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Tick Tock Till April 10th...- Bountiful, UT

I have scheduled my lower face life, neck lift and...

I have scheduled my lower face life, neck lift and lipo and buccal fat pad removal for April 10th, 2013.

I am a very active, happy, hardworking, tired "looking" 50.
I have a double chin I have hated my entire life, regardless of weight! It is time to get "gone" with it!

This hasn't been an easy decision. I finally decided to stop hating what I see in the mirror and ask my Doctor for his suggestions. He is happily confident he can give me what I am asking for. I am excited and scared to death at the same time!!

Having had a Mommy make over in 2007, I am not worried about the pain (I know this stuff hurts), I can deal with it for the way it changed my life. I am not afraid of going under. I am only afraid of my dear sweet husband's reaction to my "battered" post op face!!! The rest I can deal with.

Ready or not... The clock is ticking ;) I am excited!!! And scared ;)

I can relate to being both "excited and scared". I just had a lower face and neck lift on Feb. 11. I was worried about how I'd look after, how long until I could be seen in public, etc. I was pleasantly surprised as to how good I looked so soon after the procedure. After the bandages came off, the day after the procedure, even though I had some swelling, with the help of a scarf, I looked very presentable. My husband and I stopped to eat on the way home and, even though I felt self-conscious, no one stared or seemed to notice anything amiss with my face. Good luck - you'll be fine and keep us posted
Todd8505, Thank you for such a wonderful story!!! I am an eternal optimist, and I sincerely hope for such a smooth recovery!! I am in good health, I have a good support network for recovery and I have a positive attitude. I know that it is no guarantee that things will be "perfect", and I am prepared for that as well. I am nervous, but more resolved than ever as my date approaches. My nerves are not nearly as bad for this as it was for my TT. It was extreme, and worth every single part of the recovery. Thank you again for sharing!!! I love your story and hope mine is similar ;)

Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf! I'll probably be embarking on a similar journey someday in the not too distant future, so I'm interested to follow your journey. Would love to see your photos if you'd feel comfortable enough sharing them.


I went to my PS's office today for a laser...

I went to my PS's office today for a laser treatment. I love the aesthetician there. It was so good to hear positive support and look at positive results again. I know they are on "team doc", but they are such a great group of ladies. It was helpful to go over WHERE incisions will be, etc. they are so patient no matter how many time I ask the same questions. They always act like it is the first time they have ever heard it, and answer me fully.
So I have 8 days to go. My husband finally told me last night his misgivings aren't the healing or results, he is terrified of losing me!!! Awe so sweet... I told him not to worry I am not going ANYWHERE!!! It is general anesthesia, and he is afraid. I feel like I am finally mentally prepared. Now that I understand his concerns I can reassure him, and it's going to be awesome.
Now with all of my ducks lining up, house cleaned top to bottom, meals prepared and frozen. I can push on my final phase on my bath remodel. Husband on board (ish). I think I can build my "recovery nest" and move ahead ;) I am finally EXCITED!

I am home! I have a headache, my jaw is sore in...

I am home! I have a headache, my jaw is sore in the joint. I have a puffy lower lip, almost certainly from working around the tube for the buccal fat pad removal since those incisions are on the inside of my mouth, though very small. So other than that I feel good. I am not "in pain PAIN", I feel "sore" in those areas. Tomorrow I go in to change my "head dress". Looking forward to sleeping :)

The day of surgery I got to the hospital at 8:45am...

The day of surgery I got to the hospital at 8:45am. I had already pre registered via telephone so it was minor check in. The staff at Lakeview Hospital is friendly, professional and personal.

The nursing staff goes above and beyond. Where it is a smaller hospital it has a very home town friendly feel.

My PS is the chief of the plastic surgery department so the staff is very familiar with him and his work. You can tell they all respect him a great deal.

I was checked in, vitals taken, dressed for surgery, and marked up and in surgery by 10:30 or 11:00. The wait was busy with things I needed to have done or do so it was not long "waiting".

I was in surgery for 4-1/2 hours. I had a lower face lift with buccal fat pad extraction in my cheeks and lipo suction and lift in my neck. I am bruised around my neck like a purple collar, just as my PS said I would. Today he teased me and said he had to hold me down because I was getting rowdy ;) I love his professionalism and his personal touch. He has a charming confident manner. You can tell when he looks at you he loves his work and he is proud of the work he does.

I cannot say enough about the office staff!! Heather is the receptionist and business end. Karen is his nurse and she is warm and approachable. She is kind and well informed. Dr. Sellers treats them with respect. It feels like a family of equals.

I posted pics (which I have NEVER done before) I am swollen a little and expect more tomorrow and the next day. I know this will get worse before it gets better. I am sore in my jaw from the buccal removal. I felt quite panicky this morning, I think the big headress was getting to me. I am quite claustrophobic and I think it made me anxious. I asked him for a script of Xanax to help my nerves. It is very hard for me to be "down and out" and so he gave me a small script and that will be good to have. Knowing I have it is comforting. We all heal differently nd I faced a little mental battle I hadn't anticipated.

I am on the uphill side of healing, but I feel great. I can see even with the swelling I am getting what I wanted! I only wish I had a before so everyone could see the dramatic change.

I am grateful for this forum and intend to pay it forward by supporting others who have chosen this procedure. If any ladies are on here in Utah looking for a surgeon, please go to Dr. Sellers website and just look at his credentials and accomplishments. From operation smile missions, to board certifications and being Cheif of plastic surgery in two hospitals, etc. This is a talented accomplished generous man with great skill! I canno speak highly enough of him, or his staff!

Here I go now... Happily Healing ;)

Beginning my 3rd day out. Swelling is still about...

Beginning my 3rd day out. Swelling is still about the same, but I expect it to get worse before it gets better. The aching in my ears and jaw is much improved this morning, no doubt due to a very good nights rest! My decision to recover in our guest area has been a great one. I haven been up and around a lot. Bending to pick things up is my enemy! I have one of those grabber things because I am so short, but now I am using it to keep the floor picked up! Lol My husband has been a doll, but I know he cannot imagine why I would do this to myself! He'll see later. Bathroom issues are on track. DIY to preparing by eating to keep my self going well preop and dulcolax and some prunes post op and that area was not a problem. Lots and lots of water and iced tea has helped too. Certainly that helps the swelling.

One thing I am doing is putting arnica gel on my...

One thing I am doing is putting arnica gel on my bruising. It cools and comforts and I feel it is helping. I keep it away from all inscison sites! But it feels very good to put it on.

Swelling has set it! But I feel fabulous!!

Swelling has set it! But I feel fabulous!!
Hang in there girlfriend, you will feel better soon and you will enjoy your beautiful face. Your face looks good. Thanks for the update and pictures.
Thanks darlin' I am feeling really good and other than the swelling and tightness everyone speaks of I feel terrific!!! I haven't needed pain meds but I have been grateful for the small script of Xanax. I am not a calm sit around kinda gal, so that had made all the difference.
Very nice. You will be so happy with the results. Thanks for the pix!!!

This is my 4th night home, my surgery was The...

This is my 4th night home, my surgery was The afternoon of the 10th. I have been really comfortable most of that time. No real pain, just pressure. Just a feeling of agitation every now and then.

Today I was able to do light household chores. And I went for a drive with my hubby, it was nice to get out. I have dark tinted windows and that made me feel private enough.

When I got home I took a nice bath (not too warm) and I took my sweet time getting my head wrap back on. I think that either allowed me to swell or I just became more aware of the swelling. Either way that was not comfortable and it took a while for me to settle down and get comfortable again.

I learned this chin strap is my friend!! Much like keeping my tummy strapped after my tummy tuck. The swelling on my face is mostly on the sides near my ears. I prefer the strap to the way it felt without it.

I am so happy with my results so far! Trying to imagine it san swelling, I think it has turned out really well.'
Red good to hear from you. It is 7am here and now day#6. I am enjoying my morning coffee on a very rainy morning. I am glad this is behind me snd i think i am very happy eith my results. I still have not bruised on my face and my purple collar is fading to yellow. My left ear is a little "ouchy" and the tightness seems to be easing slightly starting from my nose back but as you get closer to the esstill numb. My neck is very tight yet. I too am using the Arnica gel ánd agree with how cooling it is on my skin. Maybe the Arnica and pineapple did work since my bruising is quite minimal. I enjoy our conversations..keep me posted on you progress hope Suzieq has a good day .
Good morning Patty, In my first two days my neck felt like it was pulled SO tight! But this morning it has eased up and looks and feels normal. I am growing some new bruises here, in the outside corner of my left eye and the left cornerbof my mouth. They are very small and the only ones aside from my neck. My ears are a bit tender too. I am pretty much off pain meds and my PS cleared me for Advil. That seems to have eased my tight feeling immensely. I stopped the bromelain because there was conflicting opinions on it, but I have stayed with the arnica. Doesn't that gel just soothe your skin? Oh I love it. I am looking forward to my coffee on the patio again today. I am sleeping a lot and taking it easy. I was so happy to see your post this morning and see you're doing well. My thoughts are with Suz and hoping she has a good procedure like we have! Enjoy your day!

Day 5 and I got my stitches out. All that is left...

Day 5 and I got my stitches out. All that is left to do now, is heal. I feel so much better today than I have since the surgery. Still the pesky swelling and the bruises are gifts that keep giving and having a few new surprises popping up :)

Getting those stitches out from around my ears is such a corner to turn!!! They didn't hurt, but they were irritating behind my ear. I feel like a new woman.

I was able to look at the before pictures that Dr. Sellers has in my folder. I am going to ask for copies so that I can post them on here. I was almost in tears when I saw them! I so regret not taking any! Suddenly the swelling and bruising are the best friends I have EVER had. He really did a fabulous job.

I have to say I am happy I have done this. I would never pressure anyone into any cosmetic procedure, but I will be a great cheerleader for those who make this decision. The bumps in the road are worth it.

Mine wasn't just to turn the clock back. That was part of it certainly. But my issue was my neck. I always had this floppy awful gobbler. I felt "neckless". My husband has gotten my some lovely necklaces over the years and I always hated wearing anything that was a little short because I felt it drew attention to that terrible double chin. Over the years of course it became more "floppy". But it was always there. So this transformation is something I used to push and pull on my neck from age 10 and 11 and imagine what it would be like to have a CHIN! Ladies and Gentlemen... I have a CHIN! A nice normal chin.

I am going to take a nap, and take advantage of my quiet house. It won't be long till my Grandson is back for full time care so I want to enjoy my quiet time and get my strength back! I'm gonna need it.

If you're considering this procedure, investigate your doctor throughly, make sure you like his staff and office. Read everything you can get your hands on. Make an educated choice, and be prepared for the reality of recovery. If you do decide to go ahead, I wish you all the best. I wish you all the satisfaction I feel when I look in the mirror.

Thanks RealSelf for this site! What an absolute gold mine it has been for me on this journey!!!

Hugs to all and will post before pics when I get my hands on them, and some more afters when I am able.
Just had the chance to look at your photos.....they look GREAT!! It's so encouraging! The last picture was absolutely amazing!
Oh thank you SO much! The swelling has gone down even since then. I have one stubborn bruise on my chin and at the V of my neck line. Once those clear up I will take a final. I am going to get before's from my PS because that is what is AWESOME to see :)
Wow you look so beautiful and very much younger. Congratulation.

I am 11 days post op and I took my new face out to...

I am 11 days post op and I took my new face out to a birthday party with friends who all knew I had a lift. Well I was so thrilled with the reaction. Honestly they were surprised by how much it had helped, but not changed me. I don't look pulled or weird. It was a great day with positive ladies! I am happier now than even before. Reassurance helps. My friends are darling and supportive and it was great to feel confident in my results!

You look fabulous! Thanks so much for your updates and photos. I know you're going to help so many others who are considering getting a facelift. It's definitely a journey but you have a great attitude and it's a pleasure to read your story.

Happy to hear the healing process is coming along so well for you! :). Thanks for sharing everything with us! Looking forward to the pics. On my way to Nashville now, pre-op appt is at 1:00 today, and surgery tomorrow morning! I'm a little nervoussssss! Lol
SherBear, just breath deep and relax as much as you can! You'll be on the recovery side soon and I hope you are just as happy as I am! Hugs.

Tomorrow is one month since my facelift. Posting...

Tomorrow is one month since my facelift. Posting my before and after together is beyond words. I have not lost weight, I cannot believe how heavy I looked. Well I am so happy I did this.
oh my goodness....you are a hot tamale,,,,you must be ecstatic
Wow -- you look beautiful! You really do look so much younger! Your doctor did a fantastic job.
you look fantastic
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

I had a "Mommy Makeover" in 2007. I am friends with other patients, and Dr. Sellers is masterful!!!

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