Sensitive Teeth? Do Not Whiten Your Teeth You Will Regret It Ouch!

I had my teeth ZOOMED about a year ago i my teeth...

I had my teeth ZOOMED about a year ago i my teeth dramatically whitend but i have sensitive teeth during and after zoom there was only a tiny bit of icepick pain with my teeth the worst for me is the after kit you can purchase after OUCH! i had not used my kint for several months so i thought i would just use a little well it is 10:00 P.M the following night and i am getting the off and on tremendous pain so if you have sensitive teeth DO NOT USE ANY WHITENING PRODUCTS YOU WILL BE SORRY!


I had zoom done today and I did 3 fifteen minute sessions. Opted out of the 4th. Definitely sensitive. THANKFUL I did not do the fourth 15 minutues. Pain is bad enough to keep me from doing what I want to do for sure. I have applied some orajel type stuff, and rince. Ibuprofen not touching the pain. have taken several.

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