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I've been reading everyone's testimony on this...

I've been reading everyone's testimony on this smart lipo topic; both good and bad. I've seen a lot of concerns regarding the compression garments we've been told to wear. I personally, have had smart lipo last week and I will post my full-blown story and pics hopefully by tomorrow.

OK, I've finally had the chance to take pictures...

OK, I've finally had the chance to take pictures. A little a$$-backwards, I will post my before pics as soon as I retrieve them from my doc, sorry. But I forgot to take some B4 pics with my phone prior to procedure.  I had my arms, upper/lower back and thighs done on 09NOV12 and then I had my upper/lower abs and love handles done on 09NOV19. I'm in the Army, so this helps A LOT with my tape. I normally work out, but after I had my daughter 3 yrs ago, it's been seemingly impossible to work off these areas in a decent amount of time. 

Dr. C and her staff are the sweetest to deal with. Mary the consultant is also a joy, as well as Lindsey and the others. They answer all of your questions and even the Doctor herself comes in to greet you and answer any more questions you may have.

During the procedure I felt absolutely NOTHING but a comfortable massage feeling... However, after the local anesthesia and drugs wore off I was in a world of pain until I controlled it with Percocet (I have a high tolerance and Tylenol just wasn't cutting it for me).

I cannot stress how much better I feel with the garments on (as opposed to off).  It certainly feels as though the garments are supporting me and holding me together. But at the same time I cannot WAIT to be able to take them off and KEEP them off.

I am still swelling, but feeling much much better than a week ago and two weeks ago. I can see immediate results but I am expecting my back and arms to look way more sculpted than this. Also, I am waiting for my waist to shrink a LOT more than it has so far. I will keep you posted!

UPDATE: 2011FEB20:::::::::::::::: So now,...

UPDATE: 2011FEB20::::::::::::::::

So now, it's been over a year and a half since I did this... The most noticeable are my rolls. Although, my upper abs, I notice no difference at all... Neither do I notice any difference on my right arm. My left arm shows difference, though and is actually noticeably smaller than my right arm...

My suggestion would be to not do too many areas at once. This way, they Dr. can focus more on your desired areas (as opposed to spreading his/her time between the areas before the anesthesia wears out...

If I were ever to do this Smart Lipo again, I would not ask Dr. Carreon to do more than 2 areas at once and most importantly, I would ask her to use more of the vaser and to actually suck more of the fat out.

It has been a year and a half since my procedure.....

It has been a year and a half since my procedure...

Looking back, I regret spending so much money for smart lipo, because they don't suck much of the fat out and instead rely on your body to flush it out..

I have just discovered Dr. Rhoads in Austin, TX ( She offers water-assisted lipo (google it), which sucks out all of the fat and power sprays the inside area with the jets. The machine simultaneously shoots more anesthesia into the area being worked on, during the entire process.

I was referred by a friend and she and her staff are wonderful. She offers water-assisted liposuction for $500/per area and does anesthesia in-office, cutting your normal astronomical typical lipo in half. So, I totally wish I would've known about her before I waisted so much mula for the 'smart lipo'!

I scheduled to have my procedure done on March 9, 2011 and I a sooo excited! I will be sure to post proper before/after pics this time :)

Dr. Melanie Carreon

Professional and informative, but the smart lipo procedure was simply not thorough enough because that machine leaves so much of your fat in your body, leaving your body to flush the rest out (which happens either very slowly, or not at all).

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I just went and got my smart lipo yesterday. U/L abdomen, love handles, back, and upper hip area. my friend told me about this site and it is awesome. I'm considering going to get my thighs done and im looking for docs in Houston, but I think I may just stick with the drive to seguin. I am not really able to see all of my results yet but Dr. Carreon and her staff were a complete joy. I really commented because I wanted to say i understand the struggle to make weigh and tape as a thicker black woman. I was just medically retired from the Army in July 2013. My wholecareer I never mad weight and I was waaaay smaller that I was now. It just depended on how the person taped that day to let me know if I would pass or not. I am out now due to a back injury and i have picked up over 40 pounds since july due to the steroid injections i have to get in my back. I've decided to not get them anymore and feel like the surgery would be a good boost for meto get back into my exercising. I really hope getting the surgery has worked out for you and your career.
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My apologies, I got tumescent liposuction
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meme777 where did u get urs done at and by who? Was there a lot of swelling? How much??
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Had shart lipo soooo happy i did it .. changed the way i feel about my self. Flat belly now.
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Sounds great!! Thx:)
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Hello Kia:)

It's okay--I know we get very busy at times!! I don't even know how to change those email settings lol. Well I hope the results are even better by now!! I have an appointment for smartlipo on Tuesday with Dr. James Kern in Houston. He will be doing my abs and flanks. I've heard good things about him but I am still really nervous and scared of the pain/swelling. I don't mind going through that if I get the results I'm hoping for!!! I will let you know how that goes:) TTYL
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Hey, Cyndy!

I will post 2 pics for now, but then I will create a whole new review for Dr. Rhoads later either today or over the weekend!

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I was just going through all your comments. i have considered smartlipo but now after all the reviews i dont know how is things with the water lipo. please let me know
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Hi Kia,

Did you have to get prior approval from your military primary care (or Tricare) to get elective surgery done? I saw a reg that said active duty military will have to get prior approval and go through the chain of command. I had a friend who got lipo done but I know she didn't get approval...she just went and had it done. I'd like to get the smart in your opinion, should I get it or not? Thanks for your time! :)
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That is so weird. Who said anything about a military? Hahaa hmmm ok, but to answer your question, I didn't use any insurance and paid out of pocket. Good luck on whatever you decide to do.
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Were you satisfied with Dr. Kern? I have a consult with him on 2/17/2014
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I sorry to hear that you've had a not so great experience with your previous doctor. I am looking into smart lipo with Dr. John Bergeron or Dr. Raul Rodriguez but after reading your posts I am not sure if I want to spend so much "mula" on something that might not show much results.

Hopefully this time around you got the results you wished for...please let me know how the water-assisted lipo went cuz $500 per area sounds way better than $3,500!! I live in Houston but I am willing to drive 4 hours to save a lot of mula lol. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon:)
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Hey there, Cyndy. How many areas are you doing with that quote?

OMGoodness! I had the water-assisted procedure done with Dr. Rhoads this past Wednesday (March 09, 2011) and I must say that even though I am still very swollen, the results were noticeable that VERY SAME DAY! I haven't posted pics yet, because they want me to stay in my garment until I see them again this upcoming Tuesday. But I catch myself looking in the mirror at ever given chance and I am in awe at the results.

If I already look this good post-surgery WITH the swelling, there's no telling HOW good I'm going to look after the swelling goes down!

OMG! The most annoying part of my body were the bat-wings (fat surrounding the shoulder blades touching your arm pits. I paid the previous Dr. to get rid of them, but they were still very prominent. Until after my water-assisted lipo last Wednesday. This is the part that the garment is not covering and I can already see that it is no NON-EXISTENT! omg!

I can't wait to post pics. I will post as soon as I can!

Good luck to everyone.

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I'm glad to hear back from you and to hear that your results are much more promising with the water-assisted lipo:) That quote was with Dr. B for my love handles only and any additional area was between $2,500-3000! I wanted my abs done but my main concern are my sides. Dr. R was about $500 more for the love handle area and about the same for additional areas. I'm still confused on what to do--I can't stop thinking about it lol--it gets annoying daunting on it so much.

Oh yea did Dr. C do your smartlipo with suction or without suction?? cuz i heard that without it takes a long time to see results.

I can't wait to see your pics--of course when you are able to take your garment off:)
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Good morning, Cyndy!

Im sorry for the delay. I supposed i need to change the email notification settings if in order to receive my messages right away.

Its taking me a little longer to post pics because i turned around and got some lipodisoolve shots in my lower back area, this past Wednesday. It did make tgat area swell a bit. But I'll c if i can take/post some pics this evening after work, anyhow!

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Im on my way in for smartlipo today. and im soooo happy . Could not sleep last night. I'll let you know. Thank you for you info..
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I'm going to see Dr. Carreon this week for my first consultation, I can wait.!
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@ star68: don't do it. Save your money and check out Dr. Rhoads ( A friend referred me to her and she is not only the best, but she offers water-assisted lipo (google it), which sucks out all of the fat and power sprays it with the jets, as well as shoots more anesthesia into the area being worked on, during the entire process.

I'm having to pay again to do the exact same job that I paid Dr. Carreon to do. It won't financially hurt as much this time, because Dr. Rhoads offers her services @ 500/area and does everything in-office, as well.
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hi, i just read your blog. i have tons of questions and concerns b/c i too are in the military and i just had this procedure done four days ago. i had my upper/lower abdomen done and as well as my sides. one of the questions i have for you is how long did it take for your swelling to go down and most of the soreness to go away? during the first week my doc said to wear the compressant garments, did you wear them while taking a bath/shower? and by being in the military how did it take for you to return to work? i know i have a lot of questions and concerns and i hope that you can help me out. thanks in advance.

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I just had the procedure with Dr. Carreon about 2 weeks ago on my upper/lower abs, love handles, and pubic area and I'm doing great. The only thing I'm having an issue with is the pubic swelling. The garments are a must to help with the swelling, you take the garments off to shower just put them back on after just make sure you are really dry. Pain is based on the individual person, I was fine by day 3 I hardly took any Vicodin. I was back to work that Monday I took 2 days of leave after my procedure just to cover myself. Once your stiches are out you will itch like crazy, I also crave salt so just drink gatorade it helps. Also laying around doesn't help the two days are ok then you need to move to get the juices flowing around.
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HI- I had smart lipo with Dr Carreon on Feb 5th. Do you have any lumpiness or waviness in your abdomen area??
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@ Houston4138: Yes, I do have some lumps in my ab area... Likewise, although I paid for upper abs, I have experienced no fat loss in my upper abs. I have experienced noticeable results in my lower abs.
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thanks for the reply. i am 8 weeks out from dr carreon and although i can tell i have lost a great deal of fat, my upper abs show no fat loss either (as you mentioned with your procedure). i am still hopeful that things change in next few months. one thing that really bothers me is these little spots on my stomach that look like tiny raised bumps (about the size of a dime). they are not hard at all and very soft. what is that?? i dont want to call them lumps as they are not hard, but it doesnt look right and if this doesnt go away, i wont be able to ever show my stomach. :-( your thoughts?
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I also went to Dr. Carreon and had great results. My swelling came down even More in 3-6 months. She takes her time during the procedure and very compassionate. The staff is the best also. You look great!
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