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I was referred by my ophthalmologist to a...

I was referred by my ophthalmologist to a oculoplastic ( may be spelled wrong ) surgeon, who specializes in oculoplastic surgery & neuro-ophthalmology. My ophthalmologist stated that just doing an upper eye lift would do no good, that the muscles in my eyelids needed to be fixed. I found out that my upper eyelids are blocking my vision. This specialist is the only one in our state that does this type of surgery. My ophthalmologist says that my insurance ( medicare and blue cross) will cover this surgery. I am unable to see unable to see the surgeon until March 20th. I am worried about the visual field exam and what it involves. My eyelids, do at times appear more droopy than at other times. Some days they look fine to me. Is this sometimes normal? I am asking for all any information in reguards to the testing and any other information. Will keep you informed on how the consulation goes. Mean while any and all information would be appreciated. I have read his reviews and found only one that complained and stated she had to wait for 3 hrs. to see him and that he was very brief and rude, she did not say what he was rude about.
An ophthalmic plastic, oculofacial, or oculoplastic surgeon is generally an ophthalmologist who has completed an additional two years of fellowship training in eyelid and periorbital plastic surgery. Patients who present with "droopy" eyelids often have an excess upper lid skin fold that falls over the lashes and interferes with superior vision. Some patients can also have eyelid ptosis in which the eyelid itself is lower than normal and interferes with vision. In these cases the muscles that elevate the lid must be gently tightened. Excess skin may also need to be excised at the same time (blepharoplasty). I always counsel patients that revisions may be necessary if the height or contour of the eyelid is not acceptable once it heals (in as much as 5% of cases). If the degree of superior vision obstruction meets certain criteria the surgery may be covered by insurance or Medicare. The surgeon will record the patient's functional complaints, take multiple photographs with the brows and forehead completely relaxed, and perform visual fields when required by your insurance carrier. Visual field tests performed to test ptosis are quick and painless. Patients often notice that their eyelids seem to be more droopy when they first wake up or towards the end of the day. This is usually because there is reliance on the forehead to lift the brows and eyelids. As the forehead begins to tire the lids will fall. After surgery patients often feel more relaxed and the brows look more natural.
Thank you for the information. You are right; I was DX with ptosis in both eyes. But, their are days they do not look droopy at all. Then other days you can see the excess skin and they do look droopy. My Ophthalmolgist was the one that told me that just an upper eyelid lift would not really help. He referred me to an oculoplastic surgeon. But can you PLEASE tell me if it is normal that some days my lids look normal and other days they look droopy? Is this going to effect the visual field test when I take it? Would really appreciate your input on these questions.
If you fluctuate widely over an hour, one minute it looks fine, and then ten minutes later it looks very droopy, especially if you also have episodic double vision, then a rare condition called myasthenia gravis should be ruled out. This does NOT sound like what you are experiencing and your oculoplastic surgeon would be able to detect this during an exam. More than likely you have good and bad days because of reliance on your forehead to see. If you are driving, looking at a computer, etc for long periods of time your forehead can get fatigued which allows your lids to fall. You would likely only appreciate that your lids look more droopy. This is seen more at the end of a long day or when you first awake. Someone relying on the forehead in this way often has visible horizontal forehead creases due to constant recruitment of the forehead frontalis muscle. Botox injections to the forehead to soften these creases can result in descent of the brows causing lid redundancy; something patients need to be counseled about when they have Botox injections to forehead rhytids.

Medically needed upper eyelid surgery

I will go on the 20th for my consult with the oculo plastic surgeon, that I was referred to. I am nervous and excited. Will let everyone know what he says about doing my surgery.

Medically needed upper eyelid Surgery

Medically Needed Upper eyelid Surgery

This is a picture of my eyes before I go to the MD that I was referred to, on March 20th for my consult. Would love to hear from anyone ; do you think I need the Upper eyelid surgery?
Yes , I do feel that it is effecting my reading, driving and increased headaches across my forehead.

Update on Medically Needed Upper Eyelid Surgry

I will go for my consulation this Thursday. I guess the doctor will do a vision field screen to see if I really need the surgery. I am both nervous and excited to find out the results. If I am in need of it , my insurance will cover it, so everyone keep your fingers crossed for me. Will up date again on Thursday after seeing MD.
Update on Medically Needed Upper Eyelid Surgery I went for my consult today with doctor Vekovius. I was ran through a battery of different eye test, had drops placed in my eyes 6 different times. Man , I have never had an eye exam to that extent ! But, YES, I do need the eye surgery. The surgery was set for April 16th. I was so relieved to get to speak with several women that had just had their eyes done a week ago. They could not rave enough about the doctor. Their eyes were NOT swollen or bruised in the eye area; but they did have a small amount of bruising sort of on the cheek area. They all said that they had no or very little bruising in the eyelid area. I am now VERY excited to go for the surgery. Will post pictures the day of surgery.

Update on Medically Needed Upper Eyelid Surery

I went and met Dr. Vekovius for my consult today. I was really put through a battery of eye test. Yes, I do need the surgery and my insurance will pay for it. The surgery is set up for April 16th. I think that is about 3 weeks away.
I also was able to meet several women that had their eye surgery 1 week ago. Man, they looked GREAT ! No swelling and a very small amount of bruising along the cheek area. All the ladies could not rave enough about the doctor. They said it was the easiest surgery that they had ever had.
So with that I can't hardly wait for my surgery date to get here. Will post pictures right after the surgery.

Medically Needed Upper Eyelid Surgery

I will have a 3 hour trip back home from my surgery. I need some advise on how I can keep ice packs on my eyes for that long. Would appreciate any advise. I know that the MD uses stiches that dissolve. I don't know if I can put anything wet on them right after surgery; if not how am I going to keep ice packs on them ?

Surgery date getting closer ( April 16th)

I am so excited. Have had all my pre-op work done; EKG and lab work and was cleared for surgery. I can't wait till the " big Day " is here. I am so excited, not nervous at all about the surgery. Have been quite busy with too many other things to even think about the surgery. Will try to post more often, I have had so many other things going on that I just haven't had time to do anything except shower and far in bed.
good luck with your surgery , it is real easy , did it 3 days ago , no pain at all .
Thanks so much. Not worried about the pain. My surgery is this coming Wed. I am just excited about it and want it to be over. I am having only uppers done, what did you have done?
LaFaughn, good luck with your surgery. May you have a speedy recovery. Lots of Ziploc bags full of crushed ice (in a portable small cooler) next to your bed or to carry with you in the car, every where you go, for the 2-3 days post surgery. :-)

Surgery this coming Wed.

I am so excited. Only a day before the " big day" yea ! Not nervous at all for some reason. Will just be glad when it is over. Thanks to everyone for all the great advise and encouragement.
Piece of cake! You'll do great. Good luck to you.
thanks so much. I have a 2 hour trip there and 2 hours back home. Surgery is at 7:00 in the morning. Have plenty of small ice bags made up and in an ice chest with ice for the trip home.

Surgery was a piece of cake

Today is Monday; had my surgery on Wednesday. No pain, very little and just a couple of small brusies . Can't see suture lines except where they are tied at the corner of each eye. They are to be removed this coming Wed. I had only the upper eyelids done, did not need any work on the bottom. They both look the same shape and very natural. No problems closing my eyes and only mim. amount of dry eyes. I am so happy that I had it done , my eyes look so rested and no longer droopy. Can't thank my doctor for such a wonderful job.

on upper eye lid surgery

My surgery was a breeze. I had only two very small bruises; which was in about a week. I returned one week to have my stiches removed by his nurse. His nurse instructed me to very gently wash my eye lids twice a day with baby shampoo and to be sure that my hands were clean before I washed my eyes. I did not have a lot of swelling. The nurse was amazed at how good my eyes looked in only a week. I think the most important thing that helped my eyes recover so quickly was that I kept ice packs on them for a week, and I slept in my recliner for 2 weeks after the surgery ( when I would try and lie down for a nap, my eyes would swell up) while continuing to keep ice packs on them off and on; rotating ice with warm heat packs after the first week. I love the way my eyes look, they are very natural looking. I will go back for my doctors visit on the 4th. of this month.
LaFaughn, are you still liking the results? Just curious as I am in east Texas not far from Shreveport. I think I may be borderline on the insurance paying. Not sure. I know I over qualify for the ski fold test. Thinking this May be hereditary?? The VA did my dad's eyes when he was about 63 or so. It's bad enough when someone took a picture the other day my husband says..... You look high..... Lol. Funny but not.
Yeyyyyy!!!!!! I'm sooo happy that everything went so well!! To use the longer makes a big difference. Glad you were able to find an Oculoplastic surgeon to help you. Take care
Shreveport Oculoplastic Surgeon

Dr. Vekovius was Super nice. He explained everything and answered any concerns that I had. I would highly recommend Dr. Vekovius to anyone in Louisiana. I had a 5 round trip drive ,but it was well worth the drive. He really knows what he is doing. Medicare paid every penny for the surgery.

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