying down. Going to ask the dr. about it though because I don't have that same sensation in my right breast. I'm sure everything is probably normal though :)

Four months post up and still thinking that it was...

Four months post up and still thinking that it was worth it. Was very flattered today when I had a comment from another user on here that she used my pics as a example to show her doctor. Thank you. That was very nice to hear :) Made my day lol here is an update on how they are today....



May 1, 2013 - 1 year and two weeks later... Well...

May 1, 2013 - 1 year and two weeks later...
Well today I went in for my one year check up. I was greeted my Dr. Holly Wall. She was very nice. She said that Dr. Wall was running late so she was going to take his place for the time being. I told her my concerns and we talked about things, but I'm here back at home feeling the same way as I did before I went there today, frustrated. Last time I updated you all things seemed to be doing good. As you can see in my four month post op photos, my breast look great. As time is going by though, and when I say time i mean (really fast cause its only been nine months later, I feel like the left breast is dropping dramatically. I can feel the bottom of the implant and it is really bothering me. I can feel little round bumps on the underside. When I lay down, thats an even different story. My breast move all the way to my armpits (which I know that is normal) but it leaves the left breast with a very deep hole in the middle/side of the breast. Its very upsetting to me. I feel self like I'm back at day one (the self conscious feeling that I had before I even had my surgery) I wish I can express the same excitement that Dr. Wall and Dr. Holly Wall expresses over my breast. I have tried explaining my concerns and all i got was, come back in six months and we will go from there. I really appreciate Dr. Holly talking to me, but imagine my frustration when I walked out the room and saw Dr. Wall standing there and he just asks me so hows things going? I told him, "Ok I guess" and he says, "Ok, are you hurting?" I said, sometimes it does. Then we go on to talking about how I spoke to his wife and thinking that since he was my doctor, he would say, "oh come back in the room and let me have a look", he didn't. Just said, Ok, come back in six months. Have all of you know that I drive four hours there and four hours back to see him. I went to him because I thought that he was one of the best, but he seems to not care too much about his patients. I don't think that I will be going back there again. I will post pics another day so you all can see the difference. Its not much of a difference looking at them while I'm in the standing position, but if I lean back or lay down or show a side profile of myself, you will see the dents that I am concerned about...sorry for my ranting, I'm just so disappointing. I thought that they would care a little more than that.
Shreveport Plastic Surgeon

Didn't answer after care because I hadn't had my follow up yet. Staff is really friendly. They treat you like they know you well. Answers your questions promply. The facility is very nice. Dr. Wall is an amazing Doctor. Does a really good job thus far as I know. He can be a little blunt sometimes but I just think that he wants to make sure things are going to be done perfectly. Just make sure you stand up straight for him during the drawing process and you will be fine. But he amazing. Knows what he is doing and cares about his patients. Dr. Wall will not operate on you if you have been smoking the last four weeks before surgery and will tell you not to smoke 3 to four months after surgery. But he is doing that for YOUR good. Smoking can rot your incisicions. I am very grateful for that because I stopped smoking for this surgery and hated the fact of it, didn't want to do it, but now because of his rules, I have been smoke free from more than three weeks. I feel so much better, and I got me a new pair of twins! :) Highly recommend this Dr. and their facility. ****Update**** His after surgery care, once you are healed is pretty crappy. I guess once they get your money, they aren't too interested in you as a patient anymore... Also, I notice that the friendliest people aren't there anymore....sucks because I loved Megan Thomas. She was awesome. Had to add this after the day that I had.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look fantastic! I, too, have 375ccs in Mentor silicone, but textured. They look similar in shape now (1 week post-op) as yours did at the same time. Praying mine drop and look as good as yours! Glad you had such great results!
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Mine did not really drop. They are still in the same place just the swelling went down on the top. I LOVE mine!!! I ended up going with 400cc. Good luck with yours! I think you are past the hard part now.
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Thanks! That's exactly what I'm hoping. They are sitting where I need them to be, but the top swelling makes their shape look awkward in shirts.
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You look great! Wonderful results! Did you ever get any resolution? Are you still having the same issues?
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I am feeling great now!! I still have a small air bubble under one but I have got used to it. The Dr said it will take quite some time for it to go away.
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Thanks so much! Your review was so helpful, thanks for taking the time to do it and to reply so quickly! You look so great!!! I'm sorry your after care wasn't as good as before, but I'm glad things are resolving for you. Would you recommend your physician after all?
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Just clicked on your profile after searching about swelling/dropping and coming across your question from ages ago. You have breast look amazing I hope mine still look that good after a year !
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Mine did not drop any. I just lost the swelling on the top. I love my girls!
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Wow! Your breasts are perfect! They look sooo natural. Go you!
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Thank you!
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I think your boobs look awesome! I am getting mine in ten days and glad I stumbled upon your profile. My current boobs look similar to your preop pics although a bit more deflated. I loved my boobs before nursing both my kids. I was naturally a 32D and hoping to go back to that. My ps also suggested just like yours 400cc (-450cc) and I was thinking 375 might be best. Can I ask your preop stats? Are you still happy with your decision to have BA? They really look great and I will show my ps your pics. I want a natural full look. Still trying to decide between HP or mod +
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Did you get them under the muscle or over the muscle?
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Looks great!! Very natural looking and perfect size for you.
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You look amazing! most natural results I have seen :) My hubby would have preferred this to the round look I asked for, but I honestly had not seen any "natural" results that look as good as yours do! congrats!!
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Thank you so much!!
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Hi! I just had mine done about 2 weeks ago by Dr. Wall Sr. I would say that my breast look great! Although, they do seem a little hasty at times. I am not sure if they don't care or if it is just so routine. I went last week for my post op and they were sooo busy and Dr. Wall Jr. had broken his finger the previous day and all the appointments were backed up and off schedule. In my post op, Sr. was an hour late bc he was in surgery with Jr.'s patient. When we finally could see me, he was in there with me for about 5 min. He ripped the tape off, clipped the end of my sutures, cracked a joke and left. I feel a little haste in their office, but hey, my boobs look pretty awsome and thats all that matters!!! Im not even mad! You shouldn't be mad either, yours look great! And shouldn't let the slight rippling bother you, you may just be critical.
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You have some of the most natural looking breasts on this site. Your surgeon did a phenomenal job....you and Dr. Wall picked the perfect size implant for your body and they look FAB.U.LOUS!!!!
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Wow! They look amazing. They dropped and healed nicely and look natural! Impressed. Dr, Wall jr is also doing mine!! he is very nice! I have mine done in June! Very excited, just hope I can get bck to working out, upper body work out, lifting and running! How soon were u able to do these things?? And tips on gettin back to working out with no complications?
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OMG! You look amazing, Your doctor did a great job! they look so natural. mine look a lot like yours. very natural, my family and friends can tell that they are implants. I wear size 34D but they do not look Like a D, they look more like C. maybe next time I will go for the DD
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sorry I meant can not LOL
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Omg they are perfect!! Congrats to you!!
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was there a consultation fee? some are free and some or not
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You look awesome. I'm scheduled for my surgery on April 5 2013! So excited. I decided to come here and compare my before breast with women. Yours are very similar to mine and they look great after surgery. Do u have any advice for healing as far as bras and locking your implant into place?
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Lawoman, I think you have the most amazing breast. I hope you don't mind, but I showed them to my doctor and told him that this was what I was looking for. Our breast are kinda the same before so I hope I'm lucky enough to look as fantastic as you do. Thanks for being a part of this site. It gives me hope that I'm doing the right thing.
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