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Tummy Tuck Review - Sewell, NJ

I was satisfied with my tummy tuck surgery. Dr....

I was satisfied with my tummy tuck surgery. Dr. LaVan corrected my stomach with a full tummy tuck after having lipo done someplace else that made my stomach skin looser. I am most happy that the tummy tuck scar is very thin and practically unnoticeable. I have a flat stomach and you can see the outline of my six pack and with exercise it makes it even better looking. I would definitely recommend Dr. LaVan to others. He is easygoing and very reasonable and willing to work with your concerns.
can you tell me where you had it done with dr. lavan and the about cost? i just saw him for botox and i liked him so i am seriously contemplating seeing him for this procedure. thanks.
Glad to hear everything went so well.  How was the recovery for you?  
The recovery was not so bad. I had the pain pump which made a difference. Just had to be careful when laughing and coughing...the worst pain. The abs feel really tight and sore and to me that is the part of reocovery that is the toughest but with pain meds it was tolerable. I was back to work within a week although I still couldn't stand completely straight yet. You''ll still have a bent over stance but just slight...nothing people really noticed. The incision site is the easiest. I didn't have any pain in that area and it heals fairly quick.
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Dr. LaVan is very personable and makes you feel comfortable. He made it easy to trust him and I had no fear of getting the surgery done. His follow up care was good.

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