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I'm going to be 35 this year. In the past I've...

I'm going to be 35 this year. In the past I've always been thin. I'm 5'5" and most for most of my life my weight has stayed between 110 - 122, no kids; then, I developed hypothyroid a few years ago, and bam 134! I do all the things most people do- eat well, exercise... I don't have a desk job. Nothing has made any of the fat go away. Not even P90X, which I still think is a great program. In fact, that's what made me decide to pursue other options. I did everything I was supposed to, then got the end of P90X (I did the classic) and while I had much better muscle tone and endurance, I hadn't lost and inch anywhere, but gained 10lbs (most likely muscle but still talk about disappointed.) and my jeans were tighter! Just what every girl wants, right?
Coolsculpt was recommended by my Mom. I found Allure Medi Spa and went in last Wednesday. The staff was really friendly and helpful. Dr. Mok devised a game plan for my pounch and side flub. My nurse, Amanda, set up the coolsculpt and was really good about letting me know ahead of time what to expect which made it a lot less scary.
If you're getting your abdomen done I recommend taking a deep breath before they put the fitting on because when it first goes on it's really hard to inhale. It's a lot of pressure and feels really tight, but in five minutes you'll be a lot more comfortable. The numbing didn't hurt at all.
When the fitting came off my pounch felt just like a gel ice pack you have in your fridge, so weird! Getting it massaged out isn't comfortable but really isn't that bad. I was glad it was really numb. I had hardly any bruising.
The sides were a lot easier to handle. Once both areas were done they gave me a procedure that breaks up the fat and makes it easier for it to disintegrate. I can't remember if it was ultra sound or electrical, but yes it hurts, but you should get it and just tough it out. They said that it would make for really good results. The pain is on par with getting a tattoo but doesn't take that long.
I felt dizzy for the rest of the day and the next. I'm swollen and can't suck in my gut. I haven't had any needle sensations. It's mostly just a mild burny ichy feeling that comes and goes. If you get it done and it hurts when you're trying to sleep take some ibuprofen and sleep on the part that hurts. The pressure made mine feel better.
I'll post photos in a month!

9 days after Coolsculpt and my skin is starting to feel like it's old self again. Yay!

Great news the itchy kind of burny feeling on my abdomen has finally stopped. I was fortunate, it was do-able, but at times I felt like a bear in woods wanting to scratch against a tree. I have to say though I never had this issue on my flaks at all. They've felt good this whole time.

If you have this too here's the two things.. well three, that helped me:

Pressure- as mentioned before, if it's possible try laying on the area that itches when you sleep.

A Little Ice - I'm not a doctor. I wouldn't recommend freezing the hell out of it. I just put a cold pack on my navel for about 5 minutes when it got really annoying. It make it calm down.

Wine - What doesn't that fix? 2 glasses of wine did the trick too.

I've still got 2.5 months to wait for results but the swelling has gone down.

When I got back for my check up in November I'll get copies of my before pics. I took these at 2 weeks post because the swelling had completely gone away and my boyfriend (who's been really supportive) could see a difference. I'll take more at the one month mark.
I never got bruising, on my sides it had a hickey appearance that went away after a week, but never hurt.

New Photos

It could be difficult to tell a difference due to the difference in light levels.
The coolest thing I can see is that I used to be able to pinch about 2.5" - 3" of fat on my abdomen; now it's more like an 1.5". I'm really happy. My body just feels better. There's no bump when I'm wearing tshirts. yay!
Sides are tightening up a lot too. I used to be able to be able to grab about the same amount there as well, not any more.

One more pic

If you have Hypothyroid don't bother

Allure and it's team is fantastic. I've got nothing negative to say about the procedure or them. As mentioned in my first review I used to be 115 naturally then I developed hypothyroid.

Since having the Coolsculpt it's all come back, plus 7 more pounds! It isn't the procedure, it's that I can't find a thyroid doctor that can treat it effectively.
I walk\run several times a week for at least an hour at a time, eat boring food, and don't drink very much.

My doctor that I had been going to for the thyroid has told me things like "Weight is a ghost you can't catch." (eyeroll) He thinks that hip to waist ratio is more important. I wonder if that will still hold up 25 more pounds from now. Actually, I don't want to find out.
When I started going to him it was because I was concerned by an unprecedented 10lb weight gain. Now I'm 140.

I am so frustrated by hypothyroid. When I consider how many people have it and the amount of useless treatments. It's crazy.

Coolsculpt is great if you're thin but have 1 or 2 areas you'd like to shrink. If it's going to take more than 2 treatments lipo provides better results, and in some cases for less money.

If you live in Michigan and have found a doctor that has fixed your hypothyroid weight gain and has gotten you back to what you were before please send me their contact info.
Dr. Mok, D.O.

Dr. Mok was fantastic, very friendly and professional. I'm planning to go back for future things I would like done and would definitely recommend him to friends. The team at Allure Medical Spa was equally awesome! The facility is beautiful too.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Dr. Keri Topuzian in Bloomfield Hills is great and prescribes Armour and Naturethroid. He also works with you to figure out the best regiment for you! I lost my thyroid due to cancer, and it hasn't been an easy journey, but it is much better because I have a proactive doctor who treats my symptoms, not just TSH. Good luck- and hope you see continued improvement in how you feel!!
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Ittybitty, have you ever heard of the book The Hormone Diet? I have had weight gain caused by a hormonal imbalance (from a copper IUD, but that's a whole different story), and have been extremely frustrated for about six months by the fat that has deposited in my mid-section, including cellulite on my stomach, which I have NEVER had before. I was desperate to find a solution (hence looking at Coolsculpting on this site), but really wanted to find something that would be permanent and non-invasive. I thought changing my eating habits might help, so I read The Hormone Diet. And yes, it gives you an eating plan to get your hormones back in balance, but it also has a lot of information about hypothyroidism and other conditions that prevent weight loss. After having a lot of doctors look at me like I was crazy (which it sounds like has happened to you, too), it was great to find a book written by a doctor that actually acknowledged that conditions like hypothyroidism and hormone imbalance cause weight gain, no matter how much you exercise. I would recommend you check it out--I've just started the program so I can't really tell you if it will lead to significant weight loss, but if nothing else the book has a lot of useful information.
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Thank you! I'm going to look into it.
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I'm considering this procedure. I have a consultation scheduled in the near future. I'm concerned though, after reading your post. I, too, have hypothyroidism. My story is similar to yours. I weighed about 110 - 115 (even after my first daughter). After my second daughter, however, I had trouble losing the weight. I was 40 years old at the time. I thought it was due to my age. Saw a doctor, and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Since then ( almost 9 years later) I am now about 140 lbs. and very disgusted. I'm a fitness instructor (always have been since 1983) so my weight issue is not due to lack of exercise ( I teach about 5 classes a day!) I have a good nutrition program that I follow --so -- each year I return to my endo who tells me I have to increase my dosage of synthroid and that my issue will not go away - to accept. Frustrating - I thought after reading this coolsculpting that I may have an answer to my prayers. However now after reading your post - I'm concerned -- what do you think happened ? I was told that this (coolsculpting) is a guarantee ---
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Hi Kimberly, I'm so sorry to hear you're going through the same thing. Hypothyroidism has to be one of the most frustrating diseases to have because more often than not it appears much easier for many doctors to simply look at test results and say we're "normal" and do nothing to help us with weight gain and what feels like a weight trap. At the same time people are always trying to tell me my new doughy body "looks fine" which I find equally annoying. Ignoring this symptom a slippery slope I refuse to go down, and I'm sure you feel the same way. Because what's at the end of this for us, morbid obesity? A heart attack? Not to mention feeling uncomfortable in our own skin. I've been spending hours looking for information about other aspects of hypothyroid that usually go overlooked. Search for stopthethyoirdmadness, and thyroid info top docs. Consider finding a dr. that will prescribe Armour. It's not the answer to everything may help. I know it's frustrating but I recommend shopping for a doctor who can treat it effectively before looking at Coolsculpt. Coolsculpt is really great for small fat deposits, but with hypothyroid you may have the same problem I had. I'm trying different dr.s this year hopefully I find one that can fix my problem, then I'm getting some lipo. Feel free to private message me about this. If I learn anything over this year that works for me I'll share it with you and anyone else who has hypo and is interested. I wish you all the best Kimberly in beating this!
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what happened? why do you think it didn't work -- is it because you have hypothyroidism? I'm considering the procedure -- but I have hypothyroidism. My weight challenges mimics your story -- started at 110 / 115 (even after my first daughter) - 8 years ago diagnosed with hypothyroidism - now up to 140 --- I'm a fitness instructor too - - I teach over 4 - 5 classes a day -- eat good - it doesn't make sense ( and I'm 48 years old.)
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My best guess is that even though the CoolSculpting causes a loss of fat cells, hypothyroidism causes you to store more fat when it is not under control yet (and all else is constant- diet, exercise, etc). So lets say the CoolSculpting would cause you to lose 2 inches and at the same time the underactive thyroid causes you to gain 2, they sort of cancel each other out. I don't think hypothyroidism makes CoolSculpting ineffective, it can just make you not have the results you would have otherwise. You might notice the best results from CoolSculpting when your thyroxine levels are properly maintained and your weight has been constant for some time. It's just like anyone else with a normal thyroid- if a person had CoolSculpting but then changed their diet/exercise in a way that made them gain 25lbs, they certainly wouldn't see the results they would have if their weight remained the same. It's just hard with hypothyroidism because you are prone to gain weight, even with proper diet and exercise. But if your weight is stable and not continuing to rise I see no reason that hypothyroidism would cause CoolSculpting to not work. If your weight is continuing to rise despite your healthy lifestyle you might consider a visit to your endocrinologist soon! Just remember that everyone's metabolism slows over time, thyroid problems or not, so they will have to determine whether your weight is a result of an improperly managed thyroid or the natural consequences of age.
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Sorry to hear you are having trouble with the effects of hypothyroidism. I don't have hypothyroidism but I have Grave's Disease so I am pretty familiar with thyroid issues. I have heard from other people with hypothyroidism that the brand name drugs for thyroid hormone replacement is better than the generic levothyroxine, though I have no idea if this is true. And there are several brand names for levothyroxine so I'm not sure if any are "better" than the others. You could also ask your doctor about Armour Thyroid. Some people still feel fatigued despite TSH, T3 & T4 in the proper range. You could also ask your doctor about adjusting your dosage so that your T3 & T4 are higher than at the bottom of the normal range, if that is where they are now.
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Hi Lani, Thank you very much for the helpful advice. I'll look into it. I'm sorry you've had to deal with thyroid issues as well. All the best you!
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You look great!.....awesome results!
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Fantastic results! Looks great!
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Thank you, Miami! I just saw your results from coolsculpt too; you look awesome!
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Glad to see you are seeing results. I'ts been one month and I haven't seen any but I see it took almost two months for you to see any so that gives me hope.
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Thanks Baton Rouge. I've read that we could be seeing results as late as the 4th month after the procedure too. I also got Accent (ultra sound that breaks up fat) on my abdomen at the same time. I hope by Thanksgiving you start seeing some changes! Let me know how it goes.
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Good luck with your results! I'm physically active myself and the pouch around my stomach is very stubborn. Even 8 years ago when I was 20 pounds lighter (less muscle) in an unhealthy way... no butt, but that saggy bulge in the middle. They did a large and two smalls on either side? My consultation recommended two smalls between the stomach and flank to do it in 2 small applications instead of 3 (large + 2 small). I am just concerned if the two smalls will get enough done. I'll be following your results!
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Thanks Jellybeans! They did one large and a small on either side. Maybe get a second option or call and let them know that you would prefer, if it's possible, to get the large+2 small. I know what you mean. I would have been skeptical of the 2 smalls too. The good thing about getting 3 in that area is that it has an effect on your entire waist almost. Maybe check with the doctor forum on here too. Let me know what happens! All the best to you! :)
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Thanks for sharing your story so far, ittybitty! I can't wait to hear about your progress and see your photos.

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Thank you Sharon!
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