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I just had genioplasty surgery done about 7 days...

I just had genioplasty surgery done about 7 days ago (so there is still swelling) and I am upset because I feel like the difference isnt even noticeable... The doctor said he moved the bone out 4mm, but I'm starting to think that wasnt enough. Not sure if I should keep waiting for the swelling to go down (I think it will only get smaller though) or look for a revision before the bone heals...

Looks great. U looked good before too! We would love to see recent pics :-)
It's VERY Noticeable. It could be more, but honestly, I wouldn't touch it. these things are a lottery. If you want a more defined jaw you could make a lipo, but I dont think its necesary either. You can also loose some fat by yourself with diet and sport and voila.
i think he did a fantastic job actually! very natural and not at all over done. i think you should be happy. you look great :) what clinic did you go to? I am very curious because he seems very good at doing chin/jaw stuff.
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