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I decided to get implants back in the beginning of...

I decided to get implants back in the beginning of May after a trip my husband and I took to Florida. I have always had a thin model like figure and desired to be curvier. I had my breast done on December of last year with absolutely no problems so I didn't think this would be much different. I was wrong. I wish I would have done more research before I made the decision to have the surgery. The first three days I couldn't get out of bed, It was the worst pain I had ever felt in my life. After the third day the pain did reside some so that I could tip toe to the bathroom by myself without assistance. Sitting down was way out of the question. This went on for almost two weeks. When my two week check up came along I was able to walk without noticeably limping but still couldn't sit down. Dr wall checked my incision and said the stitches had dissolved and everything looked good. He also said i was ok to drive but to take it easy and try to keep pressure off of the implants. I did start driving with a donut pillow which I must say is a must but I was still very uncomfortable and swollen. Well about a week after that I woke up to my pants being wet, honestly I thought maybe I had an accident because I was still numb and couldn't feel my rear. I was so worried about the pain from the implants their selves I never thought about my incision. Well after that I noticed a small amount of drainage coming from the site so I called Dr walls office and made an appointment for the following Monday since it happened on a Friday. Well the next day my incision started bleeding. I could see directly inside my body. The incision had busted open. I called the emergency line and told Dr Wall immediately. I don't think he really understood how serious it was until he seen me. He cleaned out the incision and applied thick stitches. I had no drains when the surgery was originally done, so I think that is what caused the wound to open. After that point I started seeing him on a weekly basis. I still had drainage even with the stitches. After two weeks of the heavy stitches he took them out and there was still an inch size opening. We tried letting it heal for a week or so more by itself before dr wall added more stitches. We left those in until they pretty much fell out. I still had drainage. Around the middle of July the drainage stopped. Two weeks after that he told me I was healed. I was relieved after the horror I had just been through. Well today August 4th the inch size incision started bleeding again. I called my surgeon and he will be seeing me tomorrow. I am going to talk to him about having them removed. Even after I was told I was healed I still was thinking of having the implants removed. I am still uncomfortable and I have pains
where they attach at the top. When you touch the implant directly it's still sore. They look great when I have my clothes on but in some positions when I am nude they are very noticeable and un natural looking and very hard. Does anyone know about the recovery time for having them removed? Any feed back would be great.
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Dr. Wall treated me very well. I believe he is a great surgeon just doesn't have a lot of experience in this procedure.

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What did you end up doing? Any updated pics?
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thats implant discience - one of the most common complications reported with this procedure, and does often heal on its own. Its caused by to large of implant for the body size, so the muscle is unable to heal around the implant - there-for pushing it back out the incision. One way to reduce the chance of the complication is a small implant, or to have seperate incisions done on each cheek so the tension on one doesnt destroy the other. Have you tried hydrocholloid on the area? i think if he has stitched u up and its re-opened its definaltey to big for your muscle - some cool info
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I can't totally relate. I am 5 months post op and had my implant exposed for 4 months and 2 surgeries to close up the wound. It just kept opening up. I was about to remove them but decited to give it one more shot. It's very hard and frustrating. You are the only person Iv seen on here with a similar story to mine. Hope you are doing better now :)
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Yes only one incision and yes under the muscle.
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Did he made only one incision on your butt crack? were the implants placed under the muscle? Im so sorry this happened and hopefully you feel better...
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Your welcome. I know exactly how you feel and I just wish I never dicided to get then out. I had my implant about 1 months before removal. after removal you still going to have to lay on your stomach for about 2weeks so the new insision heal than after you heal than you will go back to normal. It would be less uncomfortable since the implants no longer there. The removal is an other procedure so you will go the same process of recovery again just less painful. ::My surgeon also said not take my implant out but at the ER they were kinda scaring me because of my fever and they kinda didnt know too much about butt implant :( ::I heard of someone else keeping their implant after their insision opened and everything went well I'm sure you will okay I will keep you in my prayers :) Keep us updated Let me know what will be your final decision.
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Well when it first happened my doctor was wanting to remove them but I actually went to see another surgeon who said they looked great and in his opinion it was too soon for removal. He had a patient do the same thing and she healed it just took longer. So now my doctor says he sees no reason to remove them unless something happenes or Im just that uncomfortable. Im just scared. I really had no idea it would be this hard but I dont think what happened to be is rare even though my doc had never experienced it. Ive read quite a few similar situations. I just want to feel better. Im going to continue to hang in here. I just want to heal.
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How long did you have your implants in before they were removed? When you had them removed did you heal and go back to normal aside from the way it looked? I have very little drainage right now, but before a couple of days ago I was supposed to be healed. Ive been on antibiotics and vitamins since the incision first came back open. I use gauze and antibiotic spray to keep it clean and covered if its draining. Thanks for your feedback. Its nice talking to someone whos been through this.
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My hemoglobin wasnt high enough before surgery it was a 10 and the normal count before surgery is 12 So it cause me some complication like fever everyday but at the Er they said I didn't have an infection so weird, they took it out cause I had constant fever. I have my implant took out 2 years ago. I have been taking iron supplement and eating healthy I really wanna try again. Do you still have drainage? How do you take care of your insision
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I went to see my doctor yesterday... he said that there is a small pin whole in the insision. I asked about having them taken out and he said after everything we have been through that its too soon. I go back to see him in 3 weeks. Why were yours removed?
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I wish everything will go good for you Hope you feel better
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Your result look great
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Hey I know exactly how you feel I think you should try to keep them. I think it's worth it I have been thru the same thing and now I want the implants back The removal made my butt look worst than it was before. Be strong listen to your doctor I wish I would have keep mime. I regret it, having them removed was a bad experience for me.
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