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I had my first TITAN laser treatment a month ago...

I had my first TITAN laser treatment a month ago along with another IPL. At first it seems like nothing had happened, but gradually I can see a difference in the nose to mouth lines. I have had Perlane injections and I felt like this did not last, so the place I go to suggested I try the TITAN instead of doing any more injectibles.

The procedure takes awhile, but there is no pain or side affects. I am going to get another treatment and another IPL in January. The TITAN is cumulative, and it takes a few months to really see results. It causes collagen to form under the skin, thereby smoothing out the wrinkies.

I want to have lipsuction done and they use the TITAN after the lipo is done to tighten up any skin. I am in my 50's and as we all know, the skin tone on the fifty year old body is not the same as someone who is a lot younger and has lipo done. They use power assisted liposuction and a couple of my friends have already had it done there and the results are absolutely FABULOUS.

After I have the lipo with the TITAN, I will post another review.


I was lucky because I received the Titan treatment free as a test patient in a middle east (but very up-to-date on cosmetic procedures)country. This place just got the newest version of the Titan. The procedure hurt very much and I usually have a high pain tolerance. I asked why I couldn't have a numbing cream, and she said because we have to know your tolerance level, because the higher the better. It felt like a blown out match that was immediately placed on my skin (is this right or ok?). Anyway she told me I will see results RIGHT AWAY. Well I didn't. I had a swollen face for about 2 days. After a week I saw a little lift in the cheek area but not in the jawline. She also used it around the eyes and said Titan was developed for that area (correct?) but I did not see any difference in the wrinkles there (I am 56 but still look pretty good). I had an eyelift last year and went back to my Dr after one year for my follow up (I am very busy with work and could not get there sooner). He recommended a TCA peeling but did not really explain the down time and I was thinking it was like the peelings I had before (very little down time). Now - 4 days later I look like a monster - thank God I do not have to work right now - BUT I have 2 evening events coming up that I may not be able to attend. He did not tell me or ask me how my schedule was and that I should or might have to sit out for at least a week. I am very uncomfortable right now with this tightness and cannot look in the mirror! I hope it does not leave something bad at the very least, and after all this - to see some positive changes. I am supposed to go back for a second treatment of Titan, but I will ask her either to lower the intensity or use a numbing cream. I would appreciate feedback from a Dr. - especially regarding the TCA peeling place I now find myself in!
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please contact me with information regarding contact information for dr in andover, ma for titan laser procedure. thank you
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