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After many weeks of back and forth, I decided to...

After many weeks of back and forth, I decided to go for it and had the Ultherapy procedure done on my lower face and neck a week ago, 5/7/13.
I just took 4 Advils (200mg each) before the procedure and it helped. It was uncomfortable but tolerable. Each zap lasted close to 3 seconds. (It would be difficult if each lasted more than 3 secs.) My procedure was done by a PA and she assured me that would be no bruising afterward. There was no bruising right after it was done, I had it done in the morning and I was able to go to work in the afternoon. The bruises and the swelling came the morning after. I ended up with swelling on both jaws and a bruise about 2 inches on my left and a smaller one on the right and lot of tenderness on my lower face. The swelling and the bruises have subsided significantly 7 days later.
It has been only a week and It is too early to tell how the results are going to be but will keep posting the updates.
I'm 65 with pretty good skin, not much wrinkles, just some sagging around the jawline and on the upper neck area. I had the procedure with hope it will help with my developing jowls.

10 days after

Bruises & swelling are totally gone. Tenderness around the jawline and neck remains but diminished. Now is the wait! Just need the patience!!!
Diane Jones, MD

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What do you think now that it's been a few weeks? I had it done around my eyes and for the longest time it felt like "the Emperor's new clothes," but I've had a lot of positive feedback by people who aren't afraid to tell me the truth. I'm definitely going for it on my lower face and neck as soon as possible. One thing you might want to try if you have good skin and just the sagging where you described is Artefill over your cheekbones. I had this done recently and hello, there was my usual (not old) face in the mirror again. Between the two, I'm very happy. I highly recommend Larson Medical Aesthetics in Burien WA--didn't try to upsell me and actually wouldn't do what I asked about and suggested the cheekbones, which was exactly the right thing to do. Good luck!
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Hi! What did the pain feel like for you? Is there something to compare it to? I am having it done later this week in the same areas and I am nervous about the pain! Good luck and hope you get the results you wanted!
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Hi New York8226, The zaps sting - probably like bee stings. I think the intensity increases toward the end of the zap. As it starting to hurt, it stops. If each zap lasted more than 3 seconds, it probably would be much more uncomfortable. What I discovered was if I breath in deeply during that 3 seconds, it helped tremendously.. It hurts a little more along the jawline. All I had was 4 Advils (200mg each). You will do fine. :-)). Just remember to ice the jawline areas after you get home. I didn't because my doctor told me I wouldn't have any! Best of luck! Don't be worry about the pain. Remember to let me know how it go!
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Hello, Thanks for answering my question. I am also having 800 mg of Advil and a valium. I will be sure to ice. I will be posting about my experience on RealSelf so stay tuned :)
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Hi New York8226, Just want to correct my typo. I meant to say that I did not ice my jawline because my doctor assured me that I wouldn't have any bruises. She said none of her patients had any bruises!!! It is probably because nobody bother to call back the day after to report their bruises. I didn't.
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Were you able to put on makeup or sunscreen right after the procedure?
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Hi New York8286, Yes. I took the morning off. Had the procedure done by 11:00AM. My face at that time showed no signs of having anything "done" to it. I did put on some sunscreen, some pressed powder + blush on my face, went to have lunch with my co-workers, went to a meeting, and finished the day at work at around 6:00PM. I didn't mention I had this procedure done to my close friends or anybody at work - just to see if they would figure it out. Nobody said a word on that afternoon or after. The bruises and the light swelling came the next morning. I just covered the bruises with the concealer until they went away. For the swelling, I looked like somebody who suddenly developed square jaws for a week :-)). It could qualify for being called a lunch time procedure if the bruises did not happen! :-))
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Hello, Good to know! That's wonderful it wasn't noticeable. Really hope you get positive changes!
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Hello, I had the procedure an hour ago and I agree, it did hurt in some places...I would describe it as being pinched really hard with 2 sharp fingernails deep below. The first pass under the jawline was the worst! The second pass with the more shallow transducer was a breeze. My doctor told me not to ice it and I think it is because that will create a cooling sensation which you don't want so you did the right thing not to ice.
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Hello. Nice to hear from you. You're correct in describing the sensation of the zaps!!! The sharp pinch was felt deep below the skin surface. Good to know about skipping the icing . I just didn't know. I guess the skin needs to be left alone and has to be injured so it'll try to heal itself by generating the collagen (Hope that is how it works.) Please keep me posted of your progress.
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Did your doctor tell you anything about limiting eating/drinking till sensation returns? I read about this somewhere but do not remember it being told to me. I don't know why you wouldn't be able to eat/drink normally...
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My doctor said there were no activities I couldn't do and nothing I couldn't eat. I went to the gym the next day and to my massage a few days later. I think the full body massage helped drain the bruises and the swelling. It has been over 2 weeks and the tenderness underneath my jawline is almost gone too.
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Oh, the waiting phase. I think that must be the hardest part! You mentioned you went back & forth before deciding to do the treatment. What were the things you were mainly weighing your decision on? Was it cost, potential pain level, concern about not seeing results, etc?

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Hi Megan, Several factors contributed to my hesitation: age, unsureness of results, and cost. I came to my appointment bracing for the pain but I found it very tolerable. Perhaps it is dependent to one's pain tolerance. It is a very expensive procedure and to my opinion, the results from this procedure is still pretty much uncertain. I finally decided to get it done because during the consultation, my doctor said I was a "perfect" candidate for Ultherapy considering my age. My skin still has good elasticity, I'm not overweight, exercise regularly, and in good health... The procedure was done 10 days ago and the bruises totally gone. The tenderness also subsided significantly. What I need know is patience :-)). I have to remind myself that the improvements are going subtle since it is not a facelift. Nevertheless, I still expect the results to be somewhat visible, at least to myself. Otherwise, this Ultherapy thing is only another hype of the cosmetic industry. I'll keep the community posted of the results, if any.
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Yes, please do keep us posted!! It seems there are such mixed reports on results so I'll be looking forward to hearing more from you on it. :)

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