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36 Year Old Mother of Two - Tt and Lipo of Flank and Outer Thighs - Seattle, WA

I consulted two offices for a mommy make over. ...

I consulted two offices for a mommy make over. The first was a free consult. The downside was that I only met the assistant and not even a nurse. I did not felt comfortable, surgery like this is life changing and i was expecting to talk to the PS to help me overcome my fears. Then i made some more research and found that the PS they assigned to me was not really a plastic surgeon! He is a doctor of medicine (dont get me wrong) but not a plastic surgeon by trade specialty. So i did more research and found Dr Salemy. There is a 100 fee but it goes to your procedure if you decide to or you can use it to their other service. I like his ways. He does not promise the sun and the moon to you. He is very realistic. I even wanted to do more procedures but he honestly told me that there is no problem doing it but it may not be worth it for me to spend the money. Other PS will just go for it but he would rather not take your money knowing it will not make much of a difference. I had my surgery pushed for a while due to my smoking! I know............ but im 6 weeks clean and ready to go this April 1 and it's not a joke!!!
I'll update my file after my surgery. I'm hoping that everything will turn out really really fine!!!
Wow I had my TT last yr in July and now want my thighs smart lipo so please give a report on your thighs
Good luck and positive prayer as you go in surgery tomorrow. I'll be following you to the flat side Friday!!! Exciting!!!!
You're really in the countdown now- how exciting. Best wishes! Looking forward to seeing wonderful results. Thanks for sharing.

day of surgery

I'm in my hotel now resting with my hubby helping me out. Surgery went really. The nervousness I had prior was a thing in the past. As soon as Dr salemy step in the waiting room he immediately provided comfort that sooth my nerves. To top it all he has amazing OR staff from the anesthesiologist down to the nurses! Definitely there is a lot of pain but really tolerable. I think the most annoying is the throat. A bit painful to swallow.
I have not seen the actual stitches but they said it was all a success! Peed already too which which is a good thing.
Thank you all so much for the positive and warm wishes! !! My hubby actually wants to get my phone from me so I can just rest :) Luckily my throat 8th a lot better now. I also posted pics of my marking but for some odd reason it did not. I will try posting them again.
Im glad all went well, your throat will feel that way due to the breathing tube that was down your throat, I just ate throat sucrets. Welcome to the flat land its worth every dime. Oh get ready for the blues that will come, my first post opt appt. I cried in the office like a baby and he said what im feeling is normal that everything will be ok and he was rite. Let your hubby and family help u as much as possible. They said I will only need help for 24hr s that was not true I needed help for the 1st wk. Well take care and eat lots of proteins.
Congratulations! You're on your way.

markings before surgery

Lat tome I saw my nasty body!!! Hoping f or the new and better me :)
Thanks :)
I sure will keep you posted on my thigh lipo. My doctor was pretty straight forward to me. He said I don't really have much even before the surgery. But even a small difference is still a difference ..... right :)

First post op visit

So far so good. Everything was looking great! Though today was kinda tough with me with all the pain and on top of it a series of hyperventilation. When I saw my PS, he made sure I'm doing and feeling a lot better before sending me home. He answered all questions I had. He did not overwhelmed me with do much care instructions and just wants to deal with one step at a time. Please note this pics are just now so I'm still a lot swollen. But nevertheless there is already a big difference!!!

a big thanks to my hubby :)

His been very supportive all through the process. From finding the right PS, coming with me to all of my appointments. To Top It Off He Is Taking Very Very Good Care Of me!!!! Thanks my love!!!!
Boy looking at your stomach bring back memories but your new belly button look great. It took a long time for my belly button to heal the next day after surgery my belly button bled so bad I had to call the dr. Oh and another thing it took 5 days before I could have a bowl movement which scared me, so take a good laxative stool softeners didn't work for me. Well get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluid.
Thanks. Even I was surprised to see my stitches. Used to be a smoker and just quit 6 weeks back to get this surgery. I am taking it really really slow I'm just now getting too much pain. I'm hoping it will get better soon.
Oh my goodness they didnt send you home with a pain pump? If not I know your in alot of pain. My dr. Sent me home with a pain pump and I had no pain because it numbs your stomach, I just had to get use to that tight garment around my stomach. I see your in Washington I had my surgery at the Avalon clinic and the dr. Is great he dont want you to feel no pain, that pain pump is a life saver. Well they say the first 3 days is when you will feel most of the pain, hope you can get the pain under control.

day 3 still looking good

Just had my bellybutton cleaned and changed bandage by hubby. That is the only thing my doctor wants me to do so I'm not going to mess with others. I'm feeling a lot better less discomfort and pain.

day 4

I was so itchy!!!! Decided to remove the cg and just wipe my self clean. First time I saw my new body! Bruised up but still a lot better than before. Pain is a lot tolerable as well :) ye hey to a new me!!!

side by side comparison

This is only day 4 and still a lot swollen. Just thought of posting this side by pics of my transformation.
Congrstulations!! You look good keep us posted please
Looking good already. There is so much swelling. Wait till it goes down. Congratulations. Xxx
Thanks! I'm soooo excited as well. Can't wait till all the swelling goes down :)

day 5

Felt a lot better today. Removed my cg for a much needed wash :) still a lot of swelling and bruising on my thigh. Removed my pain pump since yesterday as well. Pretty much just the same. Though still no poop :( I'm hoping it will come any time soooooonnnnn!!!!!!
Your belly button looks great. You can already ell when it heals it will be perfect. Your tummy is looking good too. You will have nice results when the swelling goes down.
Thank you! I'm just getting so excited. I was going to your blog and girl you are not alone! I think I become addicted to this site too! There is still I want to do but the cost is just off the roof! The thought of DR is there but honestly I'm scared! Let me know if you find anything interesting :)
I have definitely decided against going to the DR or any other country for surgery. I'd rather pay more money and have several separate procedures. From reading so many blogs from people who went to the DR I am wondering if the Drs. are really doing the surgery or do they have other people doing them. That concern among other concerns is keeping me right here in the good ole U.S. of A. I have pretty much decided on Dr. Younai for my TT and Dr. Hughes for my BBL.

Finally #2!!!!

I know it's tmi but when you don't have it for 5 days your going nuts!!! Finally decided to try coconut oil. I have been taking colace 200 and citrucel twice a day but still with no success. Okay ladies this may not be for everyone but this is what I did. I used an coconut extra virgin oil. The only way I can stomach it is thru coffee. So I mixed 1 1/2 tap to my coffee. So it's like drinking oil basically :( walked a few minutes then walla..... Though it took a while for it to come out and feels like I'm ripping my stomach off....bottom line it works!!!

see my PS today!!!

I'm hoping both my drains will be taken out today. They both barely drain any fluids anyways. Today is my 6th day. Still a lot swollen. I'm hoping my scar will look nice. My bellybutton on the other hand really looks beautiful. On the down low....I started my period yesterday!!! With no shower...swelling...plus drains...CG....crazy hormones........waaaahhhhh!!!!!

One drain out!

So I have one drain out. I'm hoping this Thursday the other will be removed to. My pics are still the same from swelling so I'm just not going to post any for now.
Per my PS I'm healing really good! My stitches look really nice as well. The only thing I need to ask you ladies is what do you use to get the bruising go away faster. I did the arnica and bromelain but does not do any much of a difference. Any ideas.....?
You've already got one if you drains out? Lucky! I have THREE so it's a pretty slim chance they all come out Thursday for me :( are u still hunched pretty bad? Im now about 30percent hunched now. Lol
Great results ...thanks for sharing
Thanks. Now the only thing I'm battling is the swelling. I really hope it goes down soon.

day 8

As expected I am still bruised and swollen. I took some picture tonight when I'm most swollen and compared it beside my before pics. This shows really a great improvement. My PS really did a great job. Nothing is perfect....but as far as I can see specially in the pics, it's a big change. I'm getting excited each day specially when the swelling finally goes away and I can truly see the final result. As of now I only have one drain left and hopefully will be taken out this week.
Hi!!! You're looking great so far, and it will get better! By two weeks you'll feel a whole lot better than the first couple of days. The swelling will go down some, wearing the cg helps with that, if it's tight, and it helps your shape as well. I learnt that...I didn't wear my cg one night and woke up with side bulges due to the swelling forming a weird shape! There are days especially mornings it'll seem like swell days are over and I'm looking flat...then swell hell again! Don't worry...it'll soon pass.
Thanks. How long did you noticed the swelling to start going away? I know mine is just a week but I don't see any improvements on the swelling going down specially under my bellybutton.
On approaching the second week I noticed it went down a bit and has been going down very slowly. Like my vajayjay was massively swollen but now that's gone down, some parts of my sides have gone down, but along the muscle repair and lower tummy is still swollen. I hope that will go down by 3 months. I think it had to do with me eating pineapples almost every day in the first two weeks, I've slacked off a bit with that...need to start eating again. Maybe you could try that.

No more drains!!!

Finally no more drains for me! Saw my PS today and said things are looking good. Next appointment is on two weeks. There was a little more noticeable bump on my left side. PS said could be just swelling at this early stage of healing. He said if after a few months there is no change, he can just do a simple office procedure to even the appearance. I'm just glad to hear that. At this point of recovery I know I'm very sensitive mostly emotionally because of the so much pain I'm in. And it's greatly appreciated when you have a PS that understands and does not make you feel your cray cray for complaining!
I have noticeable bumps too and I know it's from the compression garnet lying funny. It's a relief to hear that it is an easy fix
My PS also gave me a go signal to start massaging those areas. I'm hoping that works too.

side by side comparison

It's been 13 days already.....time flies so fast!!!! I'm still swollen and bruised but it gets better day by day. The pictures I took was in the morning when I have less swelling. So my usual routine is to remove my cg in the morning. Then I either shower (now I show every other day) or just give my body a break from wearing the cg the whole day. I at least don't wear them for 2-3 hours. It gives me time to wash it too since I only have a pair. I am massaging my whole body with coconut oil. I even do that gently on top of my scar (with the brown tape still on it). I notice the bruising and swelling is going down more. Just a note. ...my PS said that I can change my brown tape twice a week....OMG!!!! That brown tape is tooo STICKY!!! I will not dare pull that tape again! I will just wait till it starts peeling off by it self. I thought my scar is gonna rip open. Lastly my weight is improving. I started with 1st lbs pre op. Went to up to 172 after surgery. I guess with all swelling. Now I'm at 164lbs!!!! I'm going there slowly but surely!!!!

This did not upload

One more picture

hate that you cannot edit your post!!!!

Sorry for some typos above....you know can't edit when it gets posted already. Anyways, my pre op weight was 168 lbs and it did not show there correctly.

tired of swelling

It's been a while since I last updated my profile. Nothing significant has change except less bruising. I am still swollen which is really getting in to me now. I have been reading a lot of reviews and they say it's better in the morning and then gets worst at night. My swelling doesn't seem to be that way. I'm swollen all throughout the day :(
My swelling is mostly between my bb and incision. It's like a pooch sticking out. I have never really seen it flat. I was doing a seroma check but the swelling is not like a water bed when you touch it...so I guess there is no seroma. I am very careful with my body. I even walk still a little hunched and still taking arnica and turmeric. I am wearing my cg regularly with an 2 hrs break just in the morning. I'm doing everything I can think of that will help the swelling down. I also watch what I eat. I'm actually trying o get my appetite back. I'll have my 1 month post op next week, I'm hoping things will be ok.
Is there other ladies here like me? What did you do and how long did it stay like that? I'm just trying to be really positive as much as I could.


on to scar therapy!!!

Met with my PS today. Incision is healing, so on to my scar therapy! No more super sticky tape....Thank god! Per my PS its just a normal swelling and NO seroma!!! I just want to add that for the many times I went to my appointment, my PS is always there for the follow up's and not just a nurse. I appreciate how hands on my PS is. Even though my drive time is longer than my consultation, you will never feel rushed and he takes time to answer all your questions.
I have the same swelling as you, and it bothers me. My swelling is also bad in my girl parts which is annoying. It really makes you understand how long the healing process takes. Sucks! :(
Hi goofyfoot I know.... I still have my good and bad days of swelling. But at least we see a glimpse of our final result when we are not swollen ;)
I pretty much always have swelling above my incision between my bb and incision line. And my pubic mound area stays swollen because of how tight my binder is. But I hear you. I will be happier when I actually have a moment where I see no swelling, even for a minute :)
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Dr Salemy and his staff are the best!!! He was very detailed , and his bedside manner is great. His calm and comforting demeanor has greatly affected me. I am usually super nervous in any kind of surgery ( lap band and c-section) but with this... it was just like a zen of calmness ;) They walk me through the process sooooo well that I'm feeling a lot better even in just a few hours after surgery. Can't wait to see the after result.

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