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I'm in my fifties and my skin is pretty good...

I'm in my fifties and my skin is pretty good but I have some fine lines I dislike and those unattractive nasolabial folds are starting to appear, so I want to see some tightening. I recently gave myself some TCA peels and that didn't help much so two months ago I started with derma needling. I use a 1.5 millimeter roller which I got on Amazon and I roll each section of my face once (very thoroughly) every two weeks. The rolling procedure is painful, there's no doubt about that, and you really have to push yourself to keep doing it after you start. I only do sections of my face at a time so it's not quite so horrible. Anyway, so far I can say that a couple of tiny scars I had are gone, but that's the only major difference after two months. Supposedly you don't see results with this until you've been doing it for at least six months. I use copper peptide serum, right after rolling and you have to use moisturizers every day when you're doing this treatment, because it does make your skin quite dry. Anyway, I'll keep this updated as I go...

Update: 2/19/12 I've recently switched to the...

Update: 2/19/12
I've recently switched to the derma stamp and I like that much better. It's less painful and the needles seem to penetrate better. I'll be taking six week breaks between needling sessions with the derma stamp, though, as it's more intense than the rolling.

Oh, and I think I'm finally starting to see an overall improvement in my face. It seems to be tightening a bit.

Okay, I've been doing the derma needling for...

Okay, I've been doing the derma needling for nearly four months now and I can say that it really does work but the improvements come very slowly -- and the changes aren't dramatic. I would highly recommend derma rolling (or better: stamping) to those who have a lot of self-disipline because it's painful and requires sticking with it despite the lack of fast & obvious results. I can't speak for how it work on acne scars, as that wasn't my particular issue, but if you are really, seriously commited to improving your skin & your skin isn't too bad to begin with -- and you don't want to spend a lot on doctors -- this is a good option. I'll update in another month...

I've continued to use the 1.5mm derma stamp,...

I've continued to use the 1.5mm derma stamp, repeating each section of my face every four weeks. My face is continuing to show overall improvement. I use a vitamin C cream every day also. Progress is slow with this method but derma needling does work.

In the past two months I increased the frequency...

In the past two months I increased the frequency of my needling attacks on my face -- now I'm at it every ten days. I've come to the conclusion, based on my experience so far, and what some other (happy) women have reported, that the needling needs to be done fairly frequently to really make a difference. I know that some believe it shouldn't be done more than once every two months, but here's why I don't agree with that: needling doesn't really damage your collagen, it mainly just triggers the body's healing response. collagen doesn't have to remodel because needles don't really damage it. That's my theory, anyway. I've also, in the past month, added retin-A to my regimen (was using retinol cream, but went to .1% Retin-A). With this two pronged attack I'm really starting to see an improvement in my face. And I am not kidding -- I'm finally really happy with the improvements I see in the mirror.

UPDATE 1-23-2013 I stopped doing derma...

UPDATE 1-23-2013

I stopped doing derma needling and switched to the Stop Radio Frequency device, which I recently found out about. I've been doing that for 6 weeks and so far don't see much difference anywhere, except for around my eyes. I'll update again when I've been using it longer. I quit needling because it just hurt too much and was too much of a chore. It also wasn't doing anything for my neck or around my eyes. It's really hard to needle around the eyes and the neck area, so that was another reason I went for the Stop device. I'll update in a month or two, and let ya know how it goes...

It's Feb. 24 2013 today, and I wanted to update. I...

It's Feb. 24 2013 today, and I wanted to update. I recently saw a video interview with Dr. Des Fernandes and I was really impressed with the condition of his skin at age 70, after several years of regular needling. It inspired me to go back to my needling routine, although I'll be doing it only once every four weeks now, in addition to my Stop device routine twice a week. I also use DeVita's copper peptide serum, which I highly recommend. It works very well.

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I think the best resource for dermaneedling is The woman who runs it is a no nonsense, straightforward dermaneedling expert, and gives detailed info on dermastamping and dermarolling. She also sells these devices as well as other products to help with these treatments. Nothing she says sounds pushy and she does not try to cross-sell or up-sell. There are also many positive reviews about these natural dermaneedling methods working. I started dermarolling a few years ago but stopped because it was a chore, I didn't see immediate results and it hurt, but I've started doing it again just recently and am willing to put forth the time and effort it requires. The results might not be drastic and are not for all complexion/appearance issues , and it will definitely take time and dedication, but when I read these stories of people who got Fraxel or Ultherapy and/or other treatments, and now they're depressed and upset about their results, I know that I dermaneedling is definitely worth my time and patience because I am too scared of that outcome for myself. I am NOT in any way whatsoever affiliated with that site or any of the products she sells, nor have I ever been endorsed for anything I've said or am saying now.
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I'll definitely check it out!!
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I've bought a number of rollers from owndoc. The quality is good-enough and my experiences have been good overall. - With one exception. I've been waiting over a month for an answer to the question: "Is Infadolan really a good choice for after-needling care? The stated reason (the suspension medium is designed not to be absorbed by skin) may be invalid since the skin _does_ take time to finish closing up the needling holes (over 24 hours as evidenced by various studies)" Other than that, I've loved her/them. Also, there's a product they've created coming out later this month called the DermaJet. It's pricey, but looks like if used properly will result in a much better experience and better skin tone than classic needling.
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I currently want to derma stamp and was wondering if you know anything about being on epiduo while stamping?
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Hi I just purchase a .05 derma roller just wondering if anyone has use this needle ..and if they found it good on their face.....I have a lot of fine lines so I want something that well get the job done !!!!!
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just want to know if you're having any success with your dermastamp. I just ordered one and am excited to get it home.
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Please do update more! I'd love to hear the good and bad sides of what's happened over the last 6 months.
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please come back and update!
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Yes....I would like to know what you mean by a single needle and where can you purchase it. Wondering if a derma stamp or pen would work the same. I don't roll that area, I just use the derma stamp on upper lip/smoker lines. I have been doing it once a week for about 3 months, and I'm not sure if I see a difference, but they haven't gotten worse either.
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Thank you for your great reports on your experiences with needling. I just purchased two rollers, one for my face-an 0.5 and one for cellulite and weight loss-a 2.5..Your posts are inspiring and have helped me with my initial reservations about using this method.
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Hi , thank you got this wonderful post .... I'm a fan of needling too . I'm not sure if you are aware if this or not but using a 1.5 roller on your face Is not going to give you the results you are looking for ....for sucess with derma rolling the needles need to be 0.5 or 1mm at most for sucess with fine lines and scars . Hope that helps you ... Good luck !
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wow! you look fabulous! I too just got my face done and I'm very excited of my results already! I will too get more treatments done to hopefully look somewhat normal! For dark skin people this procedure is heaven sent! worth every penny and/or slight discomfort!
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Hi Boston 84: I got instructions for cleaning when the roller and stamp came and it said to clean them in denture cleaning tablets. You put the tablet in a cup of water and let them soak for a while. It is antibacterial, etc. and makes sense to me. They also said alcohol was fine but the denture tabs were better.
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Thanks Vikki b. I just ordered a derma stamp and derma roller. I have filler under my eyes and on upper lip for smoker lines. I'm not going to start on those areas. I'm going to start on my forehead, but eventually I want to do those areas. I know filler is supposed to go deeper then the roller needles, but I still don't want to take a chance.
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This may sound like a dumb question, but can you do derma rolling where you've gotten fillers? I don't know if the filler is still doesn't look like it, but i don't want to cause any bad infection or any other adverse event if there is still some in there.
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I honestly can't answer this question....never thought of it.
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Thanks Vikki b. I wanted to try this a few years back but there really wasn't a whole lot of information out there about it. They suggest you to go to a professional but no one offers it! It probably isn't going to make much money for the docs because it seems so simple! But...I don't understand what these online companies are thinking, not giving a cleaning solutions. Do they give any instructions on how to clean them yourself? I have to clean the thing if you are giving yourself puncture like wounds!
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I got a derma stamp and they did not send with cleaning solutions but they did give instructions on how to clean. They said to spray with rubbing alcohol before use. I let it airdry and then stamp. Then they say to rinse with cold water. I let it airdry and then put away. It comes with a cap but I still put it in a Baggie and seal it too.
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No they do not... I'm not completely sold on this process. I really don't see much of an improvement
  • Reply they give you cleaning solutions with the at home derma rollers??
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I think that doing the derma rolling yourself at home is a good idea because there are NO docs or PS in my area that offer it. And I live in a big city! The problem is, which roller are you to buy and I'm not sure what to use with it as far as creams, etc. Everything makes me break out and I am in my 50's.
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You can try looking up info on I've emailed them questions about what and where I want to correct and they've suggested what to get. I derma stamp with and 85 needle stamp at 1.5mm long needles
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I recommend Derma Roller to be done by a skin care professional. Never buy a made-in-china cheap roller from Amazon.. There are techniques for derma roller and protocols.. I read tons of reviews of derma-rollers in amazon and these people don't know what they are doing. I love the way professionals do derma-roller in Australia. Contrary clients down here in the U.S. who think they are doing a great job by shopping for the lowest quality rollers on amazon and ebay.
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I am not seeing alot of improvement.. done a couple with 1.5 derma roller. Ill keep at it and keep posting. I would think alot would depend on what you put topically right after since the idea is that it will be absorbed better.
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Vicky, try adding a strong Retinol cream or Retin-A to your needling regimen. I did that and I am *really* seeing improvement now. You have to be patient when you first start with retinol though, it brings on skin irritation in the first week or two, which you have to get through.
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