Upcoming TT Consultation on Oct 3rd!! - Seattle, WA

I have been wanting a TT since 2006. I have had...

I have been wanting a TT since 2006. I have had two children, one by C-section. I am a 45 YOF that has fluctuated between being very fit to about 20lbs over MY ideal weight the past few years. I am basically happy with my body except for my stomach. I don't mind being a little curvier. In fact, my boyfriend loves it. What I don't like is my stomach! Everything hangs, dimples or bulges. My clothes are uncomfortable and I feel frumpy because of it most of the time. I want the excess skin removed, muscles tightened and some of the excess fat cells removed so that I can go back to concentrating on things that matter and not on how I look. Wish me luck!
All of us on here seem the feel the same way about that excess skin and fat. 96% of people on this site say it's worth it so...go for it! I'm going in three weeks. I'm terrified but doing it anyway. The terror will subside! I'll take an ativan on the morning of surgery.
Good luck keep us posted
Good luck and congrats on your decision!

Delayed :-(

I'm so bummed I have to go out of town over the time that I had my consult scheduled. So... Now I am scheduled for Oct 30th. I have decided to get a second consultation too but, haven't heard back on what date they can get me in. If all goes well. I will be going in for my surgery over christmas break! I do have some pictures to upload and will do that now.
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