The Biggest Mistake- Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo - Serbia, RS

I had the same experience as our member VANESIA...

I had the same experience as our member VANESIA who firstly created this title THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE when she was writing about her permanent eyebrows. A year ago (exactly) I tattooed my eyebrows but I didnt check the tattoo studio where I went to tattoo my eyebrows ( because I was idiot ). I wanted to tattoo pale brown eyebrows because I was not satisfied with my natural shape.

AFTER TATTOOING I was shocked ! I got DARK,BLACK,THICK eyebrows, and they were not the same shape from the beginning. The man who tattooed them told me to wait for 2 weeks and after 2 weeks they were the same ! After that I went to a cosmetic salon to try to fix those awful black eyebrows and they tried with beige color but only a small surface to see the effect ! The eyebrows were still terrible so I decided to go on a laser treatments. I found one private clinic and the plan was to take 3-5 treatments and each one costs 50$. I was desperate so I didnt mind about the money ! I have already had 3 treatments and I see the progress but I think it will take me more than 5 treatments to fully remove these eyebrows !

The bad sides of the laser treatments are those: 1. It hurts very very much 2. you have to wait 4-6 weeks between the treatmens and during that period your eyebrow color mutates from black to red and all people are looking at you like you are idiot 3. it is expensive 50$ each treatment. Despite all these bad sides I would not know what to do with my eyebrows if I hadnt find this solution ! One of the problems which can happen is that some colors contain iron and after the laser treatment it OXIDES and becomes even darker than it was before the treatment. I had that problem with the part of my eyebrows that mentioned I went to fix. Doctors told me that there is a possibility that it can not be removed or it can but that we will need more treatments ! Im a bit worried about that. In 3 days I am going to fourth laser treatment and I hope to have a good progress ! Everyone who gets into trouble like this, and thinks that she is the only idiot on the planet,dont be desperate,you can contact me for some advices and suggestions and you should know that you are not the only one!!! 


Luckily my blue lipliner is fading out very fast, since I got it only five and half weeks ago.There is only very fine line left and some areas look already as they looked before procedure.That fine line is very easy to cover with bright lipstick until all is gone... I washed my lips constantly with gall soap as well as did peeling every day and sat in the strong sunshine.Having a health care professional background I repeated needling with thinnest sterile injection needle and it worked out!But one has to have knowledge and skills, of course when performing that kind of work. As it seems that I have survived I'll never ever let anyone to touch my face again.Not in any way!I am very grateful and wish you all the best.Remind everyone that skin's cool under color and strong natural lip color turns permanent lip liner easily dark blue :(
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I think you look beautiful with the dark eyebrows. Sorry you had such a bad experience. I had a similar experience but I waited a while and got used to them and they lightened up some. I am very happy with them now.
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WOW, seems like there are so many "mistakes" popping up....I am a technician in Florida and I have had 6 cases approach me in the last 2 weeks....all of which I am unable to help..I referred for laser removal....this is why it is crucial for clients to do their due diligence and research your tech....see many pictures, not just a couple...and most importantly, make sure they are licensed to do this.....this is your face...dont base your decision on cost...but on experience and credentials......good luck ladies with your removal process Mary
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Hi guys I had my fourth laser treatment on April...

Hi guys I had my fourth laser treatment on April 10th, the eyebrows are terrible but I can see them fading but not equally everywhere. This two "things" near my nose are those areas that have oxided and they have different texture than normal skin. I hope they can fade. I find it very difficult to cover this with my make up everyday. Soon I will go to another laser treatment and I hope to have the progress before the summer holiday because I really can not go to the beach this way :(


salut Micka, alors tu en es où ? j'espère que ca s'arrange! bises
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Aww i think the first eye brow didnt look bad at all. I have done many permanent eye brows it sometimes take 1 moth that your eye brows change a lot. If you only waited for 2 weeks that was realy to short. I think he didnt do it so ugly. But its the though of it cause your not used to it. Believe me it was realy looking good im sure it will be even better after 1 moth you should have patient instate of laser it. Now it even looks more ugly. Have you try to find any one that use Softouch permanent make up or Trucco. Usualy those are good ones but always check there websites with foto's and read reviews about it. I think you can put new eye brows now it would look more nice just be patient for a moth not to judge after 1 or 2 weeks thats to short. My eye brow change after 1 moth. It realy depend on every one skinn or how deap the pigment is put into your skin colour never the same and shape never the same ones it healted. Patient is the key. Good luck anyways.
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I'm sorry but Micka your eyebrows look much after laser. Permanent make is fake and looks awful. You can tell its fake close up. Keep going with the laser and stay with your natural beauty.


Hello everyone, I'm glad that you are all contacting me and I am really sorry I didnt write you because I had the exams I had so much to study. Meanwhile I went to two laser treatments one on May 22nd and the next one on 2nd July. I see the progress but it is going SO SLOW :( I have to put my make up everyday because I dont have my natural eyebrows doctor had to shave them and I dont even have the tattooed eyebrows anymore. Doctor has a new laser :
she told me that it is the better one then the last one and that it has a specific option for green colours. We hope that with it we will be able to fade to whole eyebrow even the oxided parts. I always made a pause 6 weeks between the treatments and now doctor told me to make 8-10 weeks ( almost the whole summer). Since I had a laser treatment 14 days ago I am now still waiting for my eyebrows to fade in the next two weeks. I really hope the best and I hope I will get rid of eyebrows by the end of this year


You are very pretty, I'm so sorry you went through this, I hope you can remove all the ink.
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thank you a lot now it is much better you can see on the photos, I am bored to use eyebrow pencil every day but it looks good I will put a photo how it looks when I cover them with make up . kisses
Yes you are beautiful and I think you are nearing to the end of your removal journey. Keep going it will be worth it. I can't believe the difference from your first photo to your last. The laser has really worked, amazing!

Hi again!!

I want to thank you all for supporting me sometimes I find these texts that I write too boring, long and with a lot of details but I write them because I was desperate when I tattooed my eyebrows. I was searching the internet to find the solutions for removing the eyebrows and it was really hard. I would be very very glad if I helped anyone a bit ! Since I have said that I am covering my eyebrows with my make up I now give you the picture how it looks. This picture is one month old so it was after 5 treatments so now when my skin heals after the sixt treatment I hope to look better. I think you will all agree that I have done a great job I am not embarrased to walk down the street anymore, even I had some comments that my eyebrows are great. The only thing which is boring that I have to put my make up EVERY TIME when leaving home, but I will be patient a few months more and hope to achieve what I want and remove them!!! I am happy that I dont look like a monster anyway. I think that the hardest part is over so I have the motivation to move it to the end.... KISSES


Thank you for sharing your story. I had mine done 2 weeks ago. Aweful to say the least! Hate them! I want to have laser and remove them! Your story is inspiring and Thank you!
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You are welcome. I think you should wait a few months before you start your laser treatments. Good luck.
Hi Micka, I'm so happy for you. Finally you get your tattoo removed. I'm having exactly the same problem as you and I just gone through my first session of laser treatment yesterday. Just like what you experienced, some of my eyebrow tattoo colour turned from black to red. They are so awful now. But I know it will be part of the process, what I need is time and patience. Hopefully I can successfully removed my eyebrow tattoo too at the end, just like you :)
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Hello everyone!!

Hello I am writing you again, this time I made a longer pause between my treatments ( about 10 weeks insted of 6 weeks) because my doctor suggested me and it was very hot during the summer and the skin which is under laser treatments MUST NOT be exposed to sun. I used sunscreen SPF 50 + during my vacation at the seaside and I successfully saved the skin. I had my seventh laser treatment 2 days ago, I am very near to the end which I almost cant believe. There is blood all over the skin and I can not put my make up the next 7-10 days so I cut my fringes in order to be able to go out without people looking at my eyebrows. I will again make a longer pause before the next treatement, so it will be in the middle of November maybe. Neither doctor nor I can predict how many more treatments I will need, but we are done with the black ink and we now have the challenge to fade the ink that went to green. We see the progress even in that area but it is very slow !!! I really hope it will fade. I give you my new pictures and wish luck to everyone who is going through this suffering process. Kisses


Hello Micka, I'm from Italy and i had your same problem with my eyebrows. On 8th october a begin with laser treatment, luckily my tattoo isn't dark and thick like yours, and the doctor said to me that are sufficient 3 laser treatments. I want to know if my hair growing were compromised during the laser, i had much hair and i didn't want to get off them... because they cover up the horrible tattoo. Sorry for my bad English :( Dafne from Italy...
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Hello dont be sorry for your English its okay :) I had 7 laser treatments and my hair is growing back so dont worry. The only thing is that after laser hair grows much slower, so maybe you will need a few months for your eyebrows to come back as they were before. My doctor told me that I will not lose any hair. Once I read somewhere on the internet that it is possible to lose about 5% of your hair forever, after laser tattoo removal, but I dont know if it is true.Even if it is true, 5% is a little. I originally had a small amount of hair which I didnt like so now I am picking my hair with tweezer and drawing my eyebrows with make up since I still need to cover the ink that is not gone. Good luck
waw the left one est pratiquement parti cest super! moi jai rendez vous au mois doctobre seulement avec un medecin qui utilise aussi le laser candela. bises Stella
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I had my treatment 16 days ago, the skin is healed, I mean I have no scubs but the skin is still red so I dont see the progress very well because the eyebrow turned funny colours. Partly green,red and a little black is still there. The only thing good is that the tattooed area got smaller so I look normal now I can use make up to draw the eyebrows thinner then I drew before when I had more ink. This makes me really happy. I didnt take a picture without make up but in the next few weeks I will get one and upload to share the progress with you. When I compare this last picture with the first one I get really really happy.


Hi Micka! It's amazing how great your eyebrows look now! I'm so happy for you! I have my second laser treatment next week-I'm also excited! Have a question: have you had any scarring in your eyebrows after that many treatments? My doctor told me I will need 5 or 6 treatments at least.
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I dont have any scars in the area which had black ink the skin is normal, but the skin in the area which oxided into green, changed the texture a bit :( I will wait more time to see if the texture will come back as it was before ( what I dont believe will happen ) if it stays textured I will talk with my doctor about some other treatment,not laser

One more pic I think you will like it

I give you one more picture, I think it is better than the last one. Dont pay attention on my silly face, I just shared it with you because I thought you may want to see the eyebrows better. I hope this will give enough motivation to those girls who are having the same problem. Wish you the best


Looking BEAUTIFUL!!! They are almost gone WOW!!!!
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Amazing, hats off to you for persevering. You look beautiful and natural. Just shows what determination can achieve. You are inspiring Micka x
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thank you


I want to thank to all of you who are supporting me and texting me, it means a lot to me I send you best wishes from Serbia.Kisses girls


Corrections are a process but can definitely be done.
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Torturing, but I am near the end. I had my 8th laser treatment 4 days ago, I will post new photos when my skin gets healed.
im sick with worry, on impulse and a visit to florida i had my brows done, they are too dark and too thick, can i get them partly laser'd off to make them thinner?? i keep looking in the mirror, hubby says they arent to bad. do they tattoo same as tats on rest of body?? im new to this! im not sleeping, eating, heart palpations!! i am now back in the uk
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Hello everyone

Hello everyone, I had my seventh laser treatment on September 12th and my eight treatment on November 18th. I see fading and for the first time I see oxided area fading so I will continue with q-switch lasers until I don't completely remove the eyebrows. What do you thing about the progress??? Girls who take laser treatments, be persistent and I hope we will all manage to remove the stupid tattooes. Best wishes


Hi Sam06, what is happening with your removal?
Yes they will but I have read that you can lose 5% of your eyebrows
Hello mayaguez1 I am sorry to reply this late, whats up with your removal process? let us know, everything the best


What is great that I can easily cover this with make up so I look normal now, I expect to remove everything with maybe 3 more laser treatments.


Hi Micka, how is your progress going?
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To ANYONE considering this procedure DONT DO anywhere... I think i am the only one who didnt want to chop off my face!! But i would say still only 75% happy with the job. If u did get a great job i am happy for u but when someone asks me who did mine i tell them the salon is no longer in business even though they are. I do not want to be responsible for anyone having to go through a bad bad bad procedure!
My eyebrows are awful too, I have had them for years but lately they are even looking worse! they are so high and uneven I am at my wits end! I cannot go through the laser process the Doctor says since they are oxidized it may not come out right and it will be multiple treatments and could leave scar or shadow. I have no hair at all due to thyroid issues and that's why I did this. I am at a point where I am thinking of have them cut out, but I am not sure. I wish someone could come up with something that would remove these! Good luck with yours please post and let me know the outcome. thanks.
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Monster eyebrows almost gone!!!

I had my 9th laser treatment on April 2nd. I still see that green parts are fading slowly even after 5 months. I plan to do another laser treatment in October, and I hope I will finish soon and make the new ones. FINALLY :D see the pics and the last pictures how I cover them with make up, finally looking NORMAL even though I have to put make up every day I dont mind, I am happy that the ink is almost GONE !!! Kisses


I have found that if I use a very fine pencil by Anastasia eyebrow I can cover my mistakes and then conceal with a pencil concealer where it is too high. I had laser but stopped and decided to live with it. Also sephora brand eyebrow which is less expensive.
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I just got a call to do the "saline" would be done by the owner of the place. I am considering it. I dont necessarily need the entire brows off just pieces of them where they start to high and to different and take off the really high arches on them with that off I think I would be able to redo them better, but I am not sure. Should I just go for getting them all off and starting all over. I do not have any hair at all due to thyroid disease so hair is not an issue....
My opinion is to get them off completely. I dont have my hair now but I draw them everyday. You will get used to it
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