My Hairline Hair Transplant Surgery in Korea, Seoul

Wanting a more feminine and a round hair line I...

Wanting a more feminine and a round hair line I decided to have a hair line correction surgery to fill in my temporal Peak area.

Deciding on the surgery, I looked for clinics in Korea as I was planning on visiting Korea on my break and I knew that hair line correction surgery for women was very big in Korea.

After approaching many clinics, I decided to go for Dr. Park at Forhair clinic in Apgujeong, Seoul. I chose Dr. Park firstly because he only specialized in FUE surgery. I didn't want to have a strip procedure because I was worried about the possibility of a scar being left on the back of my scalp.

I was unable to visit the clinic for my initial consultation, as I lived outside of Korea at the time and couldn't visit the clinic. So I had my consultation using their online consultation service by sending in my photos. I was responded by the clinic's international patient manager Bora. After sending her my photos, she sent me a very detailed consultation report based on Dr. Park's diagnosis. I included information on the number of grafts I would need for my surgery based on my surgery expectations. The report included information such as method of surgery, design of my hair line and recommended duration of stay. I was very surprised by the depth of information provided on the online consultation service.

After receiving the report, I think I was in contact with Bora for over 2 months before I decided to have the surgery at Forhair. Throughout the 2 months, she responded very quickly answering all my questions.

Because I didn't have my in clinic consultation prior to deciding on my surgery, I was advised to visit the clinic the day before my surgery. I visited the clinic and was greeted by Bora and the Forhair clinic. The atmosphere was very friendly and they had individual waiting rooms so I didn't have to wait with other people having their consultations.
There was a slight wait but I was greeted by Dr. Park and he examined my hairline and explained to me how the surgery would be performed. Dr. Park was wonderful and very attentive the whole time.
After the consultation with Dr. Park, I was offered scalp cleansing in preparation for my surgery the next day. Once the cleansing session finished I was briefed by Bora again on things I needed to prepare for my surgery the next day.

I was asked to visit the clinic by 9:30AM. The clinic provided me with 2 nights accommodation and the hotel provided pick up services to and from the clinic so getting to the clinic on time wasn't a problem.
On my arrival, I settled my account and was asked to change into surgery clothes. Once changed I was guided to the operation room where 5 nurses were waiting for me.
The surgery was performed under local anesthesia so I had the surgery in a seated position [although there were breaks in between sitting down for 7 hours was more painful for me than the surgery itself...]

Once seated, I was given Tyrenol to ease the pain once the surgery commenced. I opted for the CIT (Box-cut) surgery so the nurses prepared my donor area accordingly. Once the preparation finished, Dr. Park came in and he explained again the procedure and started with injecting the anesthesia on my scalp. Although painful it wasn't as bad as I expected. Once the first jab of anesthesia kicked in I didn't feel any pain, just a bit numb on the back of my head.

Being awake the whole surgery, the nurses and Dr. Park were very responsive asking me whether I was okay or whether I needed a break. They had a TV with an entertainment system so I was able to stay awake watching latest movies and TV programs [The systems in Korean so I had to get one of the nurses to navigate it for me].

Lunch was provided with lunch at 1pm and the surgery started again at 2pm.
The surgery ended around 6.30PM and I was bandaged up and released to my hotel. They gave me antibiotics and pain killers to take during the night. Asked to return to the clinic the following morning to have my bandages removed and hair shampooed.

I didn't sleep much the previous night because it was uncomfortable to sleep on my back with my head straight. There wasn't much pain as I think the anesthesia and the pain killers were still in effect.

Returned to the clinic the following morning and had my bandages removed as well as given instructions on how to care for my newly implanted hairs and the wounds on the back of the head. I was also given a post hair transplant shampoo to use when shampooing my hair.

Before leaving the clinic, I signed on their warranty contract which stated that a the clinic would provide warranty for the surgery performed yesterday.
I was followed up by Bora every month through email as I couldn't revisit the clinic after Day 2. I am still in contact with her and I'm well into my 7 month after surgery.

I am very satisfied with Dr. Park's work and I had a great experience with all his staff at the Forhair clinic. I strongly recommend Dr. Park and his team!!
Dr. S.G Park

Dr. Park was very friendly and professional. Very informative also during consultation.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi Sarah, can you please post some photo updates maybe after a few months of growth? I'm a male, but I am interested in checking out Forhair as they seem to have great customer service and I'm also Korean, so it may be a good fit for me.
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Do you have thin or thick hair?
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And did you only have a hair line correction on the right side?
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I think my hair is on the thick side and I had hairline correction on both sides but didn't upload the left side cause uploading photos took too long when I posted my review....
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Thank you for the reply! I actually want to the same hairline correction but was worried the density of my hair was too low.
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Did you only get a hair line correction on just the right side as shown in the pictures?
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Hi, really looks great ! You mentioned that you approached many clinics in Korea, were their cost about the same? What were their range? If I would need about 3,000 grafts, would you know approximated cost? The total cost of $7560 included the operation and hotel accommodations as well? Thanks in advance.
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Hi, I can't remember the exact costs but Forhair was one of the most expensive clinics I approached. But most other clinics I approached recommended strip surgery so the prices they quoted were much lower. If I remember correctly the range we between $5 ~ $10 per graft for FUE. I paid in Korean won but the rough conversion to US dollars is $7560 and it included the operation and 2 nights accommodation.
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Thanks. This information is extremely helpful. Can you tell me about warranty? What does it cover and for how long?
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Sorry for the late comment. For the warranty they have a warranty contract that you sign and they give you a warranty certificate. I checked my warranty contract and it states that 1. Re-surgery assessment will be based on the 12 months post-op result. 2. If hair density on the area of surgery after 12 months shows difference of 30% or greater in hair density from what was agreed during the pre-surgery consultation re-surgery will be provided to reinforce density. Hope this helps =)
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wow this is a good reassurance. my doctor offered the same insurance.
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Thanks again. Yes, your information is greatly appreciated and timesaver for me.
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Wow, the results look amazing! Did you have to shave your hair for the surgery? It looks like you didn't but I thought for FUE you had to shave your hair...?????
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I did shave my hair for the surgery but only on the donor area. They shaved my back hair in the shape of a box and left hairs above each box so I was able to cover the shaved areas with my remaining hairs. They also had no shaving option but it was more expensive so I decided to go for the shaving option. I would not have had my surgery if I had to shave all my hair.
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Hi, do you still have their contact email? I want to contact them as well. Could also provide their website, so I can check out details myself. Thank you for sharing your experiences.
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Hi, I still stay in contact with Bora because I'm not past my 1 year mark yet. Her email is Their website address is www.forhair.cokr/main.htm I had a great experience with them so hopefully you will have too ^^
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the results is incredible, but it seems expensive to me. $6 per graft. why didnt u do the surgery in the us?
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I decided to go with Forhair because I planned to visit Korea anyway and thought Korea would be my best choice since hairline correction and cosmetic surgery is quite big there. At the time I thought it was quite expensive also but now with my results i'm very satisfied and don't think the surgery is expensive at all!!
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Thank you for sharing your experience. glad your results look very natural. b4 i did my surgery, i was looking at other countries, but it's hard to trust a hair restoration surgeon from abroad, i needed a warranty.
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Yeah.. I had a lot of what ifs prior to having my surgery. I was spending a lot of money and needed to be sure that I would get the results I wanted. The clinic's warranty policy gave me the reassurance I needed to have the surgery =)
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Jaw dropping results, your hair looks incredible!!!! So glad you shared with us. How many grafts did you get?
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Hi Eva, I'm very happy with the results! I got 1,200 grafts in total for the surgery.
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So glad to hear you are happy!! Thanks again for sharing :)
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