Life on the other side! Surgery was 8/17/13

Hi everyone!!! Ok so I'll get right too it.....

Hi everyone!!!
Ok so I'll get right too it...I've been considering a breast reduction for quite sometime now..I'd say its been about 3 years. I've always had bigger boobs than everyone I was around. I started noticing that my boobs were huge when I was in 7th grade : /

Well I went to my primary doctor's office in January complaining of back and neck problems. I would take aspirin almost everyday to alleviate the pain she said that was no good and gave me a prescription for pain and after seeing the bruises on my shoulders from my bra she also recommend a breast reduction. She sent me off to get some lab work and some x-rays done. Fast forward to April 9th, 2013 I had a consultation with a plastic surgeon. He was very nice and it was very quick. He took a look at my boobs and measured them and also took pictures for insurance purposes. I am looking to get this covered by united healthcare. I asked him during the consultation if my primary care doctor needed to write a letter (when I had my appointment with my Primary doc she said she would write up whatever she needed bc she felt this was best for me) to my insurance and he said no he's more than sure it will get approved so that REALLY excited me. He said that he's looking to take me down to a small D or a large C :))))) (I am a 38 G right now) I'm get so excited just thinking about it. No one understands unless they have big boobs as well...going to the gym SUCKS...I have to wear 2 bras just so I can run! I CANNOT wait for them to be GONE FOR GOOD!!!

So now i'm pretty much just playing the waiting game hoping to hear back from the insurance ASAP!!! To kill time I'm pretty much on this website EVERY DAY! It's getting pretty obsessive lol I'm learning soooo much on here! Kind of nervous about the scars but almost every post I've looked at has said it's TOTALLY worth it. Well i'm gonna try to upload some pics and I'll keep you guys updated on my progress.

Bg99 you already look great! You carry yourself well. I don't care how expensive or how much support my bras had the girls just didn't want to so right. I hated to go try on clothes bc nothing looked good. You look amazing already. Now that being said when you get your new breasts no one will be able to tell you nothing diva!!

You will love the results!!  The scars are not all that bad and are hidden very well. Once this is done you will feel like a new woman.

I sure hope so!!! It seems that everyone LOVES their results!

Well you guys...I'm still playing the waiting game...

Well you guys...I'm still playing the waiting game which really sucks and getting on here everyday makes me even more anxious lol I've seen some people say United Healthcare takes a while and then some say that it only takes a couple weeks. I had my consultation on April 9th so I guess it hasn't been that long and I need to get a little more patience. I called the insurance company yesterday and they told me that my case was still pending : / I'll keep you guys updated!!
Stay encoraged Your day is coming!!!
I am!! Thank you for your kind words!!
I have UHC as well and I found out 2 weeks after my consultation that I was approved. Hopefully you will hear back soon.

:((((((( I FINALLY heard some news today in...

I FINALLY heard some news today in reguards to getting approved for my surgery. I called my plastic surgeons office to see if they had heard anything and they told me I was denied!!!!! Worst news ever!
I'm kinda ticked off for a couple of reasons.

#1- WHY did I have to call the surgeons office to find that out?? They should have called me the second they got word!!!

#2- So of course I called the insuance company to see why I got denied and when I found out why it made me even MORE frustrated!!! I got denied because the surgeons office did not add in the letter the things that I am unable to do due to my large breast and that is one of the requirements for my insurance!!!!! How could they leave that out???? I'm so mad the lady I was speaking with was really helpful and she said that that was the only reason I was denied and that I should file an appeal and have them include the list and everything should be fine from there. That kind of gave me a little bit of relief but STILL!!! UGHHH now they have set me back at least another month. : /

Ok I'm done ranting because God has been far too good to me for me to be pounting about this when all its gonna take is a little extra time! lol Besides I wont be able to have my surgery until July or August because I have a couple trips planned. (Trying to be postitve lol) As soon as the surgeons office gets the denial letter she said she is going to do the appeal and send off what they need! Well I hope you guys are having a great day!!!

P.S. How could they forget to add that in my letter??? Geeezzzzzz!!!!
That is really upsetting but nowhere near over. By calling the insurance company directly you have already begun to start being your advocate which is a great thing. Nothing will get past you now. Take that frustration and use it to get things done! I had to wait 4 years before I had insurance that didn't consider the procedure cosmetic. You'll get there! Make sure that if approved there isn't a time limit on when to get the surgery. On PS told me that the insurance co. said the surgery had to occur 90 days from approval.
Keep the faith bg99 . God's timing is perfect and you will have your day . In the mean time enjoy your trips . Unfortunately sometimes we have to make sure our dr's do what they're supposed to . I had to keep calling my insurance and my PS to make sure everything was getting done . I was desperate for my surgery . As I'm sure you are too. Just make sure you're in the know about what's going on . Good luck!

OMG!!!! Good news!!!

HI GUYS!!!! I finally got approved!!!!!!! Yayyyyyyy!! It came at such good timing I'm on vacation in Los Angeles and I found out we got the letter today!!! Calling tomorrow to set a date!!!!!
I had a reduction with lift on june 13. It was kind of a shock post op day 1. The girls were all bruised and miss shapen:(. 3 weeks post i love them!! Went from 38E toD. Went clothes shopping last weekend and actually found clothes that fit!!! Good luck with your surgery:)
Thank you!! Now I know what to expect. I pray you have a speedy recovery!!!!
I'm so happy for you!!! Best of luck! I can't wait to hear about your journey!

More News

So the plastic surgeons office called this morning to give me a quote and it turns out I have to pay $1,100 out of pocket. I know that pay not seem like much to you guys but I'm a college student and I currently don't have a job. The job market where I live really sucks. I have to pay at least half of that to even set a date! I feel super blessed that my insurance even covered it and now I'm so sad because I'm not sure how I will come up with this money. I will keep praying about it and hopefully I will receive a blessing soon!! I just have to keep the faith! I'm holding back tears as I type this because this is something I've wanted for so long and now that I have the chance I may not be able to move forward. My insurance is giving me 90 days to get the procedure done so hopefully I will have a job before then. Sorry I just had to vent lol

Well I hope everyone has a great day! Hopefully in my next post I will be telling you guys how I set my date!

Thank God for parents!!

My mom and dad are going to pay for it for me! I'm so independent and did not want to ask for their help but they thought it was foolish that I did not ask in the first place lol
I'll post the surgery date soon!! Eiikkkk!! :)

Can't believe I'm doing this!

I don't know why I didn't post this with my last post but here are my HUGE boobs that I can't wait to get rid of!!!!!!! I was so scared to post this picture but I figured what the heck....we're all like family right? lol

Hope everyone is having a great day!


Sorry I know I'm posting a lot today but I was just browsing around the website as I normally do and I found some very disturbing news on the plastic surgeon that is supposed to be doing my reduction. Here is what she posted:

"Dr. Daniel R Knight performed breast reduction on me several years ago and now I'm thinking it wasn't the right thing to do or should I say the wrong doctor to go to to have the procedure done. The procedure was much needed because my breast were very large and caused me back problems. Since the procedure my breast now is VERY uneven; one is up higher than the other (much noticable and one aerola is much larger than the other). Right after the surgery I was happy to have had it done thinking I could now wear blouses if I wanted without worrying about a bra, like spaghetting strap blouses but I CAN NOT wear this due to the fact I look like a freak under my clothes. I am now wanting and feeling like I'm needing to go to have my breast fixed by another physician from this mess! I'm even embarrassed to take my clothes off in front of my husband. I'm thinking having the larger breast wasn't so bad after all because now I'm really scarred for life because he really messed my breast up and I am totally NOT satisfied with the results!! I know this was a breast reduction to reduce the breast due to back problems, etc., and not cosmetic but at least it could've been done in better quality and not a botched up job! Now I feel worse about myself before the surgery was done."

This is scaring the crap out of me!!! I have so many questions now!! Should I bring this up to the doctor? Should I get another surgeon???? I know everyone isn't the same but I'm not so sure about this anymore. HELP!!!
If it were me I would ask the surgeon, this patient might have been an extremely difficult case but it seems unusual that the results would be THAT terrible. I think that the patient is probably exaggerating, because noone wants to be less than 100% satisfied with the surgery and anything less might be disappointing but I think you should give the surgeon the benefit of the doubt, they are so well trained after all, 20+ years of training and experience, so ask the surgeon about it and I'm sure you'll get your answer :)
Thank you sooooo much!! I think that's exactly what I'll do. I think you're right because all of his other work looks perfectly fine. I am a little scared about bringing this up to him. I don't want him to think I am rude or do not trust him but I just want to make sure I am getting the best care he can give!

DATE SET!!!!!!!!!!!!

MY DATE IS SET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah!!! I scheduled my surgery today for September 24th!!! My pre-op appointment is September 16th at 9:00!!! I am BEYOND excited!!!! I think I will bring pictures to my pre-op appointment so I can show to surgeon how I would like my boobs to look like!

Anybody have any advice on what to do during the days leading up to my surgery? I've already been taking vitamin C 500 mg (one when I wake up and one at night to promote healthy immune function) any other tips would be GREAT!!! Hope everyone is doing well!! I'll post soon!!
You will be fine. You will lve your new look. You just need to know what to expect. Recovery takes some time. They get better evry day. I am so much more comfortable witm myself now. And i was pretty laid back to begin with
GREAT!!! Thank you for your kind words!!!
Dont be scared to talk to your ps... This is the rest of your life you are talking about!!

GREAT NEWS TODAY! Surgery pushed up a week!!!!

My surgery will now be on September 17th!!!! Whoooo hooooo!!!!! Pre-op is still on the September 16th. I'll go in and they'll run test and I'll ask my last minute questions and what not! SUPER EXCITED! I feel so blessed. I need to start surgery shopping ahhhhhhh!!!
So excited for you! Have fun getting prepared. You will love the other side and bein small and perky! Keep us posted as you get closer :)
Thanks so much!! I sure will!!
That's great news! The day will be here before you know it!

19 more days!!

OMG! The days are flying by!! The 17th will be here before I know it! The closer the day gets the more I get on here reading EVERYTHING lol Since I've started this journey I have lost 26 pounds and I will continue to lose after my surgery (I'm super excited about that). I've been eating clean and going to the gym at least 4 times a week. I feel like I will be in very good condition going into my surgery, so that eases my worries a little. I spoke with my surgeon's nurse today and she let me know they will be giving me Loratab 10's for my pain. She also told me that I will need to bathe with hibi clense soap (that I can pick up at a pharmacy) the night before the surgery as well as after the surgery, and that I will need sports bras that hook in the front. She's going to give me one when I go for my pre-op but I want to make sure I have several of them. I will be off of work for 10 days. I'm a dispatcher so I am sitting down all day so I shouldn't have many problems when I start back working! I'm in graduate school as well working on my masters and I let my teachers know that I will be out for 10 days due to surgery and they were all very supportive!

Well I'm done rambling lol....just wanted to update y'all!! :)
I go September 18th! We'll be going through the recovery together! : )
Whoooo hoooo! Congrats on your surgery!!! I hope everything goes as planned for us!

7 more sleeps!!!

Whooo hoooooo!! This time next week I'll finished with my pre-op appointment. Getting more and more nervous about the surgery. I've had thoughts about backing out but I've come to far too back out now!!! Hopefully these next few days will FLY by! I'm ready to get it over with before I talk myself out of it lol
Just wanted to update you guys! Hope all is well!
Yea hang in there. Were up to cross over on the same day.
I got my approval yesterday. Stuff was submitted 9/4 and approved the same day. I'm going in 10/15. Can't wait to see how you fare
I go on the 23rd. Happy for you and can't wait to see the results.

This is my LAST weekend...

This is my last weekend with these boobies!! Still can't believe it!! I'm going to be getting last minute things today and tomorrow and making sure I have all the grocery's I need!!!
Good luck! Stay the night at the hospital if insurance pays for it. Get prune juice ready. LOL
Haha I sure will! Thanks for the tips!!
You will be so happy when it is all over. Good luck and happy healing!

Pre-op went good today! 19 more hours!!!

I got some lab work done and I found out that my doctor does not want me to ice and I will not have drains YAYYYYY!! I have to be at the surgery center at 6:30 tomorrow morning. He's gonna get started at 7:30 and said it should take about 3 hours!! Whooooooooppp! I am so excited you guys don't even understand. I've been waiting for this FOREVER and it's finally happening!! OMG!
The nurse told me I will be wrapped in a big bandage and I had to get some maxi pads to place over the incisions. She told me believe or not those really help with the absorption of the drainage. Oh, I almost forgot I spoke with my doctor and he said he's gonna take me down to a full C! :)

Well I hope everyone is having a great day!! I'm sure I'll update tonight because I'll be too excited to sleep haha
Woo-hoo! This time tomorrow you are going to feel such a weight has been lifted! Take lots of deep breaths and let other people help you. And smile, you are doing this for you!
Omg im so excited for!!! Will praying for u.
Will be praying for you as well!!

Headed to the Surgery Center!!!!!! Eeeeeiikk

Wells guys I just took my shower with the hibiclens and now I'm waiting on my boyfriend and mom to get here so we can head to the hospital!! I can't believe the day is finally here!! WOW!!!! I'm praying everything goes fine, actually I know it will :)

I'll update when I'm on the other side!!!!! :))
Good luck
Best of luck, let us know when you're on the small side.....
Good luck!

I made it to the other side!!!

Hi!! Just wanted to let y'all know I made it through!! In pain and kinda out of it but they are so small!!!! OMG will give full details when Im able to stay up lol
Congrats! Rest well!
Congratulations! I hope today finds you feeling well, and resting comfortably :)
so happy u made happy healing:)

FINALLY! Day of surgery details & 3 days post-op update

Hi guys!!! Ok so I'm finally able to properly update you guys. lol
The morning of my surgery I woke up and took one last shower with the hibiclens soap as I was instructed. I got to the hospital at 6:30 and the had me go ahead and change and they started an IV. One thing that I did not like was that they did not tell me to make sure I don't go to the bathroom that morning so I could go when I got there. They needed it to do a pregnancy test. Well of course I didn't have to go so they had to use a catheter UGH!!! I was so upset about that I actually asked the nurse why did they not tell me this the day before and I would have not gone to the restroom that morning. So anyway after that whole ordeal he doctor came and marked me up. (So sad I didn't get any pics of that) Right after that they gave me a sedative in my IV to make me relax and that's like the last thing I remember. lol I barely remember being wheeled back into the OR. It's all a blur now.

Next thing I knew I was waking up and they were telling me I was done and everything went well. I was in recovery for about a hour or 2 and then they discharged me. I didn't have any pain when I woke up I was just really queazy! The doc had me wrapped in an ace bandange so I couldn't see the girls until the next day when I had to go back in. When I got home from surgery I pretty much slept the WHOLE day lol Now the 2nd day is another story.

Yesterday was pretty much hell for me. I wasn't in pain I was just REALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY sore! I almost passed out twice yesterday. My mom and granny think it may be from the loratabs. I'm pretty sure they make me feel all yucky! I finally got to look at the girls at my first post op appointment and they look GREAT!!!!! I SERIOUSLY COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!!!! Looking at them for the first time makes this pain all worth it!!!!! :))))

I have been sleeping off and on throughout the day. I'm taking naps at random times lol Sleeping on the recliner hasn't been as bad as I thought it was going to be thanks to my handy dandy wedge pillow!!! I try to get up ever couple of hours to walk around. My doctor says that this is to prevent blood clots. Today is day 3 post-op and I feel better than yesterday!! Whoo hooo! I got up and walked around a little this morning which felt good. I'm pretty sure this is normal but it feels like my incisions are stinging and burning. Weird! My chest feels really tight like its gonna pop and my boobs are really hard but they said this is all normal. My post-op went really well. He took off the big ace bandage and put me into my sports bra which was too big luckily they had a smaller one on had.

I know I was probably rambling but I was just typing everything as it came to my mind lol Oh yeaaa the doctor also told me I could shower today but I am sooooo scared!! I don't want to mess them up or anything nor do I want to be in pain! Today my mom went back to work but she's only going for a half a day and when she gets home in a little bit we're gonna try this whole shower thing. : / My boyfriend and friends have been GREAT! Thanks to them this process has been going smooth so far.

Well I just wanted to update you guys before I forgot anything!! I hope everyone is doing well!!! Also, thank you guys soooooooo much for all the comments. You have no idea how that can brighten someone's day! Yall are the best!!!
Thank you so much!! Resting as much as I can!!
Thank youuuuu!!! :)
Thanks so much!!!!! :)

More pics!

Doc says they have to drop and they will round out more. Will went up being a full C! :)
You look great! I'm one week post op and I will tell you, rest, rest and then rest some more. Yesterday I was so tired, I spent most of the afternoon in bed. It hits you at the weirdest times. Listen to your body and take it easy - even though I know you're excited as heck! Happy healing!
Thanks so much!! That's pretty much all i've been doing is resting all day!!!

Day 4 post-op

So its 5 in the morning and I am wide awake lol My sleeping is so backwards!! I slept from 5pm until about 1am. I gotta get it back on track. So I've completely stopped taking the Loratabs and I am just taking tylonol because they make me sick and give me headaches like crazy : / The tylonol seems to be working just fine for me so that's a plus. I have very minimal pain just soreness, I have no bruising, and a little bit of stiffness (mostly in my back because I've been sleeping the the recliner). I can tell I'm able to do more and more each day!! Yayy! Still taking it easy and resting most of the day. Tomorrow I plan to wash my hair (well have my mom wash my hair lol) and get some homework done. My boobs look GREAT by the way!!!!!! I am seriously in love and could not be happier! I'm still praying for a smooth recovery even tho I'm starting to feel better. Oh and before I forget im pretty sure I've been getting those zingers I've seen everyone talking about. They're not bad for me at all just feels a little weird. I've also had little to no bleeding or drainage!! Whooo hoooo! I really took care of myself during the months leading up to my surgery so maybe that's why I'm having such a good recovery. I hope I'm not speaking too soon lol

Well that's my update for now! Hope all is well with everyone!! Did I mention I LOVE my new boobs?? Haha :))
You look fantastic. I wish you a speedy recovery.
Thanks so much!!
You look great soror!!! And you had surgery on my birthday!!! Everyday it well get better and better :)

Day 5 Post-Op

I had my first outing today. I went to the grocery store and over a friends house and boy was I tired. We were in the store for all of 15 minutes and I was ready to sit down. This is crazy!! I am soooooo ready to be back to 100%!! I hate feeling weak and tired. I'm also ready to start exercising again!! Hurry up 6 weeks!!!!! Towards the end of the day I started getting super sore. When we got home my boyfriend put neosporin on all my incisions and we padded my sports bra with maxi pads and now I feel much better. I've been trying to go without pain meds but I think I will have to take one tonight!! I'm also ready start getting a good nights sleep again!! Ugh
You're so far ahead of me! I couldn't make it 10 min. I went to get the mail and had to rest twice! Keep up the good work!!
Thanks so much!
I have to say you look great. It took me two weeks before I sort of felt normal. Take it easy and don't do too much too soon and get plenty of rest. Happy healing!

10 days post op

Hi guys!! So I'm finally 10 days post-op and the time has NOT flown by lol I went to my post-op appointment yesterday and I had to get some stitches removed! OUCH! The doc said that everything looked really good and reminded me to do no strenuous work yet!

Everyday I can tell that I am getting better and better. Today was a good day and I haven't felt any soreness or pain!! The girls are still a little swollen so hopefully that will go down within the next week. I'm ready for them take their final shape because they still look boxy to me!! I also start back working tomorrow so I'm ready to see how tomorrow will go.

Well that's all I have for now. Until next time!!
Awesomeness!! I go today to have my stitches removed. So excited! Are you standing up straight yet? I'm not and I still have to sleep in a recliner (can't lay down comfortably)
Hi!! I'm semi standing up straight, not as straight as I could be. I'm still scared I might hurt something lol but I moved to laying in the bed last night and everything went great. Just make sure you use lots of pillows lol
Oh yea still no sleeping on my stomach! Just my sides and back!!

2 weeks post op!

Hey y'all! Well I will be 2 weeks post op in a few hours! Crazy how this last week had flown by!!! I meant to update yesterday but my favorite show ever (breaking bad) had its last show last night!!!! Such an amazing show!! Ok back on topic lol Today was my first day seeing some of my friends and sorority sisters and they cannot believe how much of a difference there is! Everyone says I look 15 pounds lighter up top. Whoo hoo! I still could not be happier that I've had this done!!!!!!

I am now sleeping in my bed and on my back and side with the help of pillows. I have no pain and the soreness is to a minimum!!! I am so ready to start back working out!!! Only a few more weeks.

That's all I have for now!! :)
Wow! You look great, and I am so excited for you that you're feeling so great!!! I hope you continue to heal at this impressive rate :))
So happy for u. There really nice and look like they are healing real well. Enjoy mama!!!
Aww thanks so much!!!

Quick update-3 weeks Post-op

Hi you guys!! Yesterday I made 3 weeks post op and I still can't believe how fast time has gone by. I FEEL GREAT!!! I have had very minimal pain and when I do it's more soreness than pain!! (I will have to upload a pic a little later) I have VERY minimal scaring if any at all and I would like to thank vitamin C and A for that lol I started taking it wayyy before my surgery! I seriously could not be happier!!!!!!

I got back in the gym for the first time yesterday! It felt great and I took it very easy. I did 30 minutes walking on the treadmill at an incline and 15 minutes on the bike. I had no pain!! Whoooo hoooo!

Well I will update soon!! Hope all is well with you guys!! :)
I love your before pictures with you in your lovely dresses. I love to wear dresses too.You are really going to look amazing in a dress now. I am so excited for you.
Your new boobs are just lovely!
Thanks so much!!! :))

3 week pic

Here's the pic I promised! Sorry for the mess in the back ground lol
Thx for posting your before and after results looking good.
Thanks so much!! :))
Thanks a ton!!

I just realized..

I just realized my picture didn't upload lol Well here it is!
Your result looks great and you have healed so well. Congratulations!!
Your breasts are looking great!! I'm still so scared to go to the gym. But I may have to soon cause my stomach is getting bigger than my breasts now! LOL!
Bahaha! That's how I felt. Just listen to your body! :)

1 month post-op

Hi guys!! Today I am one month post op and cannot believe it! Time has flown by soooo fast!! I feel better than ever. I worked out today and did kickboxing and I felt great! Just wanted to update yall real quick!!! Hope all is well!!!!
You look great. It sounds like you had a quick recovery.
Congrats on the anniversary and the exercise. You look wonderful. So tell us how you felt when you were exercising?
Congratulations on your one month post op!!! Can't wait for you to share moyee pictures!!
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