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It's been 11 days after surgery and I'm...

It's been 11 days after surgery and I'm feeling a bit down.

I went from a A/B to a full B (I hope)
My implants were done over the muscle. My PS told me that since I haven't had any children (to avoid my breast from dropping and having the double bubble effect) and I do a lot sports this was the best option for me.

I now notice that one breast is lower (right) than the other one, that one is bigger (right) and that my areola (PS recommended to get them smaller)are not even, one is pointing to the left (left) and its much bigger than the right one.

Is my left breast going to drop?
Is my right one going to get smaller?
Are my Areolas going to look even afterward?

I know it's only been 11 days but I see woman that look half way ok after surgery and mine look like a battle field.

Should I start to panic?

Any medical advise would be appreciated.


My implants were done over the muscle with 195cc...

My implants were done over the muscle with 195cc both sides tear shape gel Allergan implants

Photo update 3 weeks post op

photo update 3 weeks post op

I find this site very helpful!

I find this site very helpful!

From my first BO I went from a A/B to a C cup but...

From my first BO I went from a A/B to a C cup but wanted just a full B. I had to have revision after 6 months to try to get my L-breast even with my R-breast. The doctor cut an amount of skin and pulled it up to make the L-breast higher, healing process did not look good, my capillaries broke and I had small wholes that didn't want to close. 7 months after my 1st surgery and a month after the revision of my L-breast my Right-breast flipped up side down. I had to get a new surgery, new round implants instead of tear-drop and this time under the muscle. PS. said that he was going to try to do a Dual plane procedure and I specifically asked about the rippling and he told me that with this method rippling on the top of the breast is not visible because the muscles covers the upper part of the implant. Now I have rippling in the inner side UPPER area of my L-Breast(cleavage) and he tells me that there is not enough muscle over that area to cover the implant. I really don't even know if he did a dual plane or under the muscle or could he just have decided to place them again over the muscle. I feel horrible! And on top of it all I had to pay for the new round implants. He tells me the rippling can be fixed with fat transfer (I'm scared, as this procedure is not all that safe for what I've read) and of course the fat transfer can only be done in 6 months! I really don't know how some PS get away with this stuff.

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One risk to be aware of with fat transfer is that the fat can calcify. This can look like cancer in a mammogram - not only scary but could lead to unnecessary biopsy (? Not sure). Some doctors caution women with high risk to avoid this. I myself would benefit greatly from fat transfer but cannot because I m super high risk. With regard to the asymmetry you were concerned about, your boobs look great :) of course I understand how rippling would cause concern. We are here to support you :)
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Much better placement for you... glad you got that fixed. I definitely won't be choosing anatomical implants. You breasts also look closer together now which you must be happy about.
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Thanks so much for keeping your story updated. If you are looking into getting a revision, you might want to check out our Breast Implant Revision community. Please do come back and let us know how it goes.

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It looks like you had a "bottoming out". This is most common in over the muscle patients. If he's going to do adjustments....i would really ask if you could get it under the muscle. Yes its a more painful and longer recovery but at least you will have the bottom support of your muscle and less complications down the road. I'm only saying this because you should be completly satisfied if paying all that money. They really don't look bad though. Research bottoming out.
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Hi MPF and Auntie-shop. I sent you both a PM. If anyone has any more questions about my OP done in Shanghai I would gladly PM you.

I will add Pics of my progress for reference of my first BO and my 2nd one that I had to get done after 7months.

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Hi, I also got mine done in Shanghai and am having the same sort of issues. I was just wondering after this amount of time what your final result is like? Mine have only been in for 4 weeks and I am afraid they will never look the same. One areola is now smaller on the side the surgeon went in, it was much more bruised and seemed to have damaged tissue inside that you could see through the skin. And they are very noticibly different sizes and shapes. Who did you see and what has their response been like? So far I have just had comments to wait. Fair enough, but their guarantee is only for 6 months, so how long do I wait?
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Where did you get this surgery? I am looking for a plate to do it, but trying to avoid on the areola.
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I have the scar all around the nipple, because I had a areola reduction as well. It's been almost 3 months now, they look better, but the doc said he might have to do some minor adjustments.
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I just dont understand why you have a scare all aorund your nipple? did he remove your nipple??
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Have you gotten you sensetion back?
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i think you will notice better results as you heal they arent gonna be exact...think of em as sisters not twins! i think they are beautiful...i hope you enjoy the end result!
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WOW thats sucks!!! But did you went all around the nipple? big scar there???

I hope you dont loose sensation.

And its always better to do under the muscle.
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