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Restylane Ruined my Life - Sherman Oaks, CA

I got Restylane to plump lips and have EXTREME...

I got Restylane to plump lips and have EXTREME fatigue for the last 2 years. My life has changed DRASTICALLY for the worse. I can barely work part time and the "full life" I used to live is GONE - replaced by "just barely surviving" every day. I can't get to the grocery store after work, and even if I could, i can't then prepare a meal. Too tired. I WAS a happy, vibrant, highly productive person before Restylane. And this ISN'T depression - I've been depressed.

Someone on this forum suggested that my illness...

Someone on this forum suggested that my illness may be from DYSPORT because others here have reported being very sick after Dysport injections. After reading their stories, I'd say it was the Dysport that has made me sick since I have many of the same symptoms.

I've been sick for over 2 years now. I wanted to...

I've been sick for over 2 years now. I wanted to post what has been helping me to SLOWLY get better. Since January 2012, I've been seeing a nutritionist who does hair mineral analysis. They take a small sample of your hair and see what your body is missing, or they can see if you have toxic levels of heavy metals, etc. Nikki has me on every supplement that my hair tests say I'm missing. She has me on other supplements to help me detox and remove heavy metals, etc.

She's based in Los Angeles, but can treat anyone remotely. So far it's the LEAST expensive thing I've done that is working. All the other medications my "real" (ie Western) Doctor had me on were so expensive and didn't help me.

Nikki's program treats the underlying causes and not just the symptoms. I found it fascinating when she said "The body will heal what IT wants to heal in the order IT wants to heal." Which means the SYMPTOMS that I dislike aren't necessarily the first thing my body will heal when given the right "tools" (nutrients/supplements). I feel like I'm helping my body heal from the inside out. Hopefully this is long lasting, deep healing.

Nikki Moses at Moses Nutrition:

Nikki trained under Dr. Lawrence Wilson, M.D. His website has a TON of information if you want to check it out. www.drlwilson.com
Nikki also has articles by him on her website here: http://mosesnutrition.com/More_Info___Articles_LNTR.html

Wishing everyone perfect health!
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I got Dysport injections around my eyes (which I'd had 2-3 times before) AND Restylane in my lips for the first time. My life is ruined since that day almost 2 years ago. I have extreme exhaustion every minute of my life, I have brain fog, I'm too tired to feel love or joy, which I did feel BEFORE Restylane. Some doctors say I have underactive immune system and that's why I have heavy metals, Candida Disseminated, high levels of bacteria. OTHER doctors say I have an OVERactive immune system. Either way, I'm barely able to work part time when I used to work 40+ hours a week, I can't drive at night, -too tired. Basically I feel like I have narcolepsy. The EDD's "independent review" doctor says I'm "healthy to work full time" and I've appealed that decision. Waiting to go in front of a judge. Basically my life changed COMPLETELY. It's a nightmare. In the last 6 months ALONE i've spent $11,000 on doctors, specialists, supplemnts, Rxs, AND i'm working half as much as I WAS. Don't do it. Face aging. Now I get to face aging AND am totally sick.

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