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Wanting to Get Rhinoplasty - Seattle, WA

I am 24 years old, and I have hated my nose since...

I am 24 years old, and I have hated my nose since I would remember.. Its way to big for my face.. I was made fun of all the time in school.
I am looking to get this done in the next month or so. I have done all the research I feel I can do..
Any tips..
Did you use a doctor in Seattle.. How was it? Would you refer them? Dont use them..
Tell me all about it.


Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf. Definitely do not rush this. A good surgeon might take longer than a few weeks to get into for a consultation alone, much less surgery.

Here's a list of questions to ask at your consultations. Please keep us updated on how your process goes!

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3 Consultations

I have three consultations coming up... All in one day..
My first one is with Dr. Lamperti, then im going to see Dr. Salemy then my last one of the day is with Dr. Waterman (he is my boyfriends uncle, so I am having some hard times with this one..)

I am getting really nervous, and hoping to find a doctor that I connect with..

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Pictures of Before

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3 Consults

I went to three different consults on Friday.
First was Dr. Lamperti. I think was turned me off was the "morph" photos.. Is thats what im going to look like then NO thank you.. He was very open about talking about my nose and even showed me pictures of his nose job.
He really listen to me and my boyfriend..
Looks like he knows what he is doing..

Second was with Dr. Salemy.. He isnt going to be doing my nose job. He didnt want to listen to anything I had to say.. Said I had thick skin on my nose, which is very false. He didnt touch my nose look at the sides. Came in looked at it then started talking. Just wasn't happy at all. Felt like it was all about the money.

The tired doctor I saw was Dr. Waterman.
I loved my consult. He was so helpful, answered all of our questions.. Really has a passion for what he does and you can tell that..

Right now im stuck and dont know what im going to do..
I feel more lost...


I get what everyone is saying about Dr. Waterman.. He has been working on noses for YEARS... His background is nose ear throat doctor.. So he has worked and done lots of work on noses.. :) He has done revisions for years.. He has the experience :)
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If dr. Waterman has not done so many nose surgeries I do not think you should go to him. As others said rhino op is complicated and you want some one with lots of experience. You might like dr. Waternan bec he took the time to answer your questions but that does not mean he can give you the nose you want. Have more consults. Good luck.
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Hey! I'm from Seattle too. I'm looking for a surgeon too though I haven't consulted yet. I've been doing research for years. I REALLY wanna say please, pleasee don't go to a doctor who hasn't done noses before! It is a very, very difficult procedure. If you think about it, why would you pick someone who has zero experience when you could have someone with lots of experience who knows what they're doing? Anyway, I think you should consult with Dr. Craig Murakami. He works at Virginia Mason and is also an ENT and specializes in facial plastic surgery. I think surgeons who work in hospitals are a lot more reputable. They're not out to get your money. And they had to be skilled in order to get hired by the hospital in the first place. I'd be thrilled if you continue to update, we don't get tons of reviews by people here in seattle :)
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