Don't Do it!

This is the worst procedure one can do. I hate my...

This is the worst procedure one can do. I hate my face... My skin on the sides droop down and I look older. I look tired. It's a money grab as you'll be a slave to fillers to try to fill it back again. Do yourself a favor and save your money. NEVER do a procedure that cant be undone. I have a miserable life and I can't forgive myself for doing this. It's hard when you have to look at your mistake in the mirror everyday.


I'm really sorry for your experience, Sarah, but thanks nonetheless for posting your review. It does help others who are considering surgery and gives them a chance to consider all of their options.

Are you using fillers now?

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I'm not using fillers. I had a chin Implant at the same time and I'm having that removed as soon as possible. I will be doomed before I do anything else to my face again. I litteraly paid money to make myself look older and tired and scarred.

This makes your cheeks sag from sides and creates...

This makes your cheeks sag from sides and creates lines in the corner of your lips. I mean they take out fat from under the cheeks and the skin remains where else can it go but down. Makes you look sad, older and tired. I've become severly depressed since this surgery. My youthful look is gone. Makes your cheeks like a deflated baloon. and it only gets worse with age. Doctors dont warn because this is how the earn a living.


There's no need to worry yourself sick, I mean is not the end of the world.many people out there are suffering from a chronic respiratory tract disorder, to an extent that they can only breath through an oxygen.Also there's a new disease called "Ebola" in west- Africa which has claimed millions of lives and still government couldn't do much to prevent an epidemic. And all that we worry about in real- self is just the aesthetic nature of our intire body.i had a bad- nose job last four month which has awaken me to my surroundings.Am now pursuing my career in music. Forget about your face for a moment and find your passion. Your face will definitely be fixed in the future but you need to do a thorough research, don't ever rush into anything till two/ three years.dont let what people think get to you, be yourself at all times .listen to you inner self because that is where your inner strength lies.dont give up because life has got alot in store for us. Goodluck!
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Where yu had it done Sarah I want the the location please want to do mines and I'm sorry for what yu goin thru
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I'm sorry for how this turned out Sarah. Will you please post some pics so we can see what happened? I hope you are feeling okay. We're here for you!
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