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I Want Your Thoughts :) - Seattle, WA

Hello.. I am thinking about get Smart Lipo on my...

Hello.. I am thinking about get Smart Lipo on my stomach.. I had two daughters back to back which let we with a horrible Kangaroo pocket lol. I need it gone..

I am just a little confused... What is the difference between Smat Lipo and Laser Lipo? A company here in WA called Sonobello was going to be my first stop until there was a special on TV about a lady bleeding to death after her surgery so i thought hmmmmm.... NOPE! Can someone refer me to some that is reliable in Seattle?

My thing is... I want this pocket gone and want to live with mild to no side effects. HELP!!!

Welcome to RealSelf, GJE. All the terms for lipo can be so confusing. Smart Lipo is a brand of laser lipo. Here's a page that explains more: http://www.realself.com/question/smart-lipo-same-laser-liposuction

Is your "kangaroo pocket" mostly fat or is it loose skin?

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