Well I've been reading everybody post everyday all...

Well I've been reading everybody post everyday all day and all night..from my phone to my seeing the positive results, the unsure of progress, and excitement of yall journey. So let me give you a little insight of me..well I'm a mother of 5 beautiful children, married to the most supportive husband of 12 years 5"11 245 lbs (carry well have a good life, can't and my husband enjoy life to the fullness. We take a separate vacation from the kids so that we can enjoy our private times. We started talking about this procedures for over 2 years now. I was surprised how supportive he has been but then again, nothing surprieses me when it comes to him. He always put me first, regardless...and I truly love him for that...So over the years, I've gain/loss weight but no matter how hard I did cardio workout, I couldn't shed the tummy. So it was my hubby that suggested this procedure. After so much research and going to a consultation, I was like "hell yes".. It so depressing to want to look your best but have a body that doesn' WE are going for it...Yep..and I'm scared haven't brought any new clothes within the last 2 months...I'm saving all of my shopping for our vacation in June.

This website has been so helpful with all the questions and concerns...I'm 48 hrs away from this life changing event and I'M READY...

Oh I forgot..I'm having a liposuction of my hips..

Oh I forgot..I'm having a liposuction of my hips..

Well its the night before my I feel...

Well its the night before my I feel I cant explain.

Well today is the day. .hardly no sleep. Hubby...

Well today is the day. .hardly no sleep. Hubby slept awful too. The butterflies are gone. I in the car headed to the hospital. See yall on the flat side

Well I've been trying to post from my phone for...

Well I've been trying to post from my phone for hours but I've been having tech difficult. but I made it. oh my GOD I made it. ive been very sleepy and so far I'm so happy. When I tell you that I have the best husband in the whole wide world. He has been so supportive. I believe that I've fallen back in love with him 50 times over. He has been rock through this whole experience. Damn, thanks honey. Now back to my post op...well the nausea has been the worst. I've been sleeping a lot, very sore. so far the nausea is the worst. Now my hubby wants me to walk so I will come back later tonight...loading pic now

Day 2 Im feeling really well except for my left...

Day 2
Im feeling really well except for my left drain that keep bothering me against my binder butnurse hubby I taking very good care of me. Gotta love my pain pump. The pump is good for 3 days. I'm drinking plenty of water. Im not hungry but ive been eating jello n crackers to keep from getting sick from pain med. Off to sleep I go. ..happy healing. ..

Im feeling good so my wonderful hubby is taking me...

Im feeling good so my wonderful hubby is taking me home. Will post pic tomorrow without binder

Well im getting along better well. I go back to...

Well im getting along better well. I go back to the dr on Monday to have my drains removed. Only issue is gas on my stomach. stomach sounds like its at war. Hubby still the best nurse a girl can ask for

Well I went to my first post op and I got my...

Well I went to my first post op and I got my drains out. I will get my stitches out on Monday. I could have gotta get them on this coming Thursday but the drive is 2 hrs n some change. So monday it is. I slept on my side last night and have a wonderful shower. The other thang is soreness but once I walk around im good. Just get tried. Ready for my energy back. I went back to work yesterday but I only worked half a day n I work from home so its manageable. My husband has been my number 1 supportive. I tried on a sexy teddy for him this morning. ..he likes it..he likes I will post pics later today. Crazy thang I cant load from my phone. But yall need to see an update. .im so happy...

Well I had my drains taken out on Monday. Got the...

Well I had my drains taken out on Monday. Got the big ups that I can use a cg..very excited about that. Yall I put it on yesterday and Lord helps us..yall I had to cut it was too much....I was literally SOB...well once we got it off...I had way too much swelling but i shower n put on binder with padding over my scar. Well ladies I woke up n drainage everywhere. Ok im calm. Cleaned up n noticed the gauze n I was like wth. So repad n go back to normal. .next stand up..drainage is going down my legs. freaking out.. I'm alone, my binder is flooded with drainage. husband (out of town) then dr then brother. Hubby calm me down, brother is on stand by, dr is in I wait...Finally dr was too much right now. Switch my bk to hubby n fine..I put my superwoman cape on..cleaned myself washed n dried the binder, fixed my lunch put everything back on apply pressure to the little opening of my stiches took a pain med n a nape...feeling great now...I gotta post the pics..happy healing family...

Well this weekend has been ok. I got out a couple...

Well this weekend has been ok. I got out a couple of times and enjoyed the family. Still trying to find that good sleep position but overall I'm ok. Tried on a new dress that was pre TT and it looks really good on me. I'm trying to wait and be patient with the results but I know that it takes time. The swelling is the worst part of waiting. I go to the dr tomorrow to have my staples removed. I've been having some drainage in one area so I don't think that he will removal all of them which is fine. I go on vacation in June and I'm ready...Overall, I'm still happy with my results being week 2 since my surgery. Thanks for all the comments. I feels great to have such a nice and wonderful TT family on your side...Til next week..Oh I did update one pic. Next week, I 'm going up with clothes Peace :)

Today I go get my stiches taken out. Hope I can...

Today I go get my stiches taken out. Hope I can start my scar treatment. So far, I'm having a good productive day. I was able to get the kids off to school and I've been very productive at work. Enjoy your day TT family and I just post a new pic...I see the light..."Kisses"...

Hello my tt ladies. .life has been

Hello my tt ladies. .life has been complications. My only down is this swelling. .its crazy. What bothers me the most is the swelling under my breast? I hate it.. can I liposuction that? Lol. I had alot my swelling around my scar n the reason for that was my intake of powerade n garadae. Yall they are full of sodium so no more of them. I was drinking them (32 oz) 3 or 4 a day..just killing myself with sodium. Lol.

I went to a party last Saturday. Didnt dance just chilled at the bar but I must say I was stunning in my dress that wad a xlarge instead of 1 xlarge. .man it felt good to see how my husband was checking me out.

I still get tried n I listen to my body..when I get that tightness. .I go n chill. I want a full recovery.

How long for you see the results of liposuction? I think I need .

When back to work I go..I will up load a pic now


Does anybody have swelling under their breast? ...

Does anybody have swelling under their breast? I'm worried...Please advise..

Well ladies, this lady here is very happy with my...

Well ladies, this lady here is very happy with my progress. It's a patience process but I'm 150% in. I've been walking 2 miles everyday ( I'm headed when I'm finished with this), watching what I eat (haven't had sodas in 3 weeks), and just enjoying LIFE. The support that I get from my husband is unbelieveable. I know that I bugs him by constantly asking "Do you see a difference today"? lol..He's such a team player. I go for my 1 month post op (more like a month and 3 days) later next week and I'm excited to talk with my PS. My energy level is coming up. But I do listen to my body...I sit down and rest when I know that I'm pushing it...I'm sleeping great on both sides and through out the night. Well, I'm going to update a new pic. Enjoy and thanks for all the support...Kisses

This week has been uneventful. I workout everyday...

This week has been uneventful. I workout everyday with my 2 miles walk. I go to the PS next week, hopefully I can start with Zumba. I really want to use a personal trainer to get in better shape but I will be patience. I've brought another CG, from large to medium so that's good. I really don't have must to update. I'm ready for lose more weight. So enjoy your day and your flat tummy..


I know it's been a while since I've updated but things are going great. My belly surroundings are still numb. I just came back from vacation and I experienced some swelling and pains from the all day activites that I endure for 8 days all day and all night...but I enjoyed myself. I went from a xl to large in dress. I was working out but I kind of lack off a bit with working but I plan on getting back on it. My husband is still supportive and loving this body everyday...I will post pic with this post.. Love!!!
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I will be seeing Dr. Knight this month for a TT, lipo on arms, legs, and knees, and a breast lift with small implants above the muscle...I am (just turned 23) I work in EMS so a lot of heavy lifting patients regularly yikes! So scared I will "pop" an implant as I know multiple ladies in EMS who have. I'm 5'2" and 148lbs. I have had mixed reviews about Dr. Knight, what was your opinion of the work itself? I work in the medical field so I am terrified of a PE (pulmonary embolism) or surgery gone wrong, I see it regularly. Any advice of what were the best ways to keep moving as much as possible after surgery? I will be in surgery for 4 hours and out of work 4-6 week with minimal lifting when I return (ya right). Please any advice on Dr. Knight or any remedies you found useful let me know! Sorry for the long message, I'm 14 days from surgery and scared to death. Also going to miss out on trick or treating with my 2 year old but hoping the surgery will be worth it. Thanks
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You look great. You give me hope.
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Forever, looking good. Love the lil red dress. Thanks for sharing.
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You look great
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Did you have a full tummy tuck?
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Yes, i had a full tummy tuck with lipo of abdomen and flanks and a breast reduction. I will be 7 weeks tomorrow. I still have a pooch belly. Ugghh cant wait for it to go down.
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Yes I did
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yes I did.
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Yes I did
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Forever, how are you looking these days. Got any pics? I jus had my br and tt on 3 june. so im early in. I was reading your story for a while before i had mine. Jus wondering how you are feeling and looking.
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I'm good. I just came back from vacation and I experienced some swelling with all the activities and hot now the swelling has went down. I still want more liposuction but I'm still very happy.
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Hey twinkle you are coming along nicely don’t worry be patient from all the blogs I read and even the PS said it will take several months even possible a year before you see your truest results. I think you are doing the right thing by working out and that will also enhance your structure. NO more surgery talk at least until you can see your truest results. Muah have a great day on the flatside , I am coming shortly.
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I've become very patience. thanks!
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Congrats U Look Wonderful!!! I have one question. I see that you stated that you had lipo done to your hips. Did you have lipo in your stomach as well? My surgery date is June 24th and full of emotions. I am having a tummy tuck with lipo. Like you I have a wonderful husband of 15 years and he very supportive too. Thanks!!!
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No I didn't have liposuction on my stomach but he said that he will do it after I recovery a bit.
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Congrats!!! Looking great!!!
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thanks so much!
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well you my dear look FANTASTIC!!! Well done brave soul!
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I think our bellies are similar, your before and my now. I'm wondering, what's it like mentally and just day to day bit having the flap hanging there? Do you get used to it quickly? Do you not notice it's gone until you feel it or look in a mirror? Let us know when you are cleared for Zumba. I haven't had surgery yet but I'm already feeling sad about missing my classes, hip hop, ballet fusion and zumba! Boohoo! Silly me but I love the, so much that I really hope I a, cleared to go back at 6 weeks post! Excited for you and so lovely to hear how wonderful your hubby has been :)
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It is a mental challenge. When I had the stomach I never notice that I was that big. Now that I don't have makes me strive to get fit n become more sexy..for me n my hubby. But I do look at my body everyday to see any more changes. I do compare my body to others. I do want my waist to be smaller. I constantly ask myself do I need more liposuction or a revision of tt...but at theend I must be patience n keep positive. Im striving for a medium size. Thanks
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so happy to hear you are doing great and so positive...results are wonderful...
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