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So on Tuesday April 17th I will be complete! Since...

So on Tuesday April 17th I will be complete! Since I was young I knew I would never have wonderful breasts, I knew they would never come in. I would always feel insecure because I have a larger frame and just built bigger overall, and I had such small boobs when all my peers were smaller built with great breast! I have a great frame that needs great boobs! I always said I would get them on my 18th birthday but here I am 26 and just about to do it!

I have been looking and lurking on this site for about a month now and have silently sharing all the love and enthusiasm! I am going in on Wednesday - I CAN NOT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT ANY LONGER! Telling my husband or anyone just doesn't do justice, only sharing the excitement with you girls that know how I feel helps!

I have scoured the internet. I have the bras, meds, the setup, and all the other great advice I have read. I would like to thank all those who have shared!

I will let you know my stats:
I am 5'5" and 140lbs. I am barely a 34B but my PS said that I the opposite of pigeon chest and that my ribs stick out further, also I don't have very much bottom breast tissue. According to this, 425CC silicone sub pectoral will give me a large C. I really don't care what size they are, I just want beautiful, symmetrical, BREASTS! I feel like mine don't even look like breasts, so anything will be better!

Tomorrow is the big day! I am very prepared! The...

Tomorrow is the big day! I am very prepared! The office called today and confirmed that I will be going in at 7am. I am most scared of not eating or drinking for 12h lol. Everything is laid out and ready. I can't believe it is here! To all the ladies contemplating - just do it! Save up your pennies, research, and do it as soon as possible! Ill be posting as soon as I can tomorrow after surgery! Wish me luck!!

OHHMMMMYYY GOSH!! I got boobs!!!!! They are great...

OHHMMMMYYY GOSH!! I got boobs!!!!! They are great and feel pretty good already! I can already tell they will look beautiful! Soo ill fill you in...

I thought not eating or drinking was the hardest part!!!! I got into the office around 7. I had to sign some more paper and donate some pee to science. They I went back into preop where the nurse was admittly shakie. She hit my vein but blood went every where like a bad horror movie!!! Then after the hubs came back the Dr gave me a "margarita" and I don't Rememeber I thing till I woke up suddenly in recovery. I was dying of thirst! I felt fine but it felt like my muscles were sore and felt kinda like burning? She gave me a shot of something for pain and I felt pretty drunk lol!!! Then just like that I was home free. I can not stop sleeping! I ate a PBJ and a piece of homemade organic pizza I had leftover from last night. I'm still starving and my belly feels fine! When I get up though it feels so heavy like they could fall out!

I am so excited for you girls getting it done tomorrow!!!!

Ok so waking up this morn is terrible !! My left...

Ok so waking up this morn is terrible !! My left boob hurts something vicious!!! Ouch!!!!!!! They look great though and it worth it!

OK so today is my 3rd day with BOOBS!! I woke up...

OK so today is my 3rd day with BOOBS!! I woke up feeling awesome! Day 2 was a little rough BUT, in the evening I got back into my "healthful" routine. I made my smoothie (Straw/Blue/Red/Black/Raz Berries, OJ, EmergenC packet, Chia, Honey, and a dash of cinnamon) and I did a little meditation/positive visualization. I can not wait to get this bandaging off so I can see the girls! I am super jealous of all the ladies who have gotten to see their already!! I will post later today after I shower and see the girls!! I feel like over night I have healed about 10 fold!

Today I showered and washed my hair, put my self...

Today I showered and washed my hair, put my self together,and went out for a bit. I am exhausted. My incisions are tender and my left arm still hurts!!!

Does anyone put stuff on their incisions? Like...

Does anyone put stuff on their incisions? Like over the tape? I feel like I need to put neosporin or something over them? They are super tender.

Well I am almost one week post op! I still have a...

Well I am almost one week post op! I still have a lot of discomfort in my left boob. It may be infected or something. The girls still feel really tight!! I have like 75% range of motion in my arms. I get easily winded doing house chores or going to the store. I just want to be 100% already!!

Today I am feeling pretty good and my incisions...

Today I am feeling pretty good and my incisions don't feel as tender this morning. I feel so much less bloated :) I won't share too much about that, but boy do I feel and look so much better!!!! At least I feel less tight today, maybe I am D&F a little! I know I have been kind of a bad girl and waking up lying down flat instead of propped up!

Girls, I know we have been loving those soft thin "sports bra" cami-bandini things from Walmart, but I wonder if they really give us the support and compression that we need?

Today I am heading to my post op! I am pretty...

Today I am heading to my post op! I am pretty excited to see what he says! I think that my right is still bigger than my left but my nipples are even so I think that it looks pretty good! Anything was better than nothing though!

I am feeling pretty good and can do my day to day functions now. It is nice getting back to the grind. I feel probably about 70% back to normal. My arms have like 95% mobility. I take a couple OTC pain meds and just a antibiotic once a day still. I still have some bloating.

Overall, I feel like it all has been worth it! I love my new body and can't wait to get back to exercise and get into a bikini! I think it is pretty funny how I don't own very many low cut shirts, but the few I do have I feel very exposed with my big boobs hanging out :)

I am over two weeks now and I am absolutely in...

I am over two weeks now and I am absolutely in love!! This was so worth the money, pain, and discomfort. I had cute nips that needed complimenting and now I have jealous people all around me. I love the attention! My hubby can't keep his hands off of them! I feel so sexy and I love filling out my tops! They have almost full feeling and are nice and sensitive. The girls are very soft and squishy! I am really glad they were nearly perfect from the start and never had "frankenboob" or anything crazy. My PS firm does great work! They really know what they are doing, the fact that I had zero bruising and fantastic incisions proves it! Thanks!
Shreveport Plastic Surgeon

I chose my provider through a previous client. After going to the facility and meeting with him, I knew I could trust him and his staff. He truly has a great eye for the human anatomy.

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How are you doing? It's been almost a year since we went under the knife!! R u still happy? Did they fill out nicely? I wish I would've went bigger!!
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I hate having broad shoulders and no boobs! :(
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Omg same here girl I have a large frame and tiny breast and 17! I can't wait to get my boobs bigger!
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oh and I forgot you look great your stitches are healing almost invisible great job to your PS
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Hey girl glad to hear your inLove with your new twins, I have been in the same feeling as you and I can't get it out of my head to not look at myself in the mirror. I am too in love I love the way I get the eye from everyone. I actually was blushing when I got my first WOW! From someone when I was at the gas station. I still get then . I love the new me. Enjoy girl , we deserve this and more.
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Hey girl! Ya looking good! I got the ok to get on the elliptical!!!! Glad to hear you're loving your new boobs!!!! Lol
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I am in the same boat! I WANT TO GO WORK OUT!! Or do SOMETHING! I'm tired of sitting - day 13!! >.< Side note, how do you like Shreveport?? I have a list of places we want to move to and that is one of them!!!
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lol you want to move to Shreveport huh? There is not much to do here, I must admit. Not much dining or fun :( If we had a boat or something it would be a little more fun. Its only 6h to NOLA and 3h to Dallas so there is some close fun!
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i have a discomfort on my left side too, its probably since im left handed. your boobs look good already and mine still look all square from the top. did u get mod or hp?
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Don't worry girl. I still have a little bit on my way also I'm up now to a month. Don't feel down, it take a little bit of time. Some of us take longer than others so. just got to be a little bit more patient that's all. Mostly all of us can take up to 30 days to see and feel good results. Take care keep in touch. Always inform your doctor.
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I get winded too in everything I do. Feel. Shortness of breathe I guess either I have less room for lungs to expand or I'm still just tired. Everyday I'm feeling more like myself and able to do a little more each day. Be patient we will heal just takes time. Happy day
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Yeah I felt that same way to first week but I get better after a while.
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Hey girl, is one of your girls still more swollen than the other??
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You look great glad your healing process is going smooth. You made me have to mix me up a smoothie. So good
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My doctor said after a week I can put stuff on them. He said he would give me samples but I bout some expensive stuff of the make me heal site!
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I wasn't cleared to put anything on till 3 weeks but every PS is different.
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True. My PS said to let the girls drop. It definitely helps. But like you said, each PS are unique. I had to wear my sports bra today at work cause my boobs are now feeling heavy to me like their full. And hard a little still, so I needed to hold them up today it felt lots better.
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6 more days till my big day! I am soooo glad I found this site, it has really helped me feel more and more ready. I know I will be in pain for awhile, but it will (hopefully) be worth it!! Hey, that smoothie sounds delicious!
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Pearl2 I am happy for you girl. I hope you get what to want. It's fo crazy to do these BA procedures, and we love the way we look. Cool girl.
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way to go girl on my second days everything hurt about 6 hours from right after. And the second day after surgery I flew from Miami to Tampa really did not hurt so much after that..things will work out fine for you I'm sure it did for me I still have a little tingling. but after 3 weeks I think I'm going I was just like you had nothing now look at me.enjoy them girl and keep them coming as I will too
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How are you feeling? Im uncomfortable and I can't stop falling to slee! Are yours stil REALLY tight !
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Sleep little princess!!! Sleep is your friend! I took my surgical wrap off and now on freaking out about having them out. I feel like both sports bras are TOO tight and they rub right on my incision!! So I wrapped just around my girls with Ace and put on a right zip up hoodie and passed back out. Leftie hurts for some reason :(
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LOL sleep is our Friendthe first couple days that's funny
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I know I had to try 3 different bras before I found one that rubs the least. Driving me crazy
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At first I did too. But then my ps said to use the band at night to push them down while I sleep.
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