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I can't wait for a flat tummy.

Your so cute and your results are gonna be so dramatic!!! People say its life changing and I can't wait to get the surgery over with and feel like it was a life changing decision!!! You'll be 8 days ahead of me...I look forward to see your transformation!

fluctuating weight has me discombobulated!

I am freaking myself out. I have gained 10lbs and now weight almost 145. :( I feel so upset about this weight gain, it's the last thing I want to deal with when my surgery is the first of next month. I am going to the gym now and starting a very strict diet in order to get back to my ideal weight of 135lbs. I am over eating because I am so nervous about going through with this. But it has to stop because I want to be healthy and have a good mind set when the time comes. Wish me luck and send me prayers please! I need self discipline and strength right now.
Thanks! I hope we both have dramatic, beautiful results with easy healing! I certainly hope I don't have to wear a cg 24 hours, I guess I'll find out at my pre op on June 17th. I am so ready to have this done and behind me, I want my flat tummy now! :)

3 weeks to go!

I'm feeling ok about my tt coming up! I have a few things I need to pick up (stool softners, protein powder for my shakes, dry shampoo, wipies and maybe a wedge pillow), otherwise I'm ready to go. I can't believe it's right around the corner! I've been eating low carb and working out at the gym every single day to get my weight under control and it's paid off. I'm down from 144 to 137 and still have time to hit at least 135 before my big day. The gym has also really calmed my nerves, I love working so hard that I don't think about anything else while I'm there.

My story.

I was a fat kid growing up, by the fourth grade I was 5'3 and 160lbs. I reached 225 during high school and was stuck at that weight for a few years. I got tired of not living the life I wanted to live, so I set some serious personal goals.
I lost nearly 100lbs through diet and exercise in my twenties, but my belly fat and flabby skin would not disappear or tighten, no matter how much I exercised. I had worked so hard to be healthy and look good but I never saw any results in my stomach. I have lived with this belly for the last 10 years and have hidden it well, but now I am ready to make a change.
The shame of getting undressed, even in front of my long term boyfriend is getting old. I know he loves me and my tummy, but I am really ready to love myself physically. I'm scared of this having surgery and especially of the recovery time, but at this point I feel like I will always have an issue with my body if I don't do something to fix it, so here I go on this crazy journey!

** 16 days until my TT, doesn't feel real.

5'3 & 136 shouldn't look like this. :(


Today I finalized everything! I'm set to go in @ 730 in the morning, July 1ST! I have mixed feelings but am mostly excited because I have officially committed to doing this for myself, though some people I know find it to be an extreme decision.

I've filled my scripts, got my granny panties, need a few fluffy pillows and I'll be set!

I baught my first bikini top ever!

Yay!! :)
Good for you losing so much weight. I'm 5'4 and 125 pounds. I look a lot bigger because of the extra skin on my stomach. My TT is 9th July, is exciting but feeling nervous about the pain afterwards. Not long now for both of us!

Lets do this already.

I go in July 1st. I'm tired of worrying about going under, and about my recovery. It's paid for, I'm doing it, I will be fine and that's that. xo
So very exciting! I am 3 weeks post op! The results are unbelievable! You will be shocked when you first see yours! The recovery is not too bad to be honest! Just rest and stay positive and you'll be fine! Good luck in a few days!!!
you look so good in your pics and so happy! I hope my surgery goes as well as yours! :)

Preop swim suit.

Good luck!
Good luck today!!!
Hi mandyjoe, good luck for your surgery! Not long now, take care and stay strong xxx

1 day post

I'm going to be ok. The dr, said my ribs stick out naturally and that right under my boobs is where they are. That area and the rest of my body is pretty swollen today and I hurt a lot. I am so thankful that this is done and that my bf and bestie are taking super good care of me.
You will be smoking hot when its all healed up!!! Tiny tiny tiny!!!
I was just thinking about you...Hope all is well and you are sleeping well!!! Happy Healing!
Congrats! Happy healing from here!

home in my garment which has givenme blisters on my side.

Thank you for all of your sweet words of encouragement and prayer. I feel like this is a place where I can openly express myself and be truly supported. I really appreciate being a part of a community like this, my heart feels happy and my spirits are up because of you wonderful ladies.

post op day 3, swollen but happy.

Congrats you look great. I too saw Dr. Salemy and think he's exceptional! Sending lots of well wishes from one Pacific NW gal to another! I'm 6 days away and seeing your pics give me hope & encouragement!

I love my life, even if it's kind of on pause for now.

Today I woke up feeling good. I walked around my place a lot and even ventured down a flight of stairs to check my mail. I am very puffy and swollen, especially right below my bra line, where the pain pump is. I wonder if it's going to be a spot that needs to be drained by the dr. I'm also getting sharp pains once in awhile and coughing has brought me to tears. I can get out of bed on my own using my arms and leg strength, and I finally had a bm today (I've consistently taken a stool softener, miralax and ate raisens for days), so I was happy to go.

My DR. appointment is tomorrow morning and that's when I will hopefully have one drain removed and I will also get to see my bb and scar area for the first time. My cg and the tape on my wounds has rubbed my skin raw in places and formed a couple of small blisters. Wearing a tank underneath my full torso and shorts one piece cg garment has helped. I can't wait to see what Dr. Salemy has to say about my recovery so far.

I cried when I saw myself in this dress.

day 4

I had one drain removed today, and one more to go next week. I'm still swollen but feeling so good for day 4. I can't believe how easy this process has turned out to be for me. With the help of my supportive boyfriend and fantastic best friend, life after surgery has been very manageable. After losing 100lbs naturally, it felt really damn good to be able to slip into a dress that would have showed every single roll before. I feel so blessed and so ready to honor my body by eating healthy and working out as soon as I am healed. :)
Looking great! Love that dress! I lost 100 pounds naturally myself, so I hear you about wanting the tummy to show all of that gym time and self control with diet. Best of luck to you. :-)
Love your statement "ready to honor my body by eating healthy..." ME TOO! Can't wait to be able to get back to the gym. You look fantastic, congratulations!
Congratulations on the weight loss! I too lost a lot of weight 60lbs then gained some back then lost it again then gained some back and then lost it again..oh man I'm not gaining it back anymore. My belly always made me sad because I lost so much and was up able to really see the results because I was blinded by my nasty belly...its gone now and I am so ready to see all my results from training so hard! Who knows I might even lose more weight ;-) happy healing!!!! You are just beautiful!!!

Swell Hell.

130lbs ans swollen so much it hurts to even eat.

Thanks for sharing your story. You've really been through alot and it's wonderful to see your recovery went smoothly. Sounds like the raisins, etc., worked well too. I'll be keeping those things in mind as I'm scheduled for the 26th of July. Hope you're feeling better and better with each passing day :)
You look wonderful! I have a feeling the swelling plays tricks on our minds. I haven't had my surgery yet but I experience severe bloating at times and I feel like jaba the hutt. Maybe it's similar? Your review is so helpful and I hope my results are even half as good as yours! Keep on healing! :)
Even though you're feeling swollen you look so flat! I'm ditto'ing your "Lets do this already" post. I'm ready to get mine going.

Scar and belly button week one.

One Week pics

I've come a long way, baby.

GREAT story!

Funny and feeling good!

I just read my post op day 1 post and that comment about "my ribs being under my boobs and that's where they are" or whatever is so funny! Pain meds, anyone? :)

Tomorrow I'm hoping to have my second drain removed which I'm really looking forward to! I hope all goes well at my appointment and that Dr. S. thinks I'm right on track.
I'm allowed to start taking my supplements again as of today! Multi, probiotic, Sam-e, vitamin C, and of course my turmeric/bromelain combo (to reduce swelling!) I'm hoping these all help kick my energy up a notch. I did get out and go to a couple of stores today with my bestie who drove my car...it was great to leave the house but I was ready to be home after a couple of hours.

**On the topic of swelling/bloating, I came across a new idea I am going to try. Unsweetened cranberry concentrate. It's supposed to "act as a diuretic to flush out excess sodium". Mix 1 to 2 tablespoons in 16 ounces of water, and sip. mix in stevia if it's too tart. A tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar a day is also supposed to help with bloating.

I'm eating organic fruit, salads, boiled eggs, Greek yogurt and the occasional peanut butter with wasa crackers and still the swelling is bad, so I'm willing to try anything.

Overall, no regrets. I wouldn't take back my decision to have a tummy tuck even though I sure miss having a cold beer and being able to go camping with friends this weekend. Instead I'll be day dreaming about August and all the flat tummy fun I'll be having then! :)
You look amazing! Hang in there! This recovery is an emotional roller coaster! Hoping we can all comment that it is well worth it in a few more months. Let us know about the cranberry in a few days, please!
Ow! Your comment about being on pain meds and telling us where your ribs are is making me giggle uncontrollably! Considering that I am on post-op day 8 myself, it's making my tummy muscles hurt! Ow! But jeez, that was funny! Lol!

Final drain removed yesterday!

This is me this morning. A little less swollen!
Amazing what a little surgery can do... your tummy is awesome! How's the cranberry experiment going? Can't imagine how great it's going to be when your swelling begins to go down too. Thanks for updating pics. I'm scheduled for 7/26 and it's so reassuring to see how well you are doing :)
Thanks! I feel super blessed because my recovery has been very smooth so far! I haven't had any real problems, it's just the lack of energy that's bothering me, and I've still managed to clean the house and go out on errands a few times with my bf driving. I've never felt light headed or nauseas, but coughing is a pain and every day is truly different! I'm still waiting on vitacost (a great website) to deliver my cranberry concentrate juice because I couldn't find it anywhere else. In the mean time I've started drinking 2tbs of apple cider vinegar with water a day which is helping with bloat and swelling.
You look wonderful! It's great to hear your positivity! Looking forward to hear about the cranberry juice... :)

Day 12. Basically 2 week review.

I feel blessed to be healing as well as I am! My muscle repair aches in the mornings and night. It feels as if I'm always sucking my tummy in and I am very hard/tight feeling during certain parts of the day.
Swell hell is in FULL FORCE! My lower abdomen seems to bare the brunt of it as you will notice in the pics I post. I drink only water and lots of it, eat organic fruit, Greek yogurt, and salads w/veggies, cheese, and egg for dinner. Avoiding salt, drinking apple cider vinegar and taking supplements (turmeric/brom) that are supposed to help with swelling. I guess I'll just have to wait it out unless any one has advice?
There are a couple of not so nice looking spots on my scar, but no fresh blood or anything. I swear my bb sits a little off to one side, making me look crooked in some pics. My bf is going to inspect me today and we'll see what she thinks about that, hopefully it's just my mind playing tricks on me.
I weight 129lbs. I can hardly believe it with all of this swelling. Not mention that the last time I weighed that little I was probably in the third grade.

Overall, I have little to complain about and am happy. This surgery has brought me a deeper understanding of my body, beyond the physical aspects of how I look, and I'm thankful for that. I truly listen to what it needs more than I ever have before, I nourish it with healthy foods and I respect the healing process. (even though it sure seems to take a long time!)
Happy healing everyone.:)
I am going through the same swell hell as you! But u r right it is better than the old tummy :) looking good!
Good for you!! I couldn't agree more with promoting a healthy diet. Being here in th PNW we have amazing access to healthy options. Keep up the good work & postings!

PO 13.

I drove today! I've come to the conclusion that I am a baby as well! I can't imagine having to start driving to work (or working!) any time soon and I give props to those ladies who are already back to the grind after a couple of weeks.
I agree! I was thinking I'd go back at 2 week and after being on here and talking with my EVP, she was so supportive of me working from home for a while longer. Still early in week 1!, making good prgress but the the schedule, the commute, the meetings...never mind!
My PS told me to take off 4 weeks for a desk job and 6 weeks for my job (Labor and Delivery nurse). She said going back any sooner than those guidelines could compromise my results and my health. That's why it puzzles me that people are trying to go back after two weeks....?

I got scared today!

Has anyone been told sun sensitivity increases after tummy tuck? Today I was out in the sun reading for 10 minutes or so and when I went back inside I noticed the blood flow in my thighs looked all weird!! I've always tanned easy, and never got heat rashes before, so I got nervous and called the on-call PS who said he didn't know why my legs would do that and as long as I wasn't swelling I'd be ok. At Not that reassuring. Finally the splotches faded so I feel a sense of relief. I was worried about my blood flow being off or something but hope it was just the sun.

splotchy P013

You look fabulous .. The sun does really weird things I have limited my exposure and I am a avid tanner.. Just did not want to take any chances with skin.. Happy healing
The same thing happened to me at day 13 post op. I got splotches on my tummy between my BB and my incision. It went away in a couple of hours. I also talked to someone who is 10 months post op and it happened to her too. SPF doesn't seem to matter. I used 70 the second time and it still happened. I taped my BB and scar so they didn't burn. So far I haven't worried about it. Good luck!
Thanks! The splotches did go away, it was just weird that they were only on my legs and nowhere else! I was out in the sun yesterday with no problems, so odd!

3 week Po update.

I felt weird in the shower today, like I was going to faint or black out as I peeled the tape from my incision. I had to deep breathe, get out of the shower and dry heave and then lay down for a bit before drying off and putting fresh tape on. I'm post op day 19 and have had plenty of showers with no strange feelings, so who knows what happened today. :(
On a more positive note, I am feeling better and better daily, minus a blip or two a long the way! I'm taking very short walks in my neighborhood (as I did after my freaky shower), eating healthy (127lbs!), and still swelling, but managing to remain optimistic and thankful that my recovery has went so well this far.

No muffin top!! YAY!

You look great!
Cheers!!! You look lovely and flat flat flat!!!!
Thanks, it's an $8900 dollar miracle! ;) I'm happy!

29 days PO

Nothing new going on here, I am completely blessed to be healing well and doing fine! I hate the swelling, but feel lucky it's the only issue I'm having to deal with. I hope everyone else is doing great!
You are looking great, I am glad to see you are healing well.
Looking fantastic!
Thanks, I read your page and you look so good! :)


I'm about 6 weeks po now and feeling much better! My energy is high again, though I haven't went back to the gym yet. I just got back from a vacation where I did a lot of walking (and resting) and life is good! I was a little sad that I didn't feel fit enough to be on the beach in a bikini, and I caught myself thinking the dr. could have removed more excess skin, because when I lean over I still have some hanging skin. I'm eating super clean and vegetarian with no breads or pastas, and I weighed 125 this morning, so I've lost about 16lbs.and almost 3 inches around my waist.
Great results!
You r doing great...u look famtastic. I use bio oil too...I massage my scars in circular motion with it to help keep scar flat and soften any hard lumps.

8 weeks!

feeling good!
You are looking great!

10 week update

I am feeling good! I work out 5 days a week and have started doing a crunch/plank routine at home which is really helping my results show more! I am so happy, I feel so secure in my body now. :)
You look brill can't wait to get to your stage :D
Oh my look at that waist


U look great lady, congrats! Glad the healing was good for you
Looking great mandyjoe! How's the swelling?
Thanks. :) I notice the swelling after work, but otherwise it's not bad. I eat a super clean low sodium diet, and drink tons of water. I also take turmeric and work out 5 days a week which I think helps.

6 months!

You look absolutely Amazing!!!! Can't wait to wear a cute outfit like yours in your 6 month pic! Great Job, inspiration to us newbies lol :)
Ual you look great ... I'm scared I'm trying to find a good doctor !!!
Ual you look great ... I'm scared I'm trying to find a good doctor !!!
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