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After being 40 E for years and been unhappy with...

After being 40 E for years and been unhappy with my bust since forever ive saved up and i'm taking the plunge to have a BR. I go in on the 26th Sept and feeling excited and nervous at the same time as I don't know what to expect. Can anyone out there let me know when they felt well to do anything such as drive move about etc i would love to hear from you. I will post Befores and afters soon.

Good luck to you!!!!
I am having a reduction and tummy tuck on tuesday 25th emotions running high good luck to all and we can all compare notes after xx
No, I'm just in for 1 night. I'm a very similar size and shape to you. I've not got my bag packed just yet but the shopping and list making began quite some time ago!

Up to these photos of me and looking at them now...

Up to these photos of me and looking at them now has made me even more determined to get them done and now I can't wait 2 more days to go. Bags packed etc I've got as many people as i can to help me with my daughter and around the house I'm counting down to Wed. I'm still nervous but after looking at these pics can't wait for my new pair of boobs. although I've been to the doctors with back and neck pain and been under the physio for nearly 6-12 months you can't get much help on the nhs so I've saved up the money and gone private deep down I'll know it'll be worth it in the end. My husband says hell miss them I know I wont, lifelong dream soon to happen so here goes will keep this post updated as much as poss. Thanks to all your support too.

Gutted op has been cancelled due to blood test...

Gutted op has been cancelled due to blood test liver is not right d
So back to drawing board well fed up. Good luck to everyone who's soon to have surgery will think of you .

Oh No, Kali! I'm so sorry! Please let us know how it all goes! 
Hi there just wondering how you are and how did your op go x
Karl its frustrating but good they make sure your health is perfect first. One thing I learned hanging around here is the girls who got held back one time or another got more determined and less scared. Good luck,I'll be praying for your day and waiting for news!!! The waiting is crazyyyyy

Back on for tomorrow afternoon will post later...

Back on for tomorrow afternoon will post later ha
Ow it all goes
Thanks everyone lookin forward to seeing all your pics I'll post mine after too xx
Very best of luck. You'll be fine, just wait and see. It's the best thing I've ever done for myself. You'll be beyond delighted!
Your going to be a new person. Congratulations on getting your surgery back on track and looking fwd to reading about your experience. Cheers!

Well I've had it done on the second day husband...

Well I've had it done on the second day husband well upset as he called them the beauties Lol results so far are great there's a air bit of bruising to the left the right is fine and not much pain just a bit tender and sore.
i'll be following your progress closely. I also had mine on the 5th. So I too am 2 days post op. Very swollen on the sides. I think that hurts more than anything.
Put some ice packs on you'll be surprised how they help on my left I'm very bruised and was very swollen docs put ice packs And it made a difference. Funny i dont have much pain just tightness and soreness with not much bruise to the right side. The soreness was worse from the drains I felt loads better when they were removed, how are you in general.

3rd day not much pain still feels a bit tight and...

3rd day not much pain still feels a bit tight and now itchy. Im sleeping okay on a night but ive borrowed my daughters bean bag which has really helped (invest in one of these if you are feeling uncomfortable they mould to your body and support your back in an upright position) still very brusied on left but no pain just a bit of swelling . I would do it all over again. My doctor was brill and aftercare has been really good just waiting for appointment for dressing change now on anitbiotics as they stop infection setting in and im wearing a sports bra. I cant believe how slim i look everones commenting. All the girls came round to look they are well inpressed. I would recommend Transformand Mr Clark to anyone considering reduction Its been well worth it for me.
you look really good. Do you know what he took you down too?
Hi I'm itchy real bad but I've took pireton this seemed to work , my left is more bruised and not as swollen now the itch is more of a nuisance that anything and the tightness like you describe. I've took the homeopath arnica for bruise and swell this appears to be helping too. Not sure war size I'll be but doc said he was going G to go down 50 % I said ont that be too much so he said 40 instead I was about e/f cup so I reckon c/d cup I'm in:38 c sports bra how r u doing x
You sound good. Doing the right things and taking proactive measures. I'll have to check in on the amica and pireton (not sure what that is). You were smaller than me to begin with. I was a 40GG, right now I seem to need the 42 band on some bras. Not sure about cup size I tried on some XL Bali's today and I think they were maybe a bit too big. I kept one on but that had me hopeful. I'm sure my band size will back to a 40 once the rest of my swelling goes away. I feel I will land between a C and a D. But compared to what I looked like before I think I'm so much smaller. And the thing I also realized is that I don't have to do the upside down, stick your boobs in your bra, and then spread them move when I put a bra on. Very strange for me.

Thought id update its been a while so 3 weeks post...

Thought id update its been a while so 3 weeks post op 25 th Oct ran into a small problemI under left breast there was a small scab I wiped around it after getting bathed and the wound started to seep brown red stuff like old blood and a new bruise started to appear from nowhere, called the nurse who told me to m,ake an appointement to see doctor(only downside is its a fair way from where i live so had to get brother to take me as a still couldn't drive at this point )wasnt kept waiting too long but doc said to keep an eye on it and if he was worried about anything he would have operated again for further investigation he said it was prob a small bleed on the inside and would prob rectify itself 1 week later im still bruised as you can see in pics and still swollen on the left as to be expected as more work was done on that side . The left is about right id say as the right looks as though it was done 6 months ago and looks fab although there is still swellinfg to go down on this one too also still tender and a bit sore but nothing really major and the scaring looks as though it will be minimal so pleased ive done this . The care ive recieved was 100 per cent couldnt ask for any better and would def recommend Transform and Paul Clarke to anyone.

I asked the surgeon to just put nme in proportion and he said he took less off me that most ladies. I didn't like my boobs as ive always hated them as well as the comments from both men and women ( my brother said men are pervs and women are just jealous) prob true but after years of it it soon gets to you .. My husband says there small , i dont think so there a better shape and im pleased at how my clothes fit instead of falling out of them im now into them if you know what i mean..
I found a knickers and bra set i bought in my early twenties ( didnt have the heart to throw them as i loved them) but was kidding myself on the size bet most of you ladies now what i mean lol. Well ending to this story is tried the bra on the other day and it fits 38c WAYHAY dreams do come true only took 28 years
So was it worth it. id do it all again tomorrow.
Good luck to all the girls waiting to get it done and hope everyone heals well from lastest surgerys.
How are u doing now? today is the 28 of Oct. Did you have drains? were you on Antibiotics, Hope all is well, I havent had my surgery even scheduled.yet m aybe by Dec..
hi i did have drains for 2 days i was in the hospital as the doctor insisted on it and i was given antibiotics the nurse told me that this was to prevent infection and it was proven that this does work. I had a lot of seeping but it wasnt infection it could have been a bit left by the drain (drains are a little uncomfortable and they do not hurt) or a slow small bleed nothing serious and Transform looked after me really well and there care was excellent. I paid private as they do not fund reductions on the NHS anymore I made the best decision and id do it all over again so you go for it just take it real steady for about 3 weeks im still doing as little as i can to prevent slip backs but im only tender most on the brusied side which given time will be fine. Hope everything goes well for you. Regards Elaine
u look awesome!!! hopefully that one side will sort it self out and u wont have to worry anymore!!! yay for the old bra fitting!!!

Found this web page answers loads of questions i...

Found this web page answers loads of questions i thought it could help some ladies out there
Wow you look friggin amazing!! Thanks for sharing! I can't help but comment that my grandfather was born and raised in Sheffield till he stowed away on a boat and came to Canada. I have family in Leeds.
Hi there thanks for your comments still healing left side still swollen but it'll get there soon I imagine I live about 20 mins from Sheffield and about 40 from Leeds bet your grandad never regretted the move xxx
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