Fraxel Restore Dual- Pigmentation Extreme Dry Skin Problems STAY AWAY

I went to a very nice plastic surgeon to see about...

I went to a very nice plastic surgeon to see about having my skin tightened. Since I had gone to this doctor before for fillers, I thought nothing of it that the office manager told me by email that I should consider fraxel. When they ran a special months later, I thought I could try it out. This plastic surgeon is the fraxel expert, and answers many questions on this board regarding the laser. I went in, talked with the plastic surgeon, and he said fraxel restore "could" help with the tightening. Reading the reviews on here sort of scared me, but he said "they didn't really have was another laser...don't let it scare you." So went in, had the treatment on my face and neck...when they told me it's a couple of days down time, my face was bright pink for almost two weeks. The laser was extremely painful, I would compare the pain to a burn, in between the worst sunburn you ever had, and a burn from a hot stove. This pain lasted a couple of hours. As I healed,and the skin started to flake off, i was left with extremely pink skin. (which thankfully has resided). At the same time, I was left with a line of demarcation around my eyes and dryer skin. I emailed the office, no one contacted me. I emailed the office manager who was always chummy with me, no response. I emailed the doctor, he did not answer my email. I finally went in for an appointment, showed him my line of demarcation, and he said "I never seen this before, I don't know what it is". Instead of telling me it is the result of the fraxel. I also told him I had dry skin and he said he NEVER had anyone tell him that before. He actually took out a picture where my face was completely flushed (mind you not the ones that I took previously, just the one on the day of the appointment) and he said "look fraxel helped your skin", it looks much better." He was very annoyed with me, and told me there was nothing he could do to help with the pigment issues. I also said my skin is dryer (which he told me would be temporary, and it's 10 months later). He said one fraxel treatment would not do that to my skin. He did tell me that I can use skinmedica to help the redness, and then offered me a 10% discount on the next his office. The doctor is very nice and skilled, I trusted him more than the ladies who had it on realself. This is a very dangerous machine. Please, please please, don't have this laser unless you are well aware of the side effects (which the doctor or his staff will not tell you). Even in the most skilled hands, you are risking life long pigmentation issues.

The really bad makeup brown faded for me around 10 months. The red is still there at 19 months. My texture and redness are slowly improving over time. I believe they are related. Could be an inflammation response? I was treated at a very high levels so hopefully you will improve quickly.
I was told that this most likely is a burn (possibly with brown pigmentation). I was advised by a nurse to put a combination of retin-a and hydroquinone, which would help lighten the area. Thankfully, it is really only noticeable around one eye. But to go from having no problems, to pigmentation issues is disheartening. At the same time, I feel betrayed that the doctor would not really help me or consider my issues as valid.

I can understand why you would feel upset if you didn't feel listened to by your doctor. Even if there wasn't anything that could be done, just having felt like you were heard is often a big help.

Hopefully the Retin-A & hydroquinone combo will help things. Please keep us posted on how its looking/feeling.


Update: I am still struggling with horribly dry...

Update: I am still struggling with horribly dry skin, particularly on my neck and chin areas. My neck is so dry, that i have to cover it with vaseline 2x a day. The oil glands were destroyed in my neck and the neck wrinkles are WORSE! So if you look at my neck, you can see a line of demarcation from where the fraxel took place, cause I don't have neck wrinkles past that point. STAY AWAY

Thank you so much for continuing to update your review so others can hear how this is playing out for you long term. Vaseline twice a day? Wow, that is dry!!

Hoping things get better as more time goes by. Please continue to keep us posted on how you are.

it's absolutely horrible. I never, ever had dry skin, my skin was so greasy that if i didn't wash my face, the sebum would get into my eyes and burn. I have lost oil production on my chin area and under my mouth. I couldn't wear powder previously without getting super shiny, that doesn't happen anymore. I NEVER wore moisturizer before - ever. Now I have to wear vaseline 2x a day? This is ridiculous.

Just to update you, my skin is terribly terribly...

Just to update you, my skin is terribly terribly dry in my lower face, and it feels so tight that its hard for me to move my face without noticing it, its very uncomfortable. I can also start making out the wrinkles on my lower face,. I never had one damn wrinkle till I did this stupid thing, I also had oily skin, my forehead is less oily, but still produces oil, my chin and cheeks however have not been so fortunate. I I am putting glycerin and coconut oil to try and increase flexibility, because it hurts to smile.. I also carry around a small jar of vaseline because my skin on my chin and neck starts to hurt because it has no moisture left. A total nightmare.
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Thank you
The symptoms are the result of the skin being dried out. I had EXTREMELY greasy skin, so much so I couldn't wear some powders because my skin would get super shiny, I never had to moisturize until this procedure, now it feels uncomfortable and tight. I'm at a loss. I actually liked having greasy skin, because it meant id most likely age slower, now im not so sure. I'll continue to keep you updated
I also have extremely dry skin, never had it before, also I have acne, never had that before fraxel laser, or the numerous other skin and vision problems I have now since I has fraxel laser. Do you work, because I work in a costumer relations job and have to wear makeup now since my complexion is ruined, and it still doesn't cover the sever damage fraxel did. I use to never wear makeup, except a little blush and eyeliner, now I can cake enough on. How are you able to put moisturizers on so much, my skin also needs it? This is just another bad side effect like all of them that my doctor never stated could happen, because according to them nothing bad could happen.

I have developed small horizontal lines up and...

I have developed small horizontal lines up and down the jaw area near my chin. I have been treating it with filler. Cheek deflation runs in my family, but no one has these strange lines superficial lines on the sides of their chins. My chin and neck areas are still dry.
I have no idea. All I know is prior to this treatment I had not one line on my face, and now I'm dealing with about 6-7 ones on the sides of my chin. I was told it is due to aging, but I find it strange that problems only occurred after treatment. And yes, my chin is still dry and itchy. I think that my skin problems are 100% affected by fraxel.
Do you feel the lines are from dehydration or from a lack of collagen/elasticity?
I agree. I too believe the lines on my face are from the fraxel, they showed up right after the swelling went away. I was told they were from the laser and that they would go away, but 10 months later there still there, and just getting worst. They to told me now it's because of my age, but none of my sisters, or even my mother has these creepy lines around there mouth. It's all about the money, we are just a $$ sign to them, not people with feelings or lives. My face, life, and family is ruined over this procedure, when will they stop deforming people, just for the money. Take care, and if you find anything that helps, please let me know. My heart goes out to you, and hope you get better.

My skin is still extremely DRY..however in good...

My skin is still extremely DRY..however in good news my itchy neck wasn't due to dry skin but a persistent fungal infection that was caused by the fraxel. I am still dealing with it and put anti fungal cream on every day. My neck feels much better. My face however hasn't been so lucky. I am still dealing with persistent dry and rough skin on my chin I'm using coconut oil, as well as multiple applications of vaseline or other oil based moisturizer...which I apply throughout the day. My oily skin, which kept me wrinkle free is forever gone...stay away from fraxel
I had fraxel 2x on face, neck & decollage area, and nearly 10 months later my neck is very dry, i.e., it started flaking over the last few days. my face however is great from the fraxel, it looks fantastic and I am going for a 3rd treatment if the MD agrees. however I am worried about the dry neck, what was the actual fungal infection caused by the fraxel? Was the MD that did the fraxel the same MD to diagnose the fungal infection and is it common?
I too suffered from the horrible after affects of Fraxel dual. After my second treatment I now have hyperpigmentation on my cheeks, a line on my forehead and horrible melasma above my lip. My face looked 1000 times better before the procedure. After my first Fraxel I was prescribed Doxycycline for acne and continued taking it through my second treatment. I learned afterwards that this could have caused some of the sensitivity and hyperpigmentation. Has anybody else had these issues?
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I hate to give these ratings. He is a nice man and does good work, but I had to say I wanted another fraxel to have an appointment to see him because his office manager or him wouldn't return my emails. He was almost annoyed that I came in with complaints, and looking for help. Everything is great until you have complications.

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1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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