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Two years ago in June 2010, I had a breast...

Two years ago in June 2010, I had a breast augmentation done. After surgery I was 350CC over the muscle. Everything went great and as planned until about 8 months later my right breast started to feel hard and it almost felot as if there was a bubble in my breast. I couldn't squeeze my boobs without feeling this ball in my chest. About 6 months ago, my left breast felt the same way. I had found out from my right breast, that i had capsular contraction. About a couple weeks ago, my breasts seemed to be changing shape and my nipples seemed to even grow!? It was hard to finally face the facts that my body was not going to accept these implants and even opting to try under the muscle *beings that was said to have a lesser chance of capsular contraction*, I was too scared to have another surgery and i felt like I was just wearing my chest down to the ground.

I am only 21 and I never wanted any of this to happened. I would rather feel comfortable in my own skin then to be uncomfortable knowing I have these balls in my chest. It was uncomfortable to sleep...cuddle with my boyfriend or even sleep on my back because they would just be sticking straight up in the air! So yesterday *the 27th*, I had my breast implants removed. Today I had the gauz taken off and I was able to see what they looked like. This was nothing I could prep myself for and I was a little emotional and teary eyed when I saw. My mom and boyfriend was there to help me through it all.

Yesterday at about 7pm... I started to get a massive migrain and felt sick to my stomach. I do have the patch on me that helps prevent getting sick but I think my body has overcome that patch and I ended up throwing up at 4am this morning. Which never happened to me when I first got my breasts done. This is def worse then getting them put in (pain wise). My boobs feel a little blown out like there droopy around my nipples but I'm hoping with time that perk up a little. I'm trying to be positive and remind myself why I did this in the first place. Reading all of the girls storys on here has really helped me move forward. Thanks so much girls :)


It is better that you had them out. You were experiencing symptoms the same as me. I feel so much better not having any discomfort in my breasts now and not having odd symptoms. I cannot wait to be able to sleep in any position and give really good cuddles!!! I am still in a compression garment at the moment and cannot wait to have it off. I am still down about the size of my boobs, but hope that one day they will recover.
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nausea is better today. Yesterday was absolutely miserable... Im not too emotional which is good but im just wanting this time to go by fast so I can buy new bras and see what I look like.
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It will get better, hang in there! You didn't have your implants for a long time and they weren't very large. I'm going to bet you will quickly regain your former shape and spring back. I had my implants out on 8/1 and I'm pretty much back to normal (with a little extra sag
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Today is day three of my surgery. My boyfriend...

Today is day three of my surgery. My boyfriend helped me take my first shower last night & actually went okay. on day two (yesterday) my ps took off my bandages and put me into a bra that was pretty tight to bound my chest. It's pretty uncomfortable and I have to wear it for 3 weeks X-\ . Today I'm waking up much more comfortable and out of pain. I can sit down on the couch and scoot myself to the edge and get back up again without much strain. I'm taking everything day by day and not letting any negative thoughts come into my mind because I was made the way I was and I should be proud of that and not want to cover it up with implants. Because I am beautiful inside and out and so is every woman on this site. I have added an updated picture of how I look now without the implants. I'm still a little saggy on top of the nipples as it looks like they've caved in. They have taken a new shape (obviously bc of the implants). But they look a little bigger than before because they are wider from the implants. Whereas before, my boobs sat more in the front of my chest. We have to all find something positive about the choice we made, even if we don't think so right now! :)


Thank. You so much. They're really not that big but when ivtyrn to the side the left breast looks a little different... More like a slope. So im hoping since tgey turner out half way decent, it won't take long for them to fluff up.
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You look great! I'm serious, you look like you never had implants. They are beautiful! I truly mean that.
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You look great for just having them taken out! Give your body time to heal and the tissue time to settle, and I bet they look similar to how you looked before you even had implants put in!
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So today is day 4 of my post-op. I woke up today...

So today is day 4 of my post-op. I woke up today feeling a lot more optimistic about my chest and started to realize that my chest does not make who I am. Whatsoever. Of course throughout the day I have taken a peek at them but every time I look at them I am even happier than before about my decision. My physical opportunities are limitless now. I feel great about myself. On the 11th I get my stitches out which is exciting. The pain is my chest is pretty much non-existent except when I use my chest muscles in a weird position. Sometimes I have some sharp pains my scars but I know that is the healing process. Tonight is the first night I get to sleep on back completely flat without being elevated. Although I think I'm going to keep a little elevation just in case. I hope this has been helpful to you ladies! Good luck xoxo


Ashley... How re you doing.
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So glad that both of you are happy :) I love the shape of my boobs now. Just waiting for then to perk a little bit more and ill be set :)
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My explant surgery went smooth as well! I am 3 days post op, no pain and my breasts look normal- even better than they did with implants! I am so happy and comfortable with my "new body" and look forward to a healthy life without silicone in my body!
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So today is my three weeks post-op. I am feeling...

So today is my three weeks post-op. I am feeling great. Minimal soreness except when I make a big movement and they bounce. I am a good size 34 B and love my new boobs. They have a great shape and have fluffed up to a good amount. I was able to buy a bra without padding today which was fun because sports bras for three weeks was horrible with outfits! :-X . Three more weeks and I will be able to wear a normal bra with underwire! :-) . I have learned to love my chest and it didn't take long as I saw the good in every decision I made to get this operation done. As I have made jokes about my chest to friends, "I am flat & happy!". Not flat at all, but I am happy to have those big balloons gone and be able to lay on my stomach and sleep....RUN for once without them bouncing hard on me. Sensation has come back...Boyfriend is ecstatic lol! I feel more petite and my friends have told me I look "sportier". Haha. Anyways, letting everyone know that I am completely satisfied and even when I see girls who just got theirs done or already have them done....I don't get jealous or mad. I am happy they are happy with their chest and hope they don't have to go through what I did! Because I am all natural and no longer have to worry about any problems with a foreign body being inside my chest. I'll post pictures in just a minute!


You were beautiful before and you are beautiful now. I am so happy you are healing so well. Live and Learn. God Bless
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You look fab i hope my explant will give me such a great result like yours, altho my surgeon is telling me i wont be happy with the result which is qute off putting. Unless i have implants back in !! I reckon he is just looking for more money making business!! I dont want anymore of these foreign bags of silicon in my body. Anyhow you look great honey !!
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So glad you are doing so well. Thank you for sharing your story . You look beautiful au natural !
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