Looking for Non Surgical Rhinoplasty with Juvederm or Other Fillers. Need Advice! - Seattle, WA

Hello! Hoping any Washington locals can refer me...


Hoping any Washington locals can refer me to a doctor that is skilled in injectibles and rhinoplastys. I've already gotten a surgical rhinoplasty done, but I am still not satisfied with the results.
Those of you that have had non invasive rhinoplasty, is it worth it?
ANY advice is welcomed!
Dr. Kotler is a gift from God!!! I just had my third injection yesterday. I will post more in a bit (need to work right now). Kathy, Los Angeles,
Hey thanks for the recommendation! It looks like the person below you on this thread also agrees. I travel to LA once a month so travel isn't a factor. Do you mind me asking how much you also paid? I'm definitely considering paying him a visit.
Hi, I highly recommend considering Dr. Kotler in Beverly Hills. I recently met a girl in my office who had her rhinoplasty corrected by him with permanent injections and now she has the cutest nose. I have had 3 rhinoplasties and had my first round of permanent injections 5 weeks ago. I will have my second treatment in one week and can't wait to see the next improvement. I had heard of Dr. Kotler online and am so happy I went to see him. After seeing his results in person I have full confidence in him and already notice the improvement in my nose. I will post pictures after my next appointment. I know you live in Washington, but I urge you to consider coming to LA to see Dr. Kotler.

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