Looking for Non Surgical Rhinoplasty with Juvederm or Other Fillers. Need Advice! - Seattle, WA

Hello! Hoping any Washington locals can refer me...


Hoping any Washington locals can refer me to a doctor that is skilled in injectibles and rhinoplastys. I've already gotten a surgical rhinoplasty done, but I am still not satisfied with the results.
Those of you that have had non invasive rhinoplasty, is it worth it?
ANY advice is welcomed!
Dr. Kotler is a gift from God!!! I just had my third injection yesterday. I will post more in a bit (need to work right now). Kathy, Los Angeles,
Hey thanks for the recommendation! It looks like the person below you on this thread also agrees. I travel to LA once a month so travel isn't a factor. Do you mind me asking how much you also paid? I'm definitely considering paying him a visit.
Hi, I highly recommend considering Dr. Kotler in Beverly Hills. I recently met a girl in my office who had her rhinoplasty corrected by him with permanent injections and now she has the cutest nose. I have had 3 rhinoplasties and had my first round of permanent injections 5 weeks ago. I will have my second treatment in one week and can't wait to see the next improvement. I had heard of Dr. Kotler online and am so happy I went to see him. After seeing his results in person I have full confidence in him and already notice the improvement in my nose. I will post pictures after my next appointment. I know you live in Washington, but I urge you to consider coming to LA to see Dr. Kotler.

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I believe the consultation is $200 or $250 but it goes toward the saline demo or procedure. He offers a "saline demonstration" which only lasts a few hours but gives you an idea how you'll look after the series of injections. I believe that was $500 but I skipped it because I wanted to get the process going ASAP. Dr. Kotler initially said I will likely need 4 rounds of silicone injections 6 weeks apart (that seems pretty standard). These are $1000 each. I just had my second one and Dr. K said my next might be my last. (So that would be 3 rounds, $3000 total). Paying $1000 every 6 weeks is very manageable compared to paying for a surgery all at once. I'm so happy I am doing this, I can't stop looking in the mirror and checking out my profile. (And I'm not even done!!) You should go in for a consult next time you're in LA. I just want to tell everyone about Dr. K so they can save a lot of time and money and go to him in the beginning!! He is amazing!! (If you have any more questions, feel free to ask). :)
I found Dr. Kotler from this website. I was so excited to go (when I had my appointment, I told him "Wow, people love you." He appreciated that. Afterwards, when I was paying I said "now I think there is a discount from the Real Self website - (I think it was 25%), the girl checked, and yep, $750 instead of $1000. - I need to check my records about the $500 saline demo, consultation fee, but they were so generous with the costs, I didn't even pay attention anymore
Here's the thing for me - my office is only a half mile from Dr. K's office. The parking is free, I can literally do there on my lunch hour for a little extra (1.5 hours) the parking structure across the street is free, the staff is lovely. It's SO fun for me to know that I am being FIXED by one of the best doctors there is - however, it takes me 12 minutes to get to his office. My nose wasn't that bad, but I've had three rhinoplasty's (the last 20 years ago), and my nose whilest better, was still just ... well, it was better, but I've learned to live with it. I had my third injection last Tuesday. There was an area I didn't think he worked on, I asked him, he said Yes, we did it together (I had a slant at the top of my nose), BAM, son-of-a ...... my nose was amazing!!! I said "oh my God, there is nothing I've ever done where I've had this much participation. Not in a hair cut, not in a facial, nothing. -- And you know why this happened, because I've been seeing him since April. Him, his staff, always so welcoming, sweet, but it's hard to open up to doctors, ---- unless you build a rapport, a trust. I pooped into the bathroom in my building before I went back to work and took some selfies. I wasn't sure if we still needed a little bit more in my "new spot," but Dr. wanted to wait. By the end of the day, (looking at my selfies) I was like shit, this is crazy! (in the chair I even said to Dr,, Wow, I might get conceited after this....) NOW, as he told me after you inject a new spot for the first time, the next day, there was disipation - I was a little bummed, but I knew I'll just go back. I sent Doctor the two pics, he wrote back within minutes. He agreed. We'll top it off in six weeks. It's going to be hard for me to wait........:0))
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