i wasn't sure about my surgery but now.. i LOVE my new boobs!!!!

Hey everyone... So I'm 25 years old 5'2'' and...

Hey everyone... So I'm 25 years old 5'2'' and 120lbs with the bra size of a big A small B.. I've considered breast implants since I was 18 years old but every time I get close to seriously getting them I chicken out and decide not to.. My first experience with this was when I was 19 years old my mother offered to pay for half of the cost!!! Other than that she had no other influence in my decision... So I starting doing intense research just to decide it was too risky and maybe it wasn't worth it.

So fast forward a couple years to now, now I'm 25 I have my own money saved up and I decided to consider boobs again more than ever... So I booked a consultation with Dr. Richard Baxter in Seattle on the 22nd of January.. I've been obsessing over it lately pinning boobs on Pinterest, googling information and reading RealSelf stories and reviews...

However the more and more I read the more and more I become skeptical... I don't want to make the wrong decision!!!!!!!! So here's a breakdown of my thought process:

What i LIKE about my boobs now-- Currently I actually like my natural boobs, they look like mini implants.. They're nice and perky and round, actually really appealing naked. My nipple placement is fine, shape is symmetrical..

What i DONT like about my natural boobs-- they don't fill out bathing suit bikini tops and when I wear padded ones if I lift my arms my nipples show, I'm tired of "jimi-rigging" my boobs when I wear revealing dresses/shirts and by jimi-rig I mean wearing sticky gel bras with a push up bra on top maybe using safety pins on clothes so my nipples won't show if I move wrong... I'm tired of my size A bra fitting until I lay down, then it's completely empty and my bra is just sitting there like a hollow mountain on my chest..

Why I'm considering breast implants-- other than the obvious dislikes of my natural boobs above... I want breast implants to feel more womanly, to look better in a bikini, to be able to wear backless dresses/shirts without a bra, to feel fuller up top, to balance out my butt, to make my waist look smaller and if I think of any more i will let you know!!

Worries about getting breast implants-- I'm not completely unfortunate, like I said I do like my breast now, I'm not even terribly insecure about them like most girls on this site. I'm scared if I get them they will turn out deformed or become deformed overtime and I will complete regret my decision and wish I kept what God had blessed me with. I'm scared of the obvious dangers. I don't want to have to get them replaced because I don't know where I will be financially in the next 5 years. I'm worried about loosing my nipple sensation since that's where I get a lot of my sexual pleasure from.. I'm scared they won't turn out how I want them and I'll be stuck with something I really don't like such as high boobs. Worried about sagging after childbirth considering I have no kids now. There's more but I can't think of anymore right now...

Someone please help me, I need someone that felt a similar way about their natural boobs before surgery to tell me how they feel about it years after surgery.. Was it worth it?? Did you have to go back for multiple reconstruction surgeries? Do you ever wish you just kept your natural nice little ones instead if worrying about the upkeep of implants???

In a perfect world I would want to get them done and they turn out just like my natural ones but bigger and never get deformities... If I have to replace them only because they're old not for another reason, I wouldn't mind that.

So today I had my consultation!! They we're really...

So today I had my consultation!! They we're really patient and helpful in answering all my questions, they made it seem so easy and not harmful.. which kind of concerned me, considering I dont want the truth to be sugar coated. I picked out my boobs, even though they dont feel like big supposedly I'd be a DD... 325cc silicone high profile. I don't really want high profile but they said my chest isnt wide enough to hold the moderate in the size i chose.

So they quoted me $7,935!!!!!!!!!!!! Which is WAY more than I expected... the most I really wanted to spend was 6,000. I guess I am still on the fence about this and I have two days to decide for sure if I want to do this or not...

Going to the consultation made me want them a little more, until I saw the price.. then it went back to being 50/50

Conclusion: FUCK IT! I'm getting boobs!!!!!!!!!!!!

So today is my final consultation where I SEAL THE...

So today is my final consultation where I SEAL THE DEAL! ...I'm so nervous and hope I'm making the right decision, I am going to pray long and hard and hope this is for me. I still have a big shred of doubt... ugh, I'm really scared!!!!!! I think if I get them I will love them, but I guess my concern is that I'm being selfish, spending all the money on something i might not NEED.. and it's not like it's going to change my life significantly but who wouldn't want nice big boobs.. right???????

Just got back from my pre-operative appointment...

Just got back from my pre-operative appointment and things are moving so fast!!!! We decided on 350cc high profile silicone implants, I originally didn't want high profiles because I didn't want the really fake look but for the size I wanted my chest wall wasn't wide enough so I went with my doctors suggestion.. Surprisingly he said he wouldn't let me go bigger even if I wanted to due to too many complications because of my body size.

I guess I was scared before but now that i sealed the deal and its paid in full, IM REALLY EXCITED!!!! I just hope I didn't go too big!!

I'm going to spend the next few days praying for good results and thanking God for what he has gave me!! I'm gonna miss these little guys and my nipple sensation if I never get them back!!

I'm gonna try to talk my man into taking some more before pictures this week, even though he wasn't too happy my picture showed up on google image (oops!!) and I will definitely take some good after pictures in different shirts and bras

I'll keep you all posted!!!!

I think my man is excited for my new boobs.. I'm...

I think my man is excited for my new boobs.. I'm LMFAO right now because he always talks in his sleep and he just mumbled "...silicone!" ..seriously the funniest shit ever

So tomorrow is my surgery and im really starting...

so tomorrow is my surgery and im really starting to panic now!!!!! i dont know if i should go bigger or what i want to do!!!!!!!!! i feel like i should go at least to a 375 instead of 350.. i dont want them too big or too small ahhhhh im stressin out because all the pictures on the internet of girls that are 5'2'' that get 350cc they all look different, even if their before picture looks like mine!!!!... i already called the office to see if its even at all possible to change my mind (even though the doctor said that would be the biggest he'd go) so the nurse is going to call me back.. but now i feel stupid and ahhh i dont know nevermind!!!! im stressing myself out 350s are fine, right?? someone just please reassure me!!!!!!! i want at least C's if i end up with B's after spending 8K$ im gonna be extremely pissed!!

Omg!!! This is the worse pain I've ever been in!!!...

Omg!!! This is the worse pain I've ever been in!!! I can't even get up myself ahhh I don't know why girls would want to go through this more than once if they didn't have to!!.. I'm hoping things feel better tomorrow because I'm sooo uncomfortable.. I feel like 4 of my dilaudid pills might do the trick but I don't want to push it.. does the pain cease after the swelling goes down a bit???

Day of surgery: I got there yesterday morning...

Day of surgery: I got there yesterday morning things went really fast, we took my before pictures he marked my current boob crease and where my new boob crease would be.. Then they put me on the bed, they hooked me all up and they told me to think of happy things before I go off to sleep, sure enough 5mins later I knew I was going.. Next thing I know I woke up to my sexy boyfriend right next to me with a big smile on his face.. I don't remember the ride home very much but that bumps in the road were not my friend!! We got McDonalds on the way home and I could barely eat it MY MOUTH WAS SOOO DRY, disgustingly dry!! After that I slept most of the day..

As for post op day two, the pain in the morning was almost at an 11 on a scale of 1-10 when I was moving around, more like a 6 when I wasn't... Icing it REEEEALLY HELPED THOUGH (thanks nomireboobenvy) as for right now it's still painful to move around but it went down to about an 8 resting an annoying 3.. I was able to pull back my hair, brush my teeth and wash my face all by myself!!

So any who I don't know if I told you guys I ended up going with 350ccs and even though i haven't seen them without being all strapped down, they look like the perfect size, OH YEAH AND I HAVE NIPPLE SENSATION!!!!!! I was reeeeally stoked about that...

Anyways I have grown to love this RealSelf website and thanks so much for all your support you're amazing!!! I'll keep you all updated! Toodles

OMG I just saw my boobs for the first time and...

OMG I just saw my boobs for the first time and they are soooo swollen.. I hope a lot of this goes down because it is not cute.

So I got my stitches out today!!!!!!! Everything...

So I got my stitches out today!!!!!!! Everything is looking great, everyday they are dropping more and more... I want to start massaging I'm going to ask my doctor about it on Thursday because with the split muscle technique he did on me I'm not sure if its safe for me to massage or not.. I did some massaging tonight already, it just feels so good and my boobs don't feel as tight after.. S far I'm loving my boobs and they look WAY bigger without the bandages on the bottom, my bf loves them but they might be a little bigger than I envisioned but that's okay as long as I don't look top heavy I don't mind.. I'll be posting more pictures real soon!!!

**** is it weird that I don't really want some of...

**** is it weird that I don't really want some of my friends knowing I got a boob job??? I only told a select few that I was getting the surgery but I just posted a new picture on FB and within minutes my bf was getting a call w someone asking if I got my boobs done.. I guess they're more obvious than I thought, I can't really pin point why I don't want ppl to know but I think I just don't want people creepin on my boobs comparing my old pictures to my new ones.. I don't want ppl talking about me I just feel like telling everyone to mind their own damn business!!!! I don't want to have to explain myself.. Ugh has anyone else experienced this??? How did you ease the news to everyone??? I think it makes it harder for me because I lied to a few people and said I had to get surgery on my shoulder (I know ridiculous) but its a group of friends that I'm not close to more recreational type friends that might just think I've had my boobs done years ago.. Ugh let me know girls or make me feel better!!!

PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!! How long until I can...

PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!! How long until I can start riding my street bike again???? I'm going nuts and I rode for like 30mins today and came home sore but I really NEED to ride this weekend because its supposed to be sunny Friday and Sunday ..does anyone else ride a motorcycle that can tell me something good!!

Soo I'm about 4weeks post op and I think I figured...

Soo I'm about 4weeks post op and I think I figured out why girls always wish they had gone bigger.... After alllllll that pain and down time I feel like I shoulda made it worth it getting bigger boobs. But who knows maybe I'm just getting used to them and you always want what you can't have.. Either way I'm so happy w my results!!


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Hi, was just wondering how you are liking your boobs now? Are you happy you got them?
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I get mine done tomorrow. Wish your pics weren't gone, I want to see. I went through same exact thought process as you. And I didn't tell a single one of my friends haha. I even lied to my parents... Judgmental #%*^s. I feel reassured about doing this now that I know you felt same way as I did prior to it, and love them after :) thanks for sharing your story.
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I have my surgey scedule for tomorrow morning and I am freaking out lol not sure what to do. Please help me
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Aw, that sucks! Some people are such jackasses....
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Oh my good luck! I hope you get your phone back.
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so glad I came across your story! I have been feeling the same way as you did! I'm also planning on going with 350cc's I'm about your size so great to see how I may potentially look! :)
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Good girl, I promise you'll be so happy with them.. if you have any random questions you can inbox me I check my mail like a txt so let me know!!!
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Im 15 days away from gettin breast implants an im second guessin it im so scared thinkin what if i hate then what if somethin bad goes wrong etc what i would like to know is will i regret it or will i love them and do u have any problems with them at all
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You look amazing and so natural!!! You do not look like you have had a BA. Love the pink sport bra, what size did you get?
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My cup size is a Big C small D and theyre perfect!!!!!!
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That's the cup size I am hoping to be! ;:
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Oops I meant... :)
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Your boobs look amazing! :) Me and my fiance are sitting here looking at them and saying how I want mine to look like that! lol Sorry, hope thats not creeping your out ;) I know what you mean about not wanting to tell all your friends. I told a few...obviously my close ones, and the ones im always with...but other than that, I guess they can just ask or assume after I get mine done lol. Not that im ashamed, just not somethign I want to go around blasting about. Some things I like to keep personal is all :) I cant wait, my surgery isnt until the 12th of next month :( Im trying to get it sooner! Fingers crossed. You look awesome!
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Thank youuu and don't worry my bf and I did a lot of book watching too and that's why I decided to share my journey because I know it's sooo helpful.... Good luck with everything!!
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Haha! My fiancée and I were looking at the pictures while out to dinner last night. Good thing no one noticed but I've been trying to find pics of people with similar body and implant size.
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i'm from Seattle and I know exactly what you mean. There is a VERY strong anti-plastic surgery sentiment there. In fact, I'd say there's a very strong anti-anything-that-makes-you-look-feminine there. Bunch of tree-hugging party poopers. The second you wear makeup or fix your hair or try to dress pretty--BAM_- Oh!!! you're FAKE!! the horror!! Yet all their men are addicted to porno 24/7 cuz the women are so repressed....
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I live in Seattle too and totally agree!!!! Haha I have told NO ONE but my husband, sister, and mother. All of my local friends wouldn't understand and I can't deal with the preachy right now. (I get enough negitive resentment from my mother) I don't know what I would do without you ladies :) hugs
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Looking great!!!!!
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I love that pink bra!! I am still really sore. My incision was lollipop pop though.. My right breast especially feels on fire intermittently. I have f/u appt tomarrow at 11 am. You look incredible!! I feel low
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Girl!!! I'm STILL sore and I'm getting sick of it... I'm just now able to sleep on my side w a pillow and I'm on day 13.. I just read girls are usually sore for 3 months.. I just want to dress myself without hurting.. Yeah but you should check out those bras before they're gone they're really low cut and will show off your cleavage which is why I like them.. Feel better babe!
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I'm 2wks post op & still feel very sore after wearing a sports bra all day. When will this feel better?
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Have you tried free boobing it? I also popped Valiums and Vicodins at night for several weeks to get good nights of sleep. I am a side sleeper and it took me 3-4 weeks to sleep on my sde. Even now at 7 weeks post op I still get a little of morning boob sometimes. ;)
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I am sure you mentioned this but where did u get those bras? I am feeling better after dilaudid kicked in :) I was trying not to take them :(
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I don't think my doctor will prescribe me anymore pain killers he's just gonna tell me to take Tylenol but I swear I need them!!
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